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Dec 13 2019

Waiora Scout Camp

18. 11/12/2020 Christmas Breakup. All. Waiora Scout Camp. * E. Leaders. Eleanore and Jill D., Noi and Adi. 

Forty two Trampers/hikers set out from the old Whare Flat School along the Tunnel Track and The McRaes Weir Track and back down to the Waiora Scout Camp.  Obviously there was a lot of manual work done by hand  many years ago to help supply water to Dunedin.

Photo and Caption Gordon – “Some of us are off!”

The walk took approximately 2.5 hours and was 7km in length.


Photo and Caption Kerry – “Where we walked!”

Terrain was gradual and quite easy! With occasional rope climbing.


Photo and Caption Helen – “Its good being in one group”


Photo and Caption Gordon – “Creek crossing”


Photo and Caption Gordon – “Nearing the first pit stop”



Photo and Caption John – “Morning tea with a view”



Photo and Caption Gordon -“Climbing out of the second crossing with a rope.”

Really enjoyed the cool, sheltered natural bush.   Very calming!


Photo and Caption Gordon – “Heading back to Christmas Dinner”


Photo and Caption John – “Waiting for all to arrive before starting”

Arriving back at The Scout Camp where camp mums’ Jill and Adi had kindly set up tables with members’ Christmas food contributions.   Joined by 10 other members, there was a great spread of food.


Photo and Caption Helen – “A happy gathering”

As well as excellent entertainment which included singing and travel experiences.


Photo and Caption John – “Practise makes perfect!”



Photo and Caption Helen – “What was my name again!”

I need to take the opportunity  to  say thank you to everybody for making this day successful and memorable.

Merry Xmas  fellow club members


Collage Clive

Regards Kerry Popham


17/12/2008 Waiora Scout Camp. Leaders: Bruce and Marjorie.
Marjorie and Bruce led us on a well-thought-out trip around the Waiora property into corners we had never suspected existed. There were paths/routes to follow everywhere.
Waiora Swimming Hole

Waiora Swimming Hole. Bruce Evelyn Elaine

The swimming hole was large for such a small stream.

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Sep 11 2019

Berwick Forest Tracks and Beyond

No. 35 on old hardcopy list of 113 club tramps. “Berwick Forest. G Such. Wenita. Nov-April. Year round”

Location: Old Wool Shed: 30 km.
Location: Lodge: 33  km.
click to enlarge

40. 11/9/2019. Trampers, Waipori Forest, Meggetburn. Leaders: Alan and Kerry

22 Trampers set off down to Berwick and left a car at the Government Track car park.  5 cars then carried on to the start of the track, by the road, into the Berwick Forest Lodge.

A steady walk up through native bush and forest

G.1st photo -- 1st obstaclec

1st obstacle. (Gordon pic and caption.)

G.2nd -- Heading to Morning tea breakc

Heading to Morning tea break. (Gordon pic and caption.)

to a welcome morning tea stop.

G.3rd -- Morning teac

Morning tea. (Gordon pic and caption.)

  Then down hill to the Meggatburn  Stream which had quite a water  flow, so it was difficult to cross without getting wet feet.

G.4th photo -- 2nd obstacle-- Some wet feetc

2nd obstacle– Some wet feet. (Gordon pic and caption.)

Then up we climbed to Shaws Road. The track had been clipped back to allow for easier access. Therefore the track was easy to follow.

G.5th -- Regroup on way to topc

Regroup on way to top. (Gordon pic and caption.)

 The day started well weather wise but with showers pending,

G.6th -- Heading down to Waipori Gorge for lunchc

Heading down to Waipori Gorge for lunch. (Gordon pic and caption.)

we quickly carried on

G.7th -- A couple of budding models on the stone seatc

A couple of budding models on the stone seat. (Gordon pic and caption.)

[See this URL for Molly Vaughan on the same stone seat in 2013. Its provenance is unknown. – Ed.]

to a hut for our lunch, near the old Waipori picnic ground which is no more.   

Walking out after lunch, we crossed the bridge on the Waipori River

G.8th -- Next stop Wobbly Goatc

Next stop Wobbly Goat. (Gordon pic and caption.)

and walked down to where the car was parked.  Then 5 drivers returned to the rest of the group to collect trampers.   Followed by a coffee session at the Wobbly Goat. – Kerry.

