May 11 2011

Bucklands Crossing. Eldorado Station, stone wall yards. Scratch Back.

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Distance from car-park: 67 km.
11/5/2011. Trampers. El Dorado Station. Eldorado Road. Medium.
The drive in from Hawksbury was quite long but eventually the (surprisingly smooth) road wound down to El Dorado Station by the upper Waikouaiti River, north branch, arriving at 10.00 a.m. A station hand pointed out the Eldorado road climbing steeply out of the valley.

GPS of the route from valley to ridge and back. Courtesy Ken.

Station buildings from the Eldorado Road above.

We climbed (it seemed almost vertically!) for half an hour before stopping for a late morning tea break.

Cuppa by the steep 'road'.

The climb was then up, up, up and at last onto the ridge heading SE. Out of all the cone-shaped hills around, we eventually located the mist-enshrouded Mt Watkin whose slopes our road had taken us past on the way in.

Mount Watkin shrouded in mist.

Going was easier on the ridge as it led us up and down along its spine. We eventually stopped short of the trees visible in the mist beyond.

Along ridge.

Lunch was at a large stone, the only dry spot around for sitting on. Those same trees are visible top right.

Lunch and spot where we turned back.

A shot on the way back. Looking up-river on the left and the road in on the right.

River and road

Another shot taken on the return. looking at the Waikouaiti down-stream.

Looking down river.

Back at the station buildings, we explored a track leading down by the river. We didn’t go too far. The rocky cliffs in the distance mark a gorge the track had to climb up and over.

Along the river.

Back to the car and it was the long drive back home, interrupting the journey only for a pleasant coffee-break at the Blueskin Nursery Cafe. A cool, pleasant day. Ideal for tramping in an area the Club had neglected for too long. – Ian.
26/3/2003. Trampers. Eldorado – Scratch Back. Medium+. Leaders: Lex, Doug J.
26/3/2003. Hikers. Eldorado. Medium. Leaders: Frank and Lesley. Anne R
Garden Bush

Garden Bush

13/3/2002 Eldorado Station, stone wall yards. (Bucklands Crossing). Medium. Leaders: Lex, Claude, Irene.,
22/11/1987. Eldorado, Scratchback, from Waikouaiti.

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