Jan 22 2014

Hoopers Inlet

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32 km from car park
6. 22/1/2014. Hikers. Hoopers Inlet from Hall. Easy. Leaders: Barbara and Arthur
GPS of route

GPS of route (record started a bit late!). Total distance more like 11 kms.

22 Hikers parked their 7 cars at Hoopers Inlet Hall. As recorded on the last report below, we rested for morning tea on the old Hoopers Inlet School grounds. Then over the hill to the the Papanui Inlet Road – Cape Saunders Road – Hoopers Inlet Road to the end. Over the style for lunch on a grassy slope sheltered from the wind.

Lunch at Allans Beach

Lunch at Allans Beach

A quick visit after down to the beach rewarded us with the sight of a sealion sanding himself in the sun. We retraced our steps back to the cars parked at Hoopers Inlet Hall.

(Extract from http://portobello.org.nz/our-community/hoopers-inlet-hall/:
The Hall belongs to the local community and is run and maintained by them. Originally built as a boating club, the hall was for many years “the place to be seen”. Dances have taken place here over the years and many local people have had family members start their courting days at this hall. The hall has extensive views of Harbour Cone (Hereweka) which can be viewed from the deck and double doors built onto a sheltered open space. The reconstructed fireplace is a central feature of the hall. … The kitchen has been modernised. The hall caters for all sorts of occasions. For a booking, call Jackie 478 0508 or email pencontract@xtra.co.nz to check availability.)
5. 11/5/2011. Hikers. Hoopers Inlet from Hall. Easy. Leaders: Chris, Dorothy.
4. 28/11/2007. Hikers. Hoopers Inlet from Hall. Easy. Leaders: Chris, Bill H.

Settling down or getting up?

On a very pleasant morning 15 hikers parked their cars at the Hoopers Inlet Hall and set out for a most enjoyable hike. We had morning tea at the site of the Hoopers Inlet school which is round the corner in Sheppard Rd. No school there now but a very nice reserve and picnic area. We carried on from there to Papanui Inlet Rd., down Cape Saunders Rd., and back on to Allans Beach Rd. From there to Allans Beach for our lunch stop. Lovely sitting in the sun, soaking up the sea view and watching the seagulls gliding overhead. Some of the more energetic hikers went for a walk along the beach towards Sandymount and back. A really enjoyable walk, on a day that wasn’t nearly as hot as the previous week, thank goodness. There was much of interest to look at on the way the best of which was two families of Paradise ducks with their ducklings who were very cute and fascinating to watch. One family looked somewhat older than the other as they were starting to get their feathers. So 15 happy hikers returned to their cars having had a great day out. – Bev
3. 27/6/2007. Hikers. Hoopers Inlet. Easy. Leaders: Peter, Molly.
2. 14/2/2001. Hoopers Inlet Circuit. Leaders: Donny, Myrie and Doug.
1. 23/8/2000. Hoopers Inlet Circuit. Leaders: Donny, Irene, Doug M.

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