Apr 09 2008

Taieri Scenic Reserve.

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No. 44 on old hardcopy list of 113 club tramps. “Taieri Reserve – Pukerua Bush. J Hobbs, D Jenkins. Farm. OK”

9/4/2008. Trampers. Taieri Scenic Reserve. Easy. Leaders: George, Glenice.
View up the Taieri

View up the Taieri. Tash, Peter

12 trampers met at Otokia Road, 4 km from Taieri Mouth having just enjoyed a scenic coastal drive that would rate as one of the world’s’ finest. A turn up into the road that leads to the Maori Reserve, and we were ready to begin. Some sharp road climbs started the “Easy” rated tramp (which several felt deserved the rating of at least “M”) before morning tea at a deserted building, with views in all directions – South to Taieri Beach, North over the Taieri River 

and East to the coast. A tricky climb over a barbed wire fence, but less hazardous due to George’s sheep skin, and then a bush bash down until we finally got to a path and continued a steep downhill descent to the river. A narrow path above the river, with a few steep drops down one side that had Wendy and me a little nervous, led to the next clearing where we had a relaxing lunch in the sun by the river.

Down by the Taieri

Down by the Taieri. Arthur, Barbara, Ria, Ken

And then it was all uphill of course and a steady to steep climb through bush and past a magnificent rimu tree. There were several slips and slides but I won’t mention any names and suddenly we were out in the clear, and on a road that took us all the way back to the cars. Many thanks to the leaders, George and Keith who had done a great job in tricky terrain on an overgrown track that the club last did in 2006.- Tash

Cars park Forest Road. (one alternative)
(Paper road terminus of true left track along Taieri river from Henley)
Up Otokia Kuri Bush East Road
Very steep down to river.
Steep short climb out.
Good tramp.

Farm walk. Cars park Farm (one alternative)
Seek permissions.

9/4/2008 George, Keith

30/8/2006  Trampers.Taieri Scenic Reserve. Medium. Leaders: Dot B, Bruce, George
19/10/2005. Trampers. Taieri Reserve. Leaders: Arthur H, Peter & Wendy
25/8/2004. Both. Taieri Reserve, Kuri Bush. Medium+. Doug J, Wendy and Peter, Bob M.
23/7/2003. Trampers. Taieri Bush Scenic to river. Medium. Leaders: Graham, Arthur L

Tea Break

Lunch break.

Lunch break.

Tramp end.

Tramp end. Pat Barbara Wendy Bob

Lunch break.
12/9/2001. Taieri Scenic Reserve. Otakia Road. Medium. Leaders: George, Hazel, Dot B.
10/3/1999. Taieri Reserve – Pukerua Bush. Leaders: Joan H, Dot and Nelson.
11/2/1998. Kuri Bush Scenic Reserve to river and return. Leaders: Nancy, Catherine.
1994 George, Eric
22/9/1993. Taieri Reserve via Pukerua Bush to river and return. Medium. Leaders: George, Eric and Dot, Joan H.
2/9/1992. Taieri Reserve via Pukekuri Bush to river. Average. Leaders: George, Doug M, Eric and Dorothy.
26/6/1991. Taieri Reserve – Otokia Road. Interesting bush and river tramp. Average. Leaders: George, Mary Y, Frances, Eveline.
1/11/1989. Taieri Scenic Reserve. Easy+. Nice river views. Leaders: George, Frances, Judith and Hugh.
10/3/1989 Taieri Scenic Reserve. Leaders: Joan H, Nelson & Dot
2/1998 Taieri Scenic Reserve. Leaders: Nancy, Catherine

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