39. 12/12/2018. All. End of year. Pot luck meal at Berwick Lodge. Leaders: Peter, Wendy and Dave.

Route map, courtesy Ian. Trampers and most Hikers were led from the Lodge by Dave and Keith along Hook Road, up, up, up Farm Road, left along Old Boundary Road and down, up and back down again along a track through broom, gorse and trees to the Old Wool Shed site on Hook road, and back along it to the Lodge again. Peter led the Ramblers on a shorter walk.

Young at Heart – Judy!!! (Dave pic and caption.)

A number of former club members turned up to a well-provisioned finger food meal at mid-day, and bowser a well covered trestle table of books, sale proceeds to go to the new Mosgiel swimming pool. Over 40 of us leisurely ate and talked till President Jill took over. She introduced Bruce who had composed a 4-stanza song to the tune of “The Old Grey Mare, and after lyric sheets were handed out, led hearty singing of it.

Thanks to excellent preparation, Jill had a briefed a number of us to give 2-minute accounts of private trips, local and overseas. These were many and varied. A good ending to the year, at a venue many of us hadn’t visited before. – Ian.

38. 20/9/2017. Trampers. Berwick Forest – Meggat Burn, Shaw Road. M. Leader: Arthur.
There were 14 keen Trampers out today for a walk in the forest – one member of the group used the word “intrepid” in describing us.
It must be a few years since our Club has tramped this track? Anyway, the cars parked at the usual spot by the old woolshed on the road into the “Berwick Forest Lodge”.
It was noticed that the toilet facilities by the carpark were absent, as about a month ago some “empty head” had burned it down!
There was a brief paddock walk in the sunshine (sunny all day) before crossing the footbridge over Boundary Creek, to the beginning of the track up into the pine trees. After about 150 yards we came to 6 large trees down over the track, which were successful negotiated by going under, over, or around.
Smoko was taken in a sunny trackside spot, at the appropriate time.

Gathering on way up. (Helen pic and caption.)

Continuing uphill we soon came to and crossed a Forestry Road (Prentice Road). Now descending slowly we eventually came to the Meggat Burn, which was crossed without mishap using a variety of techniques. Electing to just plough through, not worrying about wet feet, and some crossed on the shallowest part of the rock ledge where it was maybe only 3 inches deep. The burn was only slightly up after all of the rain a few days ago.

(Margreet pic.)

While the track was muddy in many places, it was surprisingly good after the quantity of rain that had fallen. Further up there was vegetation, especially gorse, beginning to encroach but not impeding our progress.

The track came out onto a forestry road, Tobermory Road; and in 10 minutes more we reached Shaw Road before 12 noon. Down Shaw Road for a few minutes took us to our lunch spot in a sunny area under the Pole Line that parallels Shaw Road. There was a limited view down on to the Taieri from here, with Hope Hill in the background. We could even see the sea.

Lunch spot. (Helen pic and caption.)

The sunshine was most enjoyable, ideal for lying back forma little nap after eating – one tramper having to be roused to begin the return journey!

Our return followed the same route, some care being necessary descending a slippery clay section before arriving back at the Meggat Burn. All crossed in safety again although a piece of equipment may have been lost?

It was uphill for a little while, and then it was down all the way. It was very noticeable that the leaders were in a hurry to get home (I was at the back of the group here), and not wasting any time – probably they could detect the aroma coming from the coffee shop? But it was just their imagination!

We were back in the lovely sunshine at the cars by 2.30 pm, having tramped 13.5 km for the day’s effort.

The Leader was most gratified to hear that all of the party had thoroughly enjoyed the day’s walk (and talk). Considerable birtdsong was heard in the forest.

As per the usual custom, a stop was made in Outram for refreshments and  discussion. And then back to Mosgiel, and then home for boot cleaning duty. – Art.

37. 15/12/2010. All. End of year. Lodge, Farm Rd, East Boundary, Old Wool Shed, Lodge. Pot luck meal at Berwick Lodge. Leaders: Peter and Wendy.
For some of us, accustomed to entering Berwick Forest along Terrace Range Rd by the Old Woolshed at the old HQ site, it was a new experience to travel further along the Berwick Road to enter the forest by the sign-posted Webbs Rd and then down Farm Rd, turning left onto Boundary Creek Road to arrive at the Lodge.
The walk took us back up Farm Road.We stopped for tea break at its crest where it crossed East Boundary Rd and continues to Webbs Road.

