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Heyward Point, Kaikai Beach, Whareakeake Road

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No. 86 on old hardcopy list of 113 club tramps. “Heyward Point – Melville’s Farm Farm”

40 km from car park.

Part: Tramping Track, Managed by DOC. Rest: Not during lambing Sept-Nov. Seek Permission.
17. 20/2/2019. Hikers. Leaders: Jan B and Jay
23 hikers set out on a lovely warm still morning for Heyward Point via Port Chalmers. After parking up at the end of Heyward Point Road we walked along the DOC track for a short time before stopping for morning tea under the shelter of a stand of Pine trees.

Setting Off. (Clive pic and caption)

  Carrying on we arrived at a point overlooking the spit and surrounding vista which we stopped to admire
C.2) Aramoana and Taiaroa Headc

Aramoana and Taiaroa Head. (Clive pic and caption.)

before carrying on around the cliff line to decend through a tree lined track for a while then climbing up onto a clearing again.  We continued along the clearly marked  track

C.3) Pam and Shona heading towards Heywards Pointc

Pam and Shona heading towards Heywards Point. (Clive pic and caption.)

and around to our left through a paddock of long grass until we reached a point for the lunch stop overlooking Kai Kai beach and beyond.

C.4) Lunch above the beachc

Lunch above the beach. (Clive pic and caption.)

After lunch, with renewed energy, we climbed the style and began a short sharp climb up Chapman’s paddock which soon eased into a steady climb up and up through several gates which eventually lead us back to the track leading back to the cars.
We travelled on up the hill for a short distance to the Orokanui Cafe for the customary tea/coffee fix & completed the journey home over the motorway. – Jan B.
16. 23/1/2019. Trampers. Hayward Point, Kaikai Beach, Whareakeake Road circuit. M. Leader: Keith.
Eight trampers arrived at the end of the Heyward Point Rd and set off at 9.50am. We had morning tea in the shelter of the trees before entering the reserve.
After a visit to Heyward Point proper where there were a good number of seals with pups,

Seals and gulls on the Island. (Eleanor pic and caption.)

we headed up hill and over the stile into Chapman’s farm. We followed some ribbons ( put out by the farmer) up hill to the top gate then followed a steep descent on slippery grass to the beach.

KaiKai beach. (Eleanor pic and caption.)

We strolled along Kai Kai beach where a large leopard seal kept a watchful eye on us, before we followed the cliff back to the bivvie for lunch.

The cave(Lunch). (Eleanor pic and caption.)

We continued uphill again on a good farm track to the Jenning’s house,

Historic Jennings cottage. (Eleanor pic and caption.)

then back to the cars. The predicted rain arrived 10 mins too soon so we were quite wet by the time we returned to the cars. Coffee at Emersons. – Keith.

15. 9/8/2017. Trampers. Hayward Point, Kaikai Beach, Whareakeake Road circuit. M. Leader: Janine.

On what looked like a lovely clear day, 15 trampers set off in from Mosgiel in 4 cars. Difficulties set in very early when 2 of the cars were delayed by a car accident on the motorway – 2 other cars were fortunate to be able to detour through Fairfield. Next difficulty was the further we drove, the thicker the sea mist became and on reaching the end of Heyward Point Road, after the 20 minute delay, visibility was extremely limited in the murky fog.

We set out through the mist and after a short walk stopped under some pine trees for a late morning tea

Morning tea under the trees.(Helen pic and caption.)

then pushed on to the coast edge above Aramoana- BUT still no view on offer!! Disappointing for those of us who knew what we should be seeing and unable to show those who hadn’t been to the location before just what a spectacular coastline we have!

With care we followed the cliff edge, passed through some pine trees, scrambled a short rocky hill to suddenly find the mist had lifted and we had a view. Along to Heyward Point we were able to see the Mole, Aramoana, 2 ships at sea, numerous seal and pups, and a multitude of seabirds.

(Margreet pic.)

Shags in a hole in the rock. (Helen pic and caption.)

Onward and we tackled a steep hill – up and down still skirting the cliff edge till dropping onto Kaikai beach area. Due to the late start and time limitations we didn’t venture to the sandy beach but cut accrss the paddock straight to the nearby cave/holiday home where groaning stomachs were replenished.

