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Mar 18 2020

Bendoran: Gap, ABC, Orbells, Fiddlers.

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9. 18/3/2020 Trampers. Bendoran, Mt Misery, The Gap, ABC caves. Leaders – Arthur and Eleanore On Wednesday 18 March, 4 trampers had wood, coal, gas and food packed into 2 cars ready to travel 60 km to Bendoran for 2 nights.  Along the way we met up with the other couple in their car.  We […]

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Mar 18 2020

Deep Creek Weir from Old Dunstan Road past Rocklands

No. 2 on old hardcopy list of 113 club tramps. “Deep Stream [Stream crossed out and replaced by Creek] (Rocklands). R Lippers. Cattle.” No. 56 on old hardcopy list of 113 club tramps. “Deep Creek from Old Dunstan Road. (Rocklands. Year Round” Est, 50 km from car park. See Deep Creek Water Scheme Pipeline history. […]

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Mar 12 2020

Goodwood Road, Bobby’s Head, Puketapu

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Bobby’s Head, near Palmerston. Also Puketapu.

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Mar 12 2020

Brighton: Beach, Big Stone, Rapleys, Beach

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11/03/2020 Hikers and Ramblers Brighton Beach  E Leaders Liz and Alex Brighton Beach is always a beautiful spot to visit, and today was no exception. Over 25 Hikers and Ramblers set out from the Brighton Bowling Club.  The wind was cool so a vigorous walk along the beach towards Taieri Mouth got us warmed up […]

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Mar 04 2020

Traquair Station Tramps

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Not during lambing or calving. Permissions from Traquair and Horsehoof. Location: 22 km. Ownership Background 14. 4/3/2020. Both. Traquair Station via Microwave M. Leaders Jim and Betty and Jill R and Barabara Of the 28 people that commenced the walk 23 made it to the Micro Wave Station where 3 sheltered in the lee of […]

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