GPS of route courtesy Ken

From here we had a good view across to Waipori Lake.

View of Lake Waipori

Almost immediately off Webbs Rd, Peter and Wendy led us along a forestry track paralleling the E Boundary Rd (which you can see on the left of our GPSed route) through Douglas Firs…

Through Douglas Firs

…and blackberry brambles in the more open areas.


Interesting foot bridge

The track ended where at a log-loading site we joined up with the East Boundary Road. Turning right, were almost immediately at the two-storey lookout, with its lovely view of the Sinclair Wetlands.

The Lookout on E. Boundary Road.

Boundary Road eventually wound its way around to Terrace Range Rd near the old HQ site by the Old Woolshed.
Further on it was left off Terrace Range Rd onto Boundary Creek Rd, (passing Farm Rd on our left, thereby completing the loop,) and so back to the Lodge for lunch. Good planned timing, Peter and Wendy!

Lunch inside

Peter reported that the tramp was 6kms long and 19 happy trampers took part, with one or two others joining us for lunch and a singsong with Bruce and his guitar.

Bruce leading the singing.

Peter, as Past President, gave a speech on behalf of President Bill who unfortunately could not attend due to ill health, and wished us well for the Christmas season. – Ian
36. 8/9/2010. Hikers. Berwick Forest from Old Woolshed. Leaders: Bob and Evelyn.
35. 13/5/2009 Both. Berwick Forest from old Woolshed. Pink Route. Terrace Range, Shetland Saddle Ridge, Market, East Boundary Medium. Leaders: Ian, Ken.

Well, an unusual start to the day. For a wet morning, but promising to clear up later in the day, 10, mostly Hikers, turned up at the carpark and after much discussion forewent the programmed Cleghorn Street-Signal Hill walk, and settled on a Berwick Forest road-walk, because ground everywhere was SO WET. And again, despite a longer walk than usual, it proved that Hikers can do anything, given time-out on the hills.

click to enlarge

Lunch. Ken & Neil stading. Peter & Bev sitting.

We endured one or two showers initially, giving way to cloud and latterly even to sunshine.

Down track

Down Shetland-Saddle Ridge. Peter & Neil at back. Bev at front.

It was instructive to witness extensive flooding everywhere and how waterways cope; also the transformations brought about by forest harvesting and re-growth that had taken place over the 10 years since the club last visited the area. Views of the Sinclair Wetlands rewarded the last stages of the day and we got back to the cars just after 3.00 p.m., tired, a bit sore, but triumphant. – Ian.

34. 31/10/2007 Shaw Road?

Although once again, weather report not so good and some cloud hanging around, we left the car park at 9am as usual for our hike in Waipori – Berwick Forest area with high hopes of a good day out. We parked by the side of the road and set off walking along the road then across farm land and up a fairly steep hill.

Morning Tea

Morning Tea

Took our time and stopped frequently to admire the view which got more interesting and expansive the higher we got.