Lunch stop. (Helen pic and caption.)

With the late lunch, we were all delighted with the original Maori fantail legend told to us in real ‘storyteller’ style by Bob.

All refueled, it was another steep climb to the historic ‘Jennings house’- after a quick viewing and discussion on the sturdy foundations of this old homestead – we continued on through paddocks meeting young curious cows and arriving back to the road above Whareakeake beach. The road walk to us back again through thickening mist to where the cars were left. Despite all that water vapour the walk wasn’t too ‘wet’ and the 9.75km ramble appeared to be enjoyed by all. Each car then made their own arrangements for coffee / home drop offs. – Janine.

14. 10/8/2016. Trampers. Hayward Point, Kaikai Beach, Whareakeake Road circuit. M. Leader: Arthur H.
We parked the cars at the end of Hayward Point Road and walked for ten minutes to find our morning tea spot.
The ground was still hard from the frost. The sky was cloudless with just a hint of a cold southerly breeze. We could not have had better weather for our tramp, even if we had been able to arrange it ourselves.

Another short walk took us to the start of the DOC track to Hayward Point itself. Great views up here, of the Otago Harbour entrance, the Aramoana Mole and across to Tiaroa Head.

Mole and Heads. (Margreet pic).

Mole and Heads. (Margreet pic).

A large ship was heading into the harbour. A very scenic spot indeed.

Following the cliff-top track, we came to the grassy headland block on which were grazing a mob of hoggets. We descended down to Heyward Point but could see only two seals (usually twenty or more can be seen) and two shags on the little off-shore islet.

Rock with small and large gulls plus seals and shags. (Helen pic and caption).

Rock with small and large gulls plus seals and shags. (Helen pic and caption).

Plenty of seagulls about though.

We admired the rusty old winch, which had been used to bring up the acetylene gas bottles to power the beacon in years past (solar power now), before continuing.
Uphill next to get above the very steep face, which has recently been fenced off and put into a Q.E.II Covenant Reserve.
Going down again was a bit tricky, and it was necessary to hold on tightly to the fence so as to remain upright for a distance in the wet muddy conditions. Once out onto the grass paddock the going was much easier, but it is a long way down.

The tide was halfway out as we walked along Kaikai beach. A very beautiful place away from civilisation. At the end of the beach we turned inland to admire the holiday cave dwelling.

Cave dwellings (Helen pic.)

Cave dwelling. (Helen pic).

From sea level it is all uphill back o the cars, so we ascended the first hill to lunch at the old house (the Jennings house).

Old house where we had lunch. (Helen pic and caption).

Historic old Jennings house where we had lunch. (Helen pic and caption).

Some stomachs were complaining by then, but morning tea had also been late.

A close inspection of the house followed. Apparently it had last been used during the second world war by the army for coast watching duty.
Up through the paddocks, onto the road, which we followed, returned us to the cars at 2.25 p.m. We had covered 11 kms.
The fine day, together with the great views, had combined to give the seven of us a very enjoyable tramp.
On the way home, a diversion had to be made to observe the weekly ritual at Careys Bay. – Arthur H.

13. 11/5/1016. Hikers. Heyward Point, anti-clockwise loop return over paddocks. M. Leaders: Judy, Adrienne.

Heyward Point Route Map

Heyward Point Route Map

21 intrepid hikers parked at the end of the Heyward Point road and set off in beautiful weather after almost forgetting the Bathgate car load who took a wrong turning….
After a leisurely morning tea …

Morning tea panorama

Morning tea panorama

… in the first group of pines, Dorothy came to grief at the first hurdle (style), making a great job of scraping her leg.  She was ably patched up …

… by a bevy of nurses and returned to the cars with Chris for a quiet sit in the sun for the rest of the day.

Harbour Entrance

Harbour Entrance

The remaining 19 proceeded along the cliff path where the ups and downs tested our fitness in the rapidly increasing heat. Clothes were shed in all directions before we reached the paddocks above the point.  Six keen souls went down to the rocks

Split off 'island' adjacent to lighthouse

Split off ‘island’ adjacent to lighthouse

Birds & seals on 'island'

Birds & seals on ‘island’

and were rewarded by the sight of families of seals cavorting in the rock pools.  The bulk of the party proceeded to the style perched steeply on the hillside above Kai Kai Beach where we stopped for lunch and were soon joined by the other six.



