Aug 11 2010

Buskin Track from Bottom Tramps

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11/8/2010. Trampers. Tomahawk, Soldiers Memorial, Highcliff Rd, Buskin Track, Karetai Road. Leaders: Ria, Hazel.


We parked in the Tomahawk Lagoon carpark, & walked up the track to the Soldiers Monument,

Dunedin from soldiers monument. (Ken pic and caption)

stopping in the gorse for morning tea break,

Morning tea stop on track above Tomahawk inlet. (Ken pic and caption)

then a long road walk to get to Buskin track.

Buskin track. (Ken pic and caption)

Great views from this track down to the coast

Boulder Beach from top of Buskin track. (Ken pic and caption)

& along to Sandfly Bay, & Sandymount. Stopped for lunch at the junction of the Boulder Beach Track, & the Karatai Rd. track,

Lunch stop at junction of track to Boulder Beach, & Karatai Rd. (Ken pic and caption)

then it was a steep climb up to Karatai Rd. where we turned left, & walked down to Smaills Beach, then back to the cars. About 15.6km on a very nice day, most enjoyable. – Ken

16/7/2008 Buskin Track, Boulder Beach, Highcliff Track, Paradise Road. Leaders: Bruce & Marjorie

Cliff View

Cliff View

Seven trampers met beside the Penzance Kennels on Highcliff and, undaunted by the thick fog that covered the whole of the Peninsula and beyond, set off on what proved to be an interesting walk.

We walked down the Buskin track until it intersected with the Highcliff track. A little way along the Highcliff track we found a very sheltered spot amidst some old macracarpas for a morning tea break, being very careful not to make contact with the prolific growth of ongaonga bushes. Refreshed, we began the very steep haul up to the top of the cliff and a clearing in the fog enabled us to wonder at the white lichen covered rocks, sheer cliffs and steep drops.

View of Boulder Beach

View of Boulder Beach

Hardy trampers

Hardy trampers

Boulder beach, aptly named, stretched far below us, white waves curling in a placid sea. We were unable to see the vista of coastline – that will have to keep till another day. Retracing our steps down the steep and at times slippery gradient we stopped for lunch at the same place where we had morning tea. After lunch we made a detour to the end of Boulder Beach where we were lucky to find one yellow eyed penguin standing sentinel on the rocky shore. We then laboured up Paradise Road and returned to the cars. Although unable to enjoy the views for most of the walk, Bruce made up for this by pointing out to us sites and remains of the old homesteads, stone fences and old fence posts. Even more interesting were the accounts he read to us of what life was like for the early farming families from a book by Hardwick Knight. Thank you Bruce for sharing this with us, enabling us to have a very enjoyable tramp on a grey day. – Marjorie
13/4/1994 Tomahawk Lagoon, Smaills Beach, Karetai Road, Buskin Road, Soldiers Track and return. Medium. Leaders: Ria H, Jean A, June G, Betty H

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