Down Hill

Certainly well worth the effort. Had views over Taieri, down to Waihola and over the Wetlands, as well as the hills and valleys round that area. We really enjoyed our morning tea break after our hard slog up the hill. From then on it was fairly easy, pleasant going along forestry roads and through the trees. Found a nice sheltered spot in the sun for our lunch and sat and made the most of the break and rest before returning to the cars the same way we had come. Day turned out to be a good one for hiking. Not too hot at first but warmed up considerably by the time we were on our way back. Another happy day for hikers. Bev.
33. 24/10/2007. Hikers: Berwick Forest. Medium. Leaders: Lex, Tom.
32. 12/9/2007. Trampers. Berwick Forest from Old Woolshed. Medium. Leaders: Doug J, Tom
31. 7/6/2006. Old Woolshed to Shaw Road, return. Leaders: Bob H and Arthur H.
30. 7/6/2006. Both. Berwick Forest Lodge. Leaders (Medium): Bob H, Arthur H, (Easy): Margaret D, Val.
29. 14/12/2005. End of Year. All. Berwick Hall. Bring a plate. Leaders: Lance and Lois, Lesley S.
28. 26/5/2004. Old woolshed at Berwick to Waipori Return. H.Started from the old woolshed, through the forest, Meggat Burn to Shaw Road, and down the track to the picnic ground near the Waipori River Bridge to have lunch there. Returned the same way. It must have been a long, tough tramp to do that. (Recalled by Art.)
27. 18/12/2002. End of Year. All. Berwick Forest Pre-Christmas Tramp. Finger food lunch and flasks, wet or fine. Leaders: Bill H, Lesley S, Wendy J.
26. 19/12/2001. End of Year. Combined. Berwick Forest. Pre Xmas Tramp. Finger food lunch and flasks. Leaders: Graham, Bill H, Wendy J.
25. 13/12/2000. Berwick Forest – Pre-Xmas Tramp. Finger food lunch and flasks. Leaders: Margaret and Les, Bev H.
24. 30/8/2000. Berwick Forest Area. Leaders:  Claude, Graham, Ian.
23. 16/2/2000. Berwick Forest Circuit. Leaders: Barbara McC, Mary L, Sabina.
22. 15/12/1999. Pre-Christmas tramp and lunch. Berwick Forest. Wet or Fine. Finger Food and Flasks. Leaers: Margaret and Les, Colleen.
21. 12/5/1999 Old Wool Shed. Green Route. Half track, half road. East Boundary, Hook, Halfway, Prentice, Oban, Ret. Leaders: Claude, Lex, Molly.
20. 3/2/1999. The Circle at Berwick Forest. Leaders: Jack R, Pat, Hazel.
19. 19/8/1998. Berwick Forest Tramp. Leaders: Les W, Eleanor.
18. 13/5/1998. Berwick, Shaws Hill, Hayes Woolshed. Leaders: Bill H, Lesley S.
17. 17/6/1998. Old Wool Shed. Pink Route. East Boundary, Market, Shetland Saddle Ridge, Terrace Range, Ret. Leaders: Graham, Claude.
16. 30/7/1997. Old Wool Shed. Pink Route. East Boundary, Market, Shetland Saddle Ridge, Terrace Range (Part), Halfway (part), Bishop, Longspur, Terrace Range (part), ret. Leaders: Graham, Claude, Les W.
15. 19/3/1997 Waipori Gorge to the Megget Burn stream, Berwick. Leaders: Molly, Diana and Ray
14. 12/2/1997. Woolshed Shaws Hill and return. Leaders: Colleen, Ted, Sabina.
13. 13/7/1994 Berwick Forest Woolshed to Waipori and return.Leaders: Molly, Dot T, Graham, Frank
12. 31/3/1993. Berwick Forest. Medium. Leaders: Jack R, Barbara McC, Mervyn, Doreen.
11. 17/6/1992. Berwick Forest walk. Average. Leaders: Mary Y, Nola, Doreen, Mary McG
10. 25/9/1991 Berwick Forest and Native Reserve. Average. Leaders: Dot B, Jean Y, Denise
9. 10/7/1991 Berwick Forest Woolshed to Waipori. A good winter tramp. Average. Leaders: Eric & Dot, Ray, Joyce I, Catherine T
8. 11/10/1989. Berwick – Shaw’s Hill Road. Easy. Leaders: Joyce I, Joan A, Norman.
7. 6/9/1989 Berwick Forest. Average. Youth Camp to Native Reserve. Leaders: Ria L, Peg C, Peggy A
6. 7/6/1989. Berwick Forest from Forest Headquarters.  Sheltered pine walk. Leaders: June W, Ria, Peggy, Peg
5. 14/5/1989 Waipori Gorge to Meggetburn stream, Berwick. Bush and Pine walk. Leaders: Daphne, Helen W, Mavis
4. 3/2/1989. Berwick Forest – The Upper Circle. Incorporates the Otago Youth Adventure Trust training track. Leaders: Jack, Pat, Hazel.
3. 21/9/1988 Berwick Forest from Old Woolshed to Boundary Creek and O.Y.A.T.I. camp. Leaders; Kees and Ria, Doreen.
2. 22/6/1988 Berwick Forest from the Woolshed. Back early for barbecue. Leaders: Dave and Jean
1. 13/4/1988. Berwick Forest from Shaw Hill Road. Leaders: Hugh, Jean Y.



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Aug 01 2018


4. 2018-08-01. All. Bus trip. Moeraki. Leaders: Adrienne and Bev.

