Jul 13 2011

Hindon Road, Mains Road, Taieri River

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32 km from car-park.
Mains Road, Hindon Road, Taieri River.  Seek permission. Lambing Sep – Nov.
13/7/2011. Trampers. Mains Road, off Hindon Road.. Track to river.

GPS of anti-clockwise route, courtesy Ken. Lunch was at bottom RH corner. Upstream point where we left the river was Blacksmith Flat.

Ian Jill Ann at lunch. (Ken pic and caption)

A lovely picnic spot.

To make the tramp a round trip, we took the track upriver to Blacksmith Gully. (Click and compare GPS with Ardachy GPS), taking this time the steep route on the left to return to the track we came in on.

Looking down on the spot we had lunch. (Ken pic and caption)


20/2/2008 Trampers. Hindon Road. Mains Road. Track to river.  Medium. Leaders: George, Wendy, Peter
Tea break. Glenice, Wendy, Doug M, Ken, Bruce, George

Tea break. Glenice, Wendy, Doug M, Ken, Bruce, George

The  tramp was one of those that go DOWN in the freshness of the morning (to the Taieri River from Mains Road) and UP, UP, weary UP in

Going down. Ria, George, Glenice, Wendy, Lex

Going down. Ria, Hazel, George, Glenice, Wendy, Lex

Down on flat. Graham, Doug M, Bruce, Ken

Down on flat. Graham, Doug M, Bruce, Ken

the tiredness of a hot windless afternoon. However 12 of us are the fitter for it and enjoyed the ruggedness of the hill and the tranquillity of the river walk alongside the river that made the tramp a round trip. Thanks to George for leading us on one of the three or four tramps that there are from the Hindon area to the river and one that we haven’t attempted for a while. The number of 4WD tracks that there are on the hillside between the Hindon Road and the river is more than one would think. A good day and not too long. – Ian.

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