Oct 30 2013

Old Lee Stream Hotel and Valley

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Abt 30 km from car park.
5. 30/10/2013. Trampers. Old Lee Stream Hotel and Valley.

GPS of route, courtesy Ken and Ian H. Distance 11.5 km; walking time 2 hr 52 mins; Ave 4 km/hr; Total ascent 376 mtrs.

A small group of keen trampers set off  to Lee Stream Bridge on a fine day. The planned farm track turned out to be a formed, gravel road which we followed through lush, green paddocks across James Reid’s property.  Half-an-hour of steady climbing led us to a morning tea stop by the patch of pines and then onwards and upwards to the top.  The map route we were following stopped, but there was a timely meetup with the farmer-owner of the farm who showed us  where to go to traverse the section not indicated on the map.

From the highest point on the farm (which was not very high) we looked across to Silver Peaks, Saddle Hill and over to Lea Stream School in the south-west.  Due to snow,  this school has the most non-school days in the country.

Further on, we looked down on the old Lee Stream Hotel nestled amongst  the trees and from here we headed for our starting point reached by an easy downhill tramp across more paddocks and scattering ewes and lambs.

It was a very pleasant tramp of easy to moderate grade. – Neil.

4. 31/5/2000. Old Lee Stream Hotel and Valley. Lee Stream Ramble. Scorgies Farm. Leaders: Ria L, Catherine, Molly.
3. 27/7/1994. Old Lee Stream Hotel and Valley. Scorgies Farm. Medium. Leaders: Ted C, Jack R, Jack M, Bob H.
Great farmland round trip. Park cars up from Old Pub. Follow up the stream.
2. 15/5/1991.  Old Lee Stream Hotel and Valley. A bit of history and nice rolling countryside. Easy. Leaders: Ted, Jack. Ivan, Shirley
1. 19/7/1989. Old Lee Stream Hotel. (Average). History pub. Follow up the stream. Leaders: Betty, Bob, Jean

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  1.   Catherineon 06 Feb 2014 at 4:47 pm

    Hi there I’m really interested to read about your tramp as some of my ancestors lived at the Lee Stream Hotel in 1862. I am wondering if this is an easy walk/tramp to find. I live in Auckland but really hope to explore this area sometime soon.
    Kind regards

  2.   Ianon 18 Feb 2014 at 2:07 pm

    A member of the group has replied as follows: The old Lea-Stream Hotel is on the Mosgiel Middlemarch Road. When we were walking back to our cars after the tramp, we could see it from across the private farm property which was accessed through permission being given by the owner to the Tramping Club.

    In other words, the hotel is not on the tramping route that we took, being on a main road, and can easily be visited. It is a lovely area and I’m sure you would enjoy unravelling some past family history.

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