Feb 27 2010

Split Rock

Split Rock.
This large outcrop probably had significance to Maori given its dominant presence. It would make an ideal lookout of the coast over the treetops. The hills east and south of Maori Peak were rich resource zones where forest resources such as timber, foliage, berries and birds, especially Kereru (pigeon) and tui were taken. Young stems from mature cabbage trees were steamed for up to 48 hours in large earth ovens (umu ti) to obtain the sucrose from the fibrous centre of the stems. Several umu ti are known to survive in the Seacliff bush today and some may remain unidentified in the field. Keep your eyes open for a generally circular pit of 4-5 metres across and with a raised rim around the edges. Some are up to a metre deep.
– ┬áNotes by Brian Allingham. Archaeologist. January 2010.

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