Nov 11 2015

Grainger Road Tramps

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Grainger Road Tramps to Maungatua summit and Woodside.
Steep, Long. Take plenty of water.
Cars park at Graingers Road.

8. 11/11/2015. Trampers. Grainger Road.
A change of plan due to the weather. 7 of us went to Grainger Road and parked at end of road by the pylon. Steep track up the side of the Maungatuas. Steep was what Hamel’s book said and was steep. Morning tea Ken left and went back down. Rest of us continued up as far as the markers were. No more track to be found so after much looking around the decision was made to go back down. Early lunch with the paddock’s two resident horses and a shower of rain sent us on our way home. Still a good workout. – Helen.
7. 31/8/2005. Trampers. Grainger Road to Maungatua Tussock slopes only. Spaniard grass thick. Leaders: George, Doug J.
We climbed in the bush, and came down in tussock and farm. – Ian

Lunch on Maungatua slop. Hazel, Dorothy, George

Break in Bush. George, Ria, Who?


Lunch on Maungatua slop. Hazel, Dorothy, George


Descent round a large rock. Who? in rear rear. Doug M front.

6. 16/9/1998 Grainger Road, Woodside. Leaders: Bill H, Graham
5. 29/4/1998. Maungatua via Graingers Road, return – round trip. Leaders: Bill H, Graham, Ian.
4. 14/8/1996. Grainger Road to Woodside Glen. (Car Shuttle) Medium+. Leaders: Wendy, Bev H, Bill H.
3. 7/12/1994 Grainger Road, Maungatua, Woodside. Steep and long. You may go part way on this one and a leader will bring you back. Leaders: Nancy, Rob Q, Joyce S, Colleen
1/10/1994 Leaders: Joyce S, Nancy, Colleen
2. 11/5/1994. Grainger Road, Woodside, Maungatua. Med+. Long. Leaders: Nancy, Colleen, Rob Q, Joyce S
1. 11/3/1992 Leaders: Bob & Audrey, Denise, Doug M

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