Sep 10 2014

Street Walk: Patmos Avenue

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Abt 18 km from car park
10/9/2014 Street Walk: Hikers. Patmos Avenue, Pine Hill, round trip. M. Leaders: Bev and Adrienne.

Route. Cars, Patmos Ave, Maxwelton St, Pinehill Rd, Abbeyhill Rd, Cambells Rd, Hillary St, Dover St, Pinehill Rd, Fea St, SH1, George St, Woodhaugh Gardens, part Woodhaugh St, Lower Ross Creek tracks environs, Malvern St, Cars.

23 hikers left cars in Malvern St on a sunny no clouds day. No wind either.
We made our way up Patmos Ave, across the over-bridge of the motor way and on to Maxwelton St.
Does anyone know how this or who this street is named after? Somewhere on this journey we stopped for morning tea.
We passed some very old buildings on the way and there are some historical houses of significance from the
early days. At the end of this wee story there should be some web sites listed than you can pursue if you wish.
At the end of Maxwelton St we moved over to Pine Hill Rd.


Dunedin panorama; taken from Pine Hill Rd up behind Pine Hill.

We travelled down to 444 Pine Hill Rd and then up an alley onto Campbell Rd and then continued on down hill. Love down hills!
We arrived again at Pine Hill Rd. Lunch was at a small park.


Lunch at recreation area next to the Pinehill Ruldolph Steiner Kindergarten.

We walked on down to Woodhaugh Gardens. None of us got run over on the way.

Woodhaugh walk

Woodhaugh Gardens Leith River walk.

Woodhaugh Gardens are a pleasure to walk thru. My parents told me that in 1923/4 they did all of their courting there.
That was what it was called.  The bird life was great to listen to. Walking thru the tracks in the gardens we passed the old quarry that closed in 1949 … and the old pub on the corner of Malvern St and Woodhaugh St was only open from 1888 till 1892. This hotel is getting a major makeover, which is good.

The views we had today looking over Dunedin are well worth the climb and the leadership by Bev was awesome even though she didn’t look like a hiker. Too well dressed in her high viz vest and pink nails. Adrienne did a good back up. No one and I mean NO ONE got behind her. Don’t forget to check out the sites. – Elaine.

<a href=”,_New_Zealand#The_upper_slopes”>The upper slopes</a>

<a href=”,_New_Zealand#Liberton”>Liberton</a>

<a href=”,_New_Zealand#Dalmore”>Dalmore</a>

12/5/2010. Street Walk: Hikers. Patmos Avenue. Leaders: Bev, Lesley.

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