Jan 21 2004

Warrington, Porteous Hill, Hammond Hill, Guilds Hill

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Location: 40 km.
Deer farm fences are now limiting. Couldn’t do Hammond Hill.
21/1/2004 Trampers. Porteous Hill and Hammond Hills. Medium. (Fences prevented Hammond Hill.) Leaders: Shirley McN, Wendy B, Ria L

Irene followed by Hazel and Evelyn


Evelyn, Wendy J, Irene, Hazel, Shirley, Ria. Overlooking Warrington


Wendy J, Lex. Overlooking Blueskin Bay.


Evelyn, Wendy J, Shirley. Taken looking towards Seacliff.

16/7/2003. Trampers. Warrington, Hammond Hill, Porteous Hill. Leaders: Ria L, Shirley McN
13/3/1996. Hammond Hill and Guilds Hill from Church Road. Medium. Leaders: Eleanor, Shirley McN, Molly

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