Feb 14 2018

Aspiring Hut

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14/2/2018. Report on Mt Aspiring Hut Trip 12-15th February

Eight keen trampers  signed up for this trip. Wendy and I tramped in to Aspiring Hut early on Monday 12th February to secure bedding in one room for all of us.  Jill, Clare, Janine, Keith, Helen and  Phil arrived late in the afternoon after battling a head on Northwest wind and driving rain. This walk was 9km and approx. 2.5 hours. Aspiring Hut is owned by the NZ alpine club and operated by DOC. It was built in 1949 and its exterior is covered in river schist stones. It  is about to undergo a refurbishment which includes earthquake strengthening and interior lining. There are 39 bunks altogether in two bunk rooms. Gas cookers are supplied during the summer season. We all soon settled and prepared our meals.

The next morning it was partly cloudy. The scenery from the hut was superb without going anywhere!

Group. (Helen pic and caption.)

We decided to go up the valley to Pearl flat (2 hours). The valley walk is very pleasant through beech forest and open grassland surrounded by high mountains with clinging glaciers.

We then decided to go up to the Liverpool hut (10 bunks). (1134m – Helen). This track was steeper than expected but the team coped extremely well. We walked up through beech forest on a steep track with rocks and tree roots.

Half way up to Liverpool Biv. (Phil pic and caption.)

This took 2.5 hours. The views from above the hut were superb – either looking down onto the valley below …

View from the Hut hill.(Helen pic and caption.)

… or glaciers on Mt Barff and Mt Liverpool. We were also looking across to French ridge hut which is used by climbers to climb Mt Aspiring.

We got back to Aspiring Hut after a 9 hour walk knowing we had done it!!

That night of the 13th the hut and camping area had its record number of guests at 84. We felt like very rare Kiwis!!!

The next morning was perfectly fine – however our legs knew they had worked the day before.  Unfortunately Wendy had to leave as she had work early the next day. This time we decided to go up the Cascade saddle track …

Liverpool done, off to the Cascade.(Phil pic and caption.)

… – a pleasant walk through red and beech forest.

Morning tea on way to Cascade Saddle. (Helen pic and caption.)

This finally led up to a lookout after 2.5 hours. (1184m. – Helen). The views of the 2 valleys and mountains all around were amazing, especially looking at Mt Aspiring.

Above the bush line on Cascade Saddle. (Phil pic and caption.)

There were quite a few people heading up to the saddle.

On returning to the hut the ladies enticed the men to go down to the river for a dip. [No pics supplied! – Ed.] This was very, very refreshing especially for those who got under the water!!

Another interesting meal was cooked by all. There were a lot fewer in the hut – the men played poker with hilarity. Someone was heard talking in their sleep!

After breakfast and packing up we headed off down to the car park. The weather deteriorated with the following North west wind very strong – even blowing 2 of us over on the grass. The dust was rising in the river bed. The rain followed and it was quite wet by the time we got to the carpark. Rob Roy glacier was left for another day!  We were then off home having coffee and ice creams on the way.

Thanks to all of the team for making it a fun trip.

Also thanks to Eleanor for suggesting the trip but unfortunately was unable to make it.


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