May 04 2005

Chalkies Loop, Dodds Gully

[chat] with the owner of one of the houses up the Chalkies track road. He tells us that the grumpy one has now gone, & the new owners are quite ok with groups like ours going down [or up] the track through their properties, then down [or up] their driveway. I think permission should still be sought first though, especially for the first time at least. – Ken, date 10/9/2014.
Loop blocked by owner of one of two houses in Dodds Gully. (4/5/2005)

4/5/2005. Hikers. Chalkies area. Leaders: Colleen, Betty B, Nancy

17/9/2003. Trampers. Chalkies. Medium. Leaders: Wendy, Molly.
1/9/1999. Chalkies Loop Track. Leaders: Claude, Myrie, Ian
11/11/1998. Chalkies – round trip. Leaders: Doug J, Irene, Molly
27/8/1997. Chalkies Track. Leaders: Jack R, Claude, Irene.
13/12/1995. Chalkies. Park cars at Judy C’s – bring a plate – lunch on lawn at Judy’s.
26/7/1995. Chalkies. Medium. Leaders: Ted, Les W, Rob C, Eleanor B

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  1.   Dave Hunteron 13 Aug 2015 at 8:32 pm

    Hi Guys and Girls, we are thinking of taking a school party on a 5-6 hr tramp out of Waiora scout camp, they will be ages 8 – 12 of vary levels of fitness, we want to push them a little bit out side of their normal comfort zone of being sat in from of the telly or computer. i am a reasonably experienced tramper, and their teacher is also, looking at the topo map, would chalkies track be doable inside say 6 hrs with a few stragglers? I have driven up to one of the houses before to set up an internet connection. it was steep in places, if not anything else you would suggest in the area for Kids would be great. I look forward to hearing from you in due course, P.S. there will be about 25 Kids and 4 Adults.



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