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Grahams Bush.

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Click Grahams Bush history for background information.
Grahams Bush reserve was originally the site of sawmills and brick kilns operated by David Bethune in the 1880s, and became city council property in 1955.[6]
Park: Church Grounds. Distance from car-park: 27 km.
6/8/2014. Both. Hall Rd, Grahams Bush, Mt Cargill Rd, Upper Junction Rd, Brickhill Rd, Stevenson Ave. Leaders: Lester, Ian. (As it turned out, there was no appointed tramper leader there on the day.)
A perforce Hikers’ report.
This was one of those first of the month tramps for both trampers and hikers to get together. However at the car park on the church grounds, there was no sign of the trampers. We waited and questioned whether they had got lost. They had left the Bush Road car park before us. Where had they gone?  We eventually set off without them on the long walk up Hall Road and on along the initial farm 4WD route to stop for a cuppa at the track turn-off.
For quite a few of us this was their first time on this route and they spoke appreciatively about the lovely bush. Rain the night before had made the track muddy in places. We were pleasantly surprised by beautiful bird calls, more than experienced on previous occasions.
The steep grade gets no easier, but eventually we emerged onto the Mt Cargill road be be greeted by the small group of three trampers. They had left the car park early before the rest of us, had apparently driven right past the church car park in Station Rd and (cunningly? shorter distance!) parked further up Hall Road,  and carried on ahead. So it was not to be a together day after all,  even up to a morning tea stop!
Anyway, after our brief meeting at the Mt Cargill Road car park, (so we were together briefly after all) they were off to further ascend Mt Cargill while the we stopped off for a leisurely lunch. Some of the hikers ventured a short distance up the track after lunch and returned back down again.
View from the top of the steps

View from the top of the steps


Hikers' lunch at the car park on Mt Cargill Road

Hikers’ lunch at the car park on Mt Cargill Road

Recovery position

Recovery position

We set off along the old Mt Cargill Rd in a very orderly single file, quite a number of us wearing high-viz jackets. Perhaps it was these that encouraged passing drivers to noticeably slow down as they passed. We turned down Upper Junction Road and were interested to see how the slip at the bottom had been repaired. After the last grouping at Brickhill Rd, we straggled on to our cars back at the church park grounds. At 16, there was only half the usual number of hikers, and we suspected some had wisely decided their fitness was no longer up to the steep climb of the day. Another fine day, bracketed by bad weather on either side. We were so lucky. – Ian.
A Trampers’ report.
3  trampers left Sawyers Bay before the hikers arrived, as they got tired of waiting around ! The walk up through Grahams Bush was a little damp after rain on the previous night, but the bird life made the walk more pleasant.
After morning tea, with still no sign of the hikers, we walked to the top road,
At the top road

At the top road (Heb pic and caption?)

where we waited for approx 40mins. for them to arrive. After this, we walked up the Organ Pipes track, stopping to view the tumbled down remains of the pipes,
Organ Pipes

Organ Pipes (Heb pic and caption?)

then went on to Butters Peak junction,
Buttars Peak Junction

Buttars Peak Junction (Heb pic and caption?)

where lunch was had in the sunshine.
The return trip was uneventful, & the birds once again kept us company. – Ian Hebberd? – per Ken.
1/8/2012. Both. Grahams Bush, Mt Cargill Rd, Upper Junction Rd, Brickhill Rd, Hall Rd. Leaders: Pat, Ken.

GPS of route, courtesy Ken.
10.5 km distance.
3.7km/h moving ave.
2hr 48min moving time.
379mtrs. total ascent.
394 max elevation.


3/11/2010. Both. Grahams Bush, Mt Cargill Rd, Upper Junction Rd, Brickhill Rd, Hall Rd. Leaders: Fred, Elaine.
A goodly number of 21 of us set off for the round trip. We stopped at the turn-off into the bush for morning tea. Evelyn has apparently suffered an early bad fall but soldiered on.