Report Combined Bus Trip – Moeraki 1/8/18

45 outdoor seekers got on the bus at Mosgiel to head to Moeraki for the club’s annual combined bus trip.

We started at the lookout at Moeraki …

Debussing at Moeraki. (Clive pic and caption.)

Where we are going… (Clive pic and caption.)

… and wandered down the Millennium track with great views of the sea and Moeraki Bay.  The first seal sighting included a baby seal which was eagerly photographed.  A Crested shag was also seen. It was a short wander down to the surrounds of the famous Fleur’s Restaurant.  Here morning tea was partaken …

Morning tea at Fleur’s Restaurant. (Clive pic and caption.)








… with lovely views of the fishing boats (known for catching blue cod) in the bay. It was a cool start but gradually the cloud cleared and the sun warmed us up.

The track followed the shoreline through trees and shrubs. On one part of the track the big slump in Moeraki was very evident which has affected some roads and properties.

We then walked down onto the beach, the tide being low, and some walkers seeing what seemed like a leopard seal. It was a pleasant walk 2km up the beach to the Moeraki Boulders.  According to Maori legend the boulders represent eel baskets and food that was spilled from the loss of Arai-te-uru, one of the large canoes that came from distant Hawaiki. The Boulders are concretions consisting of mud , fine silt and clay , cemented by calcite. 

After a number of photographs …

Dave I’ll just move this boulder, (Clive pic and caption.)

Oops…… (Clive pic and caption.)

… some of the group headed up to Hampden beach. Erosion by the sea was very evident along the low cliffs.

Lunch was had along the beach some near the boulders …

Adi pic.

…and others at the picnic tables at Hampden Beach.

The trampers lunch at Hampden. (Clive pic and caption.)

The lure of big double icecreams at the store was too much for some.

Well deserved treat!!! (Dave pic and caption.)

They were sampled with smiles as we walked back.

We all met up at the Boulders’ carpark around 2pm and then headed down to Shag point.  The drive in was past icon kiwi cribs, some originally belonging to coal miners of the past, to the boat ramp.  We had a wander around the area seeing more lazing seals. There was an old coal mine that used to operate in the cliffs. This was where, years ago, Mollie went to the local school at the age of 5. At that time when the mine was operating the school had a roll of 80.  10 years later when she left the school, it only had 18 students.  The mine closed in the early 70’s and had shafts running underground beneath the sea as well as inland.

It was then back on the bus, with a group of great people for the trip home. Some feeling very relaxed after some good sea air!!

Thanks to President Jill for her superb organisation.

Dave M

3. 15/12/1997. Tenth Anniversary Dinner, Moeraki. People pics.

(Click to enlarge)


Sylvia Williams, Win Gibson, Audrey Heenan, Les Smith, Nancy Strang, Margaret Deuchrass, Margaret Smith, Who? Mary Maxwell, Les Wiffin, Peg Chisholm, Les Winefield, Mavis Winefield, Bev McIntosh, Barbara McCCabe, Don McCabe?


Eric Bennett, Bev Harvey, Joan Hobbs, Elizabeth Haggie, Dot Bennett, George Haggie





Murray and Eleanor Watt, Ngaire and Doug Moir


Sylvia William, Nancy Strang, Margaret Deuchrass, Peg Chisholm, Frank Weedon, Win Gibson, Shirley, Ngaire Moir

Margaret and the two Bevs

Margaret Smith, Bev McIntosh, Bev Harvey


Les and Margaret Smith, Wendy Bathgate

Eleanor Watt, Les and Margaret Smith, Bev Harvey


George Haggie, Mavis Winefield, Les Winefield, Eric Bennett.


Dot Bennett, Joan Hobbs, Colleen Gamble


Barbara McCabe, Cath and Lex Donaldson


Nelson and Dot Taiaroa


Murray and Eleanor Watt


Les Wiffin, Mary Maxwell


Bob and Audrey Heenan


Bev and Ray Harvey

Bev and Ivan

Bev and Ivan McIntosh




Peter Bathgate


2. Friday 22/9/1992 – Sunday 23/9/1992. Moeraki Motor Camp. 23 attended. Leaders: Bob & Audrey

1. 22-23/9/1989. Moeraki Motor Camp. Leaders:  Bob & Audrey. 24 attended this weekend camp. Everyone had a great time and Audrey and Bob were thanked for a job well done.









