Jan 18 2006

Big Stream, Mount Allan, Pulpit Rock, Long Ridge

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No. 91 on old hardcopy list of 113 club tramps. “Big Stream – Pulpit Rock Return (M Vaughan) Year Round”

Location: 17 km
18/1/2006. Trampers. Big Stream, Mount Allan, Pulpit Rock, Long Ridge. Leaders: Doug M, Ian.
14/11/2001. Big Stream – Mount Allan – Pulpit Rock – Long Ridge. Hard. Leaders: Claude, Hazel, Doug M.
15/11/2000 Big Stream: Mt Allen Pulpit Rock, return Long Ridge, zigzag, Big Stream. Leaders: Wendy B, Elaine D
29/1/1997. Mount Allan – Pulpit Rock and return Long Ridge. Medium+ and a long day. Leaders: Jack R, Ian, Claud.

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