Sep 11 2002

Boulder Hill from Salisbury off Mt Allen Road. Tasman Forest

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Seek permissions
Wenita. Require 6 weeks notice but less from us
Park cars at sales yard. Cross over gate at left and follow road past the site of demolished shed.
Keep following road up hill past double shed, old farm gate.
Keep climbing to top at water reserve on right.
Keep going straight down the hill. About half-way down turn right at pink marker.
Follow track around the forest up and down until meeting up with the main track. Pink marker.
Head down hill to cars.

11/9/2002 Boulder Hill from Hamiltons. Leaders: Shirley McN, Claude, Mary L.
31/1/2001. Boulder Hill from Salisbury. Leaders: Claude, Molly, Eleanor.
31/1/2000 Claude, Molly
5/8/1998. Boulder Hill, Salisbury. Leaders: Pat, Shirley McN
11/9/1996. Salisbury – Hamiltons Farm. Average. Leaders: Shirley McN, Denise P, Judy C.
17/4/1996. Boulder Hill from Salisbury. Medium. Leaders: Jack R, Barbara McC, Dot and Nelson.
14/6/1995 Boulder Hill, Hamiltons from Salisbury. Medium. Leaders:  Jack R, Barbara McC, Jack M, Rob Q
21/9/1994. Boulder Hill. Alternative Routes. Start by Salisbury House. Long Ridge. Medium/Easy. Leaders: Dot T, Judy & Rob, Frank
14/8/1991 Boulder Hill from Salisbury, Tasman Forest. Average. Leaders: Nel K, Catherine T, Ria L, Marie F
9/4/1997. Boulder Hill Return via Ridge return Hamiltons Farm. Leaders: Nelson and Dot, jack R.

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