Mar 30 2011


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46 km from car park.
30/3/2011 Hikers. Seacliff. Russell Road, Enchanted Forest. Leaders: Marjorie and Bruce.
Twenty-two hikers set out up Russell Road at Seacliff at about 1000 on 30 March 2011 after parking near the gates of the Truby King Reserve. After approximately 1 km we opened the double Cyclone farm gates on the left and followed a track to a concrete fertilizer store area for topdressing. We then climbed the knoll north of this to have morning tea, north of Guilds Hill, with a view down to Doctors Point and Purakaunui.

View of Purakaunui from near Guilds Hill. (Bruce pic)

Wendy, Peter, Lex, Fred. (Bruce pic)

After morning tea we proceeded up Russell Road and opened the gate tied by string and a chain which was straight ahead (not the padlocked gate on the right which leads to a residence). We proceeded along this 4-wheel-drive section of Russell Road and then, when the track finished, another 150 metres to a paddock on the left over the brow of the hill where we had a view of Maori Peak below us on the right, Mt Watkin, and the surrounding valleys and hills.< /div>

Mt Watkin, Maori Peak. (John pic)

Retracing our steps, we proceeded back down Russell Road for lunch, at 1220, at the site of the Seacliff Asylum.

Lunch. (John pic)

After lunch we toured some of the asylum remains and the Enchanted Forest including the bluestone wall at the northern end of the asylum site where the sinking of the foundations began,

Bluestone wall. (John pic)

the remains of the Medical Superintendent’s house,the Admission Unit, and Clifton House.

Remnants including foundations and a brick chimney at the site of the main asylum building. (John pic)

We noted the heritage apple collection that has been established by the Truby King Reserve Committee which is available, according to the web, for foraging by both locals and visitors. Some of the apples were sampled. We looked out for the Magnolia tree, noted by Janet Frame, in Faces in the Water, to be the pride of the hospital, but did not spot it. Possibly the DCC, who administer the reserve, may be able to signpost it eventually.[(But you can click here for a view of it from another tramp – the tree) and The plaque] We returned to the cars at 1415 having had the benefit of a warm day, with blue skies and no wind, to appreciate the tranquil rural setting. – Marjorie and Bruce.


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  1.   elaineon 01 Apr 2011 at 8:37 pm

    thanks to bruce we had a wonderful day at seacliff, he had lots of details, and information about the old seacliff,
    I think the best bit was when a few of us went to the blueskin cafe for a coffee after the day, and the lady said to us from behind the counter, “where have you folk come from and I think in one voice we all said SEACLIFF she did look a bit surprised, so we had a hoot of a time at the cafe lots of laughs and stories, a great day thanks bruce cheers elaine

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