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Jul 18 2018

Allans Beach

27 km from car-park.

5. 18 July 2018. Hikers. Allans Beach. E. Bruce and Marjorie

28 hikers set off from the car park at the end of the Allans Beach road by crossing the style at approximately 11 am and had morning tea

Morning tea in the sand dunes. (Clive pic and caption.)

near the end of the track to the beach, reached by crossing a second style. Our transit time from 9.30 am at the Bush Road car park was longer than usual because of the work associated with the widening of the road from Broad Bay to Portobello with fill from the Clearwater quarry near the south side of Papanui Inlet. The fill is transported in large truck trailer units and for safety the Allans Beach road is one way during the week at present (apart from for residents) from Allans Beach to Portobello. We were not aware of this when we did the recce on Saturday 7 July. The route that remained open to Allans Beach, which most of us followed, was proceeding through Portobello on the Harrington Point road and turning right, after 1.3 km, into Weir Road, right onto the Papanui Inlet road and then taking the second road on the road that passes between Papanui Inlet and Hooper’s Inlet, and between Gearys Hill and Mount Charles, to join the Allans Beach Road. Most of us also explored Sheppard Road between Papanui Inlet and Hoopers Inlet to find that it was one way and did not allow a left turn into Allans Beach road.  The entrance to the Clearwater quarry is on the Papanui Inlet road about 0.8 km past Sheppard road between Varleys Hill and Gearys Hill. 

We proceeded to explore the northeast end of the beach until we reached the rocks and then turned to travel southwest along the beach

A sunny walk along the beach. (Clive pic and caption.)

and around the corner to the right to have lunch at 12.15 near the north end of the first bay on the right.

Some of the group made their leisurely way back after lunch while the main group proceeded around the shoreline until 1.10 pm to the fence which comes to within 1 m of the water just around the point where the inlet shoreline turns from north to north east. 

A 1-year-old sea lion appeared to observe our arrival at the fence area and flapped its way across a boggy area from about 150 m away to the east, wriggled through a fence and swam down the channel to stop adjacent to our party to observe us.

a sea lion poses for everyone. (Clive pic and caption.)

We had endeavoured to remain a safe distance from the wildlife, which a regular observer of the wild life informed us later was 20 m, but this young sea lion proceeded to emerge from the water opposite us a distance of less than 20 m and display some sea lion dentition. We retreated appropriately in the face of this gesture and proceeded to retrace our steps to the end of the beach near the outlet, pausing to watch a mother-child pair

Mother and calf in the sand dunes. (Clive pic and caption.)

approximately 3 m into the sand dunes from the inlet, about 300 m from the fence. Some other sea lions were observed on the shore on the opposite side of the inlet

We proceeded north east up the beach for about 100 m to approximately 25 m past a pine tree in the dunes to a track whose entrance was marked by an upright post and a surf board shaped portion of boat. 

We followed the track through the sand hills, past a grassy clearing, with tree segment seats arranged around the inverted remnants of a copper, and through an open gate into a paddock with approximately 100 cows on the grass whom we passed on the left between the grassy and boggy areas.

When we reached a fence we turned right for about 100 m past a circular water trough to open a gate on the left. We proceeded to follow the track past the farm house of Christine and Sam Neill who had kindly given permission for us to traverse their property.  We opened two gates to cross the drive way to the farm house, passed the cattle yards on the left, went through another gate and were reunited with our cars by opening the gate leading to the cars, about 80 from our first style, at 2.15 pm.  

The group that returned earlier arrived shortly before the main group via the beach or past the cattle. The distance travelled was approximately 8 km and the route was similar to that shown in the map for March 2016. The weather was relatively calm, cloudy and reasonably comfortable for walking. Low tide was at approximately 2 pm, about 30 minutes before low tide in Dunedin. (The tide at Taiaroa Head is approximately 13 minutes before Port Chalmers which is approximately 14 minutes before Dunedin). 

Afternoon coffee was at Nichols. The Allans Beach has the possible disadvantage of being at some distance from Mosgiel but offers a soft terrain to walk on, some variety between beach and farm walking, flattish terrain and, potentially, glimpses of wild life.

Bruce and Marjorie

4. 23/3/2016. Hikers. Allans Beach. E. Leaders: Bruce, Marjorie.