Finished morning tea.

On up, gently at first. And then the remarkable  stepped bridge.

A marathon effort. (Bev pic and caption)

Towards the end the cruel steepening zig-zag amongst manuka before reaching the old main road.

Hugging a cold tree!! (Bev pic and caption)

Then it was a long leisurely lunch-time to allow everyone to eventually arrive and enjoy their rest. Evelyn provided lovely chocs to celebrate her 80th birthday. Ken and Sabina took advantage of the opportunity meantime to skip up to the organ pipes and back. We negotiated the road without incident. The harbour views were magnificent.

A great view. (Bev pic and caption)

We regrouped at the Junction Road turn-off. Half-way down Evelyn experienced a dizzy spell and had to rest. Fortunately Bob drove back up to meet her anyway and rescued her.

A lovely garden. (Bev pic and caption)

Great weather. A good meeting time between the two groups. Thanks to the leaders who did a noble if occasionally fruitless job trying to keep the faster and slower walkers together. – Ian
5/12/2008 Grahams Bush, Mt Cargill Rd, Upper Junction Rd, Brickhill Rd, Hall Rd Leaders:
Group two

Just climbed Grahams Bush. Neil Evelyn Elaine Molly Bev Fred Peter Arthur Doug

The weather forecast was for sleet and wind but 11 of us encountered a pleasant day all round.

The wind was a little chill after leaving the cars at the top of Hall Street (on reflection a   better parking place could have been at the Sawyers Bay School) but the bush sheltered us for a pleasant morning tea. (We were delighted to have a visitor from Somerset with us, Jennifer Bower here in Dunedin for only a week, who before retirement, was in a walking group at north-of-England Newcastle.)The bush was pleasant with only a little slippery mud in the second gully to be carefully trod. The final three sets of steps and we were on the Mount Cargill Road for an early lunch in the sun.


A Grahams Track scene

Then along the road to finally reach Upper Junction Road turnoff. None to soon as it turned out, as a cold blustery snow shower was assaulting us from the west. But Junction Road was sheltered enough. The views from both roads were as usual most rewarding and sunshine was again with us all the way down. A garden in Brickhill Road, beautifully kept and in full flower delayed us a pleasant few minutes, but we were in good time and in good spirits. A tennis court sign-pointed up a narrow side pathway waylaid Peter and Fred also. Then it was just back up Hall Street to the cars and back home, with Jennifer’s driver detouring to show her Scotts memorial (sob – the wild hens were absent) and the adjacent lookout. – Ian.
5/11/2008. Both. Grahams Busy. Medium. Leaders: Bob and Evelyn.
21/4/2004 Grahams Bush, Sawyers Bay, Careys Bay. Leaders: Barbara McC, Evelyn C, Les W, Mary M
31/3/2004. Hikers. Grahams Bush. Medium. Leaders: Arthur and Barbara.


21/4/2004 Grahams Bush, Sawyers Bay, Careys Bay. Leaders: Barbara McC, Evelyn C, Les W, Mary M

Former Grahams Bush entrance

A former Grahams Bush entrance. (An earlier one. Later replaced.)


Grahams Bush track

9/10/2002 Leaders: Donny, Barbara McC, Sandra
8/7/1998. Sawyers Bay, Grahams Bush, Holmes Track. Leaders: Ray and Diana.
17/9/1997. Sawyers Bay to Grahams Bush. Leaders: Molly, Ria L, Mary L.
13/8/1997. Grahams Bush, Old Mount Cargill Road, Roseneath, Sawyers Bay. Leaders: Shirley McN, Evelyn M, Colleen.
26/1/2000. Grahams Bush from St Leonards. Leaders: Betty, Mary Y, Denise.
18/8/1993. Grahams Bushs etc. Start Tannery, Sawyers Bay. Medium. Leaders; Ria H, Jean, Bev H, Shirley R.

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