Jan 18 2017

Patmos Avenue, Leith Saddle, Moores Bush

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5. 18/1/2017. Hikers. Moores Bush – Sullivan’s Dam. E. Leaders: Bev and Lesley.

Route map, Courtesy Ian. (Ignore straight line.) Moore’s Bush on Thomson Rd, Loop Track,  Leith Valley Rd, Sullivans Dam circuit, lunch, return by Leith Valley Rd.

Morning tea at entrance to Moore’s Bush. (Ian pic and caption.)

DoC sign. (Ian pic and caption.)

4. 19/9/2012. Hikers. Moores Bush, Sullivans Dam. Leaders: Bruce and Marjorie
3. 17/2/2010 Hikers. Thompson Rd, Moores Bush, Leith Valley Rd, Sullivan’s Dam, Leith Valley Rd. Leaders: Bev, Leslie.
Good day to start with but got rather cold by lunch time. However, 12 keen hikers enjoyed a very pleasant, but shortish, day out. What a wonderful little forest Moore’s Bush is.  Where is Moore’s Bush, you ask? Ascend the Leith Valley road out of Dunedin and take a left turn into Thompsons Road, and not far along is the entrance, signposted but fenced, to this Forest and Bird Society property.

Have included the website for anyone interested in looking it up. http://www.ecoimages.co.nz/ForestandBird/mooresbush.html The photos are ones from that site.

Just a short walk to the entrance of Moores Bush for our morning tea and then off we went through the bush. Track rather overgrown and we had to wade through Leith Stream to get to the exit but everyone was interested to see Moores bush and check out what work had been done by the Forest and Bird Soc., over the years. We didn’t see much “bird”, but we loved the “forest”, with  some grand Rimu trees, lots of mature Fuchsia, a Big Red Beech, many mature Lancewoods, heavy undergrowth, and more recent plantings of Totara, Rimu

Young Rimu planted at Moore’s Bush.

and smaller trees and shrubs. Little streams wound through it and also the Leith, which we crossed, most getting wet feet etc, except for Bob who found a fallen branch bridge, and stayed dry, much to the disgust of the others.

Leith Stream running through Moore’s Bush.

Leslie, who led, with Bev, had an old information leaflet about the reserve which spoke of the area as being perhaps the best piece of bush in the greater Dunedin area. It is certainly not large, but it is a gem. There is even a long-drop-lodge near the start if you need it!!

We exited again onto the Leith Valley Road. From there it was up the road to Sullivans Dam with a very pleasant walk round the dam to find a sheltered spot on the motorway side for our lunch as it had turned quite cold. We admired the birdlife on the ‘lake’ and the unusual North Island Cabbage Tree planting. Then it was back down the Leith Valley Rd to the cars. While it was not a long walk, it was varied and satisfying for the 12 people most of whom were discovering new territory. – Bev and Bob. (Amalgamation of two reports. Thank you, Bev and Bob. – Editor)

2. 5/6/2002. Combined. Patmos Avenue, Pigeon Flat, Moore’s Bush. Medium. Leaders: Nancy, Barbara and Arthur, Barbara McC
1. 3/5/2000. Patmos Avenue, Leith Saddle, Moore’s Bush. This incorporates and longer and shorter walk. Starting together. Leaders: Nancy, Pat and Bill.

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