Mar 23 Allans Beach route. (Bruce pic and caption)

Mar 23 Allans Beach route. (Bruce pic and caption)

Allans Beach tramp report 23 March 2016

Twenty-two hikers set off from the car park at the end of Allans Beach road at 9.40 am. Low tide at Dunedin was 11 am and at Allans Beach (between Taiaroa Head and St Clair) approximately 10.30 am. We went over the stile and down the track to the beach before turning left and proceeding to the end of the beach …

At eastern end of Allans Beach (Bruce pic and caption)

At eastern end of Allans Beach (Bruce pic and caption)

… where we observed a couple of sea lions

Sea lion eastern end of beach (Bruce pic and caption)

Sea lion eastern end of beach (Bruce pic and caption)

before returning a little to have morning tea at the base of the rocky cliff, where a sign indicated that no dogs were allowed.

Morning tea break. (Bruce pic and caption)

Morning tea break. (Bruce pic and caption)

After morning tea we went to the other end of the beach and looked at the channel with the outgoing tide running quite swiftly.

We then went up the left bank of Hoopers Inlet walking on quite firm sand and seeing a few more sea lions.

Sea lion left bank of inlet (Bruce pic and caption)

Sea lion left bank of inlet (Bruce pic and caption)

We stopped at the fence which stretched to within a metre of the water’s edge and then returned to have lunch in the shelter of the lupins.

Lunch break (Bruce pic and caption)

Lunch break (Bruce pic and caption)

After lunch we returned to the beach and took a track into the sand dunes about 150 m from the end of the beach. The track came out on the farm of Sam and Christine Neill and we went across the farm, past the house, through two gates on the road leading to the house, and back along the paddock to the stile by the carpark, reaching this at 1.30 pm. Distance covered approximately 8.5 km. Morning tea was designated for the Portobello Café but we ended up at the Penguin Café, Portobello.

It would have been difficult to walk along the edge of the inlet on the sand unless the tide was reasonably low.

–  Bruce and Marjorie

3. 11/1/2012. All. Allans Beach. Leader: Fred.

GPS of Allans Beach Walk, courtesy Ken.

View of the fog that was around all day. (Ken pic and caption)

Lunch. (Ken pic and caption)

Lunch 2. (Ken pic and caption) (Lex at left, sitting)

Diamond Wedding.

Rocks at nth end of beach. (Ken pic and caption)

Displeased boss of the beach. (Ken pic and caption)

Busy as main street. (Ken pic and caption)

2. 20/4/2011. Hikers. Allans Beach. Leaders: Molly, Graham.
1. 29/9/1999. Allans Beach. Leaders: Les W, Mary M, Peggy M.

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Dec 13 2017

Harwood – End of year picnic

37 km.

6. 13/12/2017. All. Picnic lunch. E. Leaders: Alex and Liz

Route map, courtesy Ian. (Ian pic and caption.)

Having just emerged from ‘gorse forest’ track onto golf course. (Ian pic and caption.)

The leaders for the day. (Judy pic.)

Pot luck Christmas lunch.(Helen pic and caption.)

5. 27/9/2017. Hikers. Portobello to Harwood. E. Leaders: Chris and Dot.

Map of route, courtesy Ian.

The track from Portobello to the aquarium being made difficult with slips and mud, the leaders decided on a new hike for the day.  20 keen members left the cars at the Portobello show-grounds and headed the short distance up the hill to the cemetery for morning tea.

Coming away from morning tea.(Ian pic and caption.)

It was a glorious morning, calm and mild, and there were many comments on the fact that cemetery sites always seem to have the best views…. this one right across Portobello and the tranquil, beautiful harbour.

The thought of walking all the way to Harwood seemed a bit daunting to some, but in fact was very pleasant, following the cycle track all the way so that traffic was never a problem.  The predicted north-east breeze never arrived and jackets were gradually shed along the way.  Round Lower Portobello Bay several slips were commented upon, and we reached the picnic grounds for a leisurely lunch by mid-day.

Lunch at the Harwood Picnic Grounds. (Ian pic and caption.)

After the young-at-heart had a play on the swings…

Stop gazing round. Swing!.(Ian pic and caption.)

…and slides not to mention the hammock,

Help! Someone get me out. (Ian pic and caption.)

we made our way back to the cars by the same route, and so to Macandrew Bay for coffee etc.