Then it was a steady slog uphill and across farm paddocks for another hour, to reach the track a couple of hundred metres from the cars.
Fantastic weather, incredible views and good company made this a most enjoyable hike, concluding with a coffee stop at the Stadium Cafe.
-Judy and Adrienne.

12. 26/3/2014 Trampers. Heyward Point, Kaikai Beach, Whareakeake Road.

We had 8 people today, our numbers were boosted by 3 young men from Israel, who were bought along by Hazel.
We had good weather apart from a strong wind on the way back up to the top road again, & all agreed it is a good walk. – Ken

Morning tea break. (Ken pic and caption)

Morning tea break. (Ken pic and caption)

Lunch at the cave accommodation (Ken pic and caption)

Lunch at the cave accommodation (Ken pic and caption)

11. 16/1/2013 Trampers. Heyward Point, Kaikai Beach, Whareakeake Road.

We had a very good walk today, with great weather, a good mix of terrain, & we had a good chat to Sue & Partner. Judy is related to both Sue, & the woman who live at the very start by the gate, she is Sue’s sister. So lots of ‘catching up’ was done.

Morning Tea break. (Ken pic and caption.)

Morning Tea break. (Ken pic and caption.)

Ian leaving the loo. (Ken pic and caption).

Ian leaving the loo. (Ken pic and caption).

This time, on leaving the “cave homestead”, instead of scrambling up the steep bank further towards the sea, we went up the 4WD track
Apparently the people that use the cave have been going there for about 40yrs. & there are some small children with them, so I guess it’s a good playground for them.
We did 9.7km; ave. 3.7km/hr; moving time 2h 37m; climbed 447m. – Ken.

10. 24/3/2011 Trampers. Heyward Point, Kaikai Beach, Whareakeake Road.

GPS of route, courtesy Ken.

Entrance to track through bush

Looking back along low-tide beach towards Mole and Spit

Sea Lions basking on ledge near Point.

Island at Point much favoured by sea lions and sea birds

Lunch on Kaikai beach. (We had a lovely view of the beach at low-tide)

Later we went over to look down on Whareakeake Beach before climbing the ridge to the road.
Note re Whareakeake Beach: In the late 1980s, local Ngāi Tahu iwi sought to change the  name of Murdering Beach to Whareakeake – its original Māori name. There was considerable objection. The Board supported the change, but the then Minister did not, and so Murdering Beach remained. However, the settlement of Ngāi Tahu’s Treaty claim in 1998 lead to this name being changed through statute and it being the only one of 89 Treaty settlement names that was not dual-named.( http://www.linz.govt.nz/placenames/consultation-decisions/a-to-z/whanganui/boards-decision/appendix-b/index.aspx). (Whareakeake = house/home forever? My translation-guess. – Ian)

9. 13/2/2008. Trampers. Heyward Point, Kaikai Beach. Leaders: Doug, Sabina.

8. 28/3/2007. Trampers. Heyward Point. (Park cars.) Kaikai Beach, Murdering Beach Road. Leaders: Ian, Arthur H

7. 10/8/2005 Aramoana, Heyward Point, Kaikai Beach. Leaders: Ian, Hazel


View of Mole and Taiaroa Head

6. 3/3/2004 Aramoana, Heyward Point, Kaikai Beach, H-Pt Rd, ret. Leaders: Arthur, Lex

Break. Glenice, Bob, Pat, Doug, Tom, Dorothy, Nancy

Cliff brink


Hi Shirley. Bob at Heyward Point


Cave George, Hazel, Tom, Bob

Kaikai Beach

Kaikai Beach

5. 27/3/2002 Leaders: Les, Margaret, Doug.

4. 10/5/2000 Leaders: Bill, Leslie

3. 21/4/1993. Heyward Point. Easy. Leaders: Ted, Jack M, Daphne.

2. 6/3/1991 Heyward Point. Lovely sea views and interesting history. Average. Leaders: Ted, Margaret B, Peg C, Nel

1. 21/4/1989 Leaders: Barbara, Shirley

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