A hike not done before, so thanks to Chris and Dot for some thick quinking (thanks Jay!) in finding a great alternative for the day. – Judy.

4. 17/12/2012. All. Harwood. End of year picnic. Leaders: Chris and Dorothy.
3. 15/12/2004. All. Christmas finger food lunch at Harwood. Leader: Chris.
Pause at sign.

Pause at sign.

Lunch in Harwood Hall. Dorothy, Wendy, Carmel.

Lunch in Harwood Hall. Dorothy, Wendy, Carmel.


Lunch in the Harwood Hall. Wendy, Carmel.

2. 17/12/2003. All. End of year Tramp. Share finger food. Leaders: Jean, Chris.
Setting off.

Setting off.

1. 19/12/1998. Xmas Lunch, Harington Point. Leader: Chris.

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Dec 05 2001

End of Year: At J. Tee

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5/12/2001. Christmas Function at J. Tee. Happy Hour – 11.30 a.m.; Buffet Lunch – 12.30 p.m. Leaders: Tramp: Dot T, Betty; Golf: Nelson, Les W.

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Dec 03 1999

End of Year: Outram Hotel

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3/12/1999. Christmas Social Dinner, Outram Hotel.

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Dec 04 1998

End of Year: North Taieri Tavern

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4/12/1998. Xmas Social, North Taieri Tavern.

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Dec 12 1997

End of Year: Moeraki Boulders

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3. 12/12/1997. Christmas Do – Moeraki Boulders. Bus from Mosgiel. Names to Colleen.
2. Friday 22/9/1992 – Sunday 23/9/1992. Moeraki Motor Camp. 23 attended. Leaders: Bob & Audrey

1. 22-23/9/1989. Moeraki Motor Camp. Leaders:  Bob & Audrey. 24 attended this weekend camp. Everyone had a great time and Audrey and Bob were thanked for a job well done.

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Dec 10 1997

End of Year: Waipori DOC Picnic Ground

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10/12/1997. Christmas lunch, finger food, BYO. DOC Picnic grounds, Waipori Gorge. Leaders: Colleen, Peg C.

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Dec 06 1996

End of Year: Palisander Lounge

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6/12/1996 Christmas Social. Frews Palisander Lounge. Organisers: Dot and Les.
26/11/1994, Frews Palisander Lounge. Christmas Social. Organisers: Wendy, Les.
26/11/1993, Frews Palisander Lounge. Christmas Social.
A large turnout of members and partners of the Taieri Recreational Tramping Club enjoyed a very successful end of year Christmas social in the Palisander Lounge recently.
The club is very strong numerically at present with membership having to be closed temporarily. Activities during the year include a ten day South Island bus trip, and weekend camps at Pounawea and Mavora Lakes. The weekly tramps are still attracting good numbers.
All members will be looking forward to the 1994 season which begins with a picnic at Brighton Domain on January 12 1994. – Taieri Herald article.
27/11/1992. Christmas Function at Palisander. Organisers: Mary McG, Jack R, Eric.
13/12/1988 Party Night. Palisander Lounge. Gather at 6.30 p.m. for 7.00 p.m. Dinner

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Dec 13 1995

End of Year: Picnic, Chalkies

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13/12/1995. Chalkies. Park cars at Judy’s – Bring a plate – lunch on lawn at Judy’s.

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Jan 12 1994

Beginning of Year: Picnic Day: Livingstonia Park

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31.5 km from car park
12/1/1994. Picnic. Livingstonia Park. Bring children and grandchildren.
24/1/1990. Taieri Mouth Picnic Day. Bring the grandchildren. All meet at Livingstonia Park.

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Dec 10 1991

End of Year: Mosgiel R.S.A.

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10/12/1991 Christmas Social. Wednesday evening Mosgiel R.S.A. Organisers: Molly, Mervyn, Margaret S.
6.30 p.m. Drinks. 7.00 p.m. Meal.
10/12/1990. Mosgiel R.S.A. Organisers: June W, Molly, Margaret S, Ria L

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Dec 03 1989

End of Year: Bridge Club Hall

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12/1989. 63 people attended a bring and share dinner and Quiz Night in the Bridge Club Hall. A lovely evening enjoyed by everyone. A good Club effort. Mr Paul A and his wife did a good job conducting the Quiz Show. Our thanks to them.

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