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Brighton Walks

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15 km from car-park.
7. 22/7/2020. Hikers. Brighton area. Leaders Alex and Liz.
20 hikers including ramblers reported at Brighton Surf Life car park to a sunny but cool area to start there 11 ks hike. After about 10 minutes it was time for morning tea break at resident Sue’s house.

Photo and Caption Alex – “Morning tea in the sun”.

From here 3 ramblers went for there own direction while the hikers continued climbing up Scroggs Hill to the top.

Photo and Caption Alex – “In the shelter near the top”.


Time was about  11 50 am so down McIntosh Road for lunch about 12noon. It had been very windy up till now but more sheltered on this road.

Photo and Caption Alex – “Lunch by a big tree”.


Photo and Caption Alex – ‘Amazing views from the top of the road”.


Photo and Caption Alex – “Pleasant scenery on the homeward downhill walk”.

Cruising down until we came  to Star Fish exhibition shop where some purchases happened and from here onto Brighton Cafe for more good company to finish the day.   Alex and Liz.

6. 5/9/2018. Both. Brighton Area & George’s 90th Birthday. Leaders; Alex, Liz and Arthur.

George’s 90th Birthday. (Clive pic and caption.)

Back to the 9am summer starting time today. All club members traveled to Brighton this morning and parked at the Bowling Club.

Although a combined day, the leaders Liz and Alex asked me to take the Trampers on a separate tramp, to give them some exercise. The Hikers did a walk around the Brighton town area, …

[The hikers had a good walk. This leader was carried away with the atmosphere of the day wanting to treat it as a special occasion with special people which I feel hopefully was achieved. – Alex. and Liz]

Along the front at Brighton. (Clive pic and caption.)

Ocean Beach towards Black Head. (Clive pic and caption.)

Down the Zig Zag. (Clive pic and caption.)

… while the Trampers crossed back over the bridge and then followed Mcintosh Road out into the country.

Passing the “Hire Boats” by the river bridge brought back many memories from childhood for some, of boating on the river long ago.

After passing the last houses, the road followed the river flat for a time before turning away to ascend the green farmland hills.

At the right time morning tea was taken at a nice sunny spot.

The brilliant sunshine was very enjoyable as we followed the road uphill, with much to see. Green paddocks with some new lambs therein, and the bushy deep gullies. It was a beautiful day.

About 1.5 km short of reaching Scroggs Hill Road, it was time to turn back, and retrace our steps, downhill now.

Arrived back right on time (11.45 am) at the Brighton bowling Club’s pavilion for the birthday celebrations.

It was both George’s and his wife’s (Elizabeth) birthdays today, and both sat in a place of honour for the “finger lunch” provided by club members.

Ian Fleming said grace before the meal, …

Plenty to talk about and plenty to eat. (Clive pic and caption.)

…  and afterwards presented an interesting speech on George’s long association with this club, with reminiscences and memories of a Life Member. …

Amusing stories of George and the tramping club over 30 years. (Clive pic and caption.)

… George spoke in reply, before blowing out the candles and cutting his 90th Birthday Cake. …

The man and the cake. (Clive pic and caption.)

… A great time was had by all, being a very happy occasion for our club members. The venue was perfect, with around 60 in attendance.

Special thanks to Liz and Alex Griffin for organising the day, [not to mention Jan Y for arranging the cake – Ed] and to George for providing the excuse for our day’s celebrations.
– Trampers’ Leader, Art.

5. 28/6/2017. Trampers. Kaikorai Estuary to Brighton. E. Leader: Jill.
On a frosty morning 10 trampers ventured south into the sand dunes at Ocean View Domain. Initially we crunched on frozen sand which was a contrast to last weeks creek crossings, rope climbs and the mud. It really was a pristine day the sea gently rolling in with a spray along the tops , sun out in its full glory and a clear horizon and no mid winter dippers !!

We followed the Ocean View coastal walkway

Clive pic.

towards  Brighton. This is a purpose built track, fenced with access points to the beach to help protect the fore dunes. The back dune area has also has been replanted and is an ongoing project along with weed gorse and broom eradication.  The track meanders round a little creek back to the main road just below Big Rock. We climbed Big rock and had wonderful clear views both north up the coast

Clive pic.

and south over Brighton and beyond. That was our hill climb for the day.

Our return was along the beach to the Kaikorai stream estuary where we had lunch along with the seagulls.

Clive pic

Our trip back was over the mud flats into the dunes again along a tussock covered track. We were accompanied by a local farm dog who wasnt really willing to go with his owner who was out training his horses on the beach. We eventually came out on the beach again and back to the cars  the time only being 1 pm. Back on the road towards Westward I had spotted a sign to a B n B and Gallery so all were keen to venture up the gravel road to a hidden gem where we meet the artist Karen Baddock who proudly showed us into her studio  and explained the history of some of her pieces . As I had read the birds look as tho they are ready to fly off the canvas. Her address karen.baddock@fine-art.co.nz. It’s well worth a visit .We walked 10.2 kms and had our art fix as well . An enjoyable day . – Jill

4. 14/6/2017. Hikers. Brighton walk. Leader: Alex and Liz.

Nike app route map courtesy Ian. Was a bit slow remembering to turn it on.

Eight hardy hikers enjoyed a walk along sand dunes at Ocean View with morning tea stop at playground.

Off to Brighton on a street walk with many points of interest given.

Climbing back down from top of Brighton’s Big Rock. (Ian pic and caption.)

Back to Ocean View…

Liz pic.

…for a one and half hour lunch stop with many topics discussed at the invitation of Marjorie and Bruce Spittle.  The weather was up and down but an enjoyable day had by all and off to Agnes’ coffee shop for refreshments and more wisdom. Great company.  – Liz and Alex.

Route map, courtesy Ian. (Begun a few minutes late.)

3. 8/8/2012. Hikers. Brighton Walk. Leaders: George and Chris.
Just thought I would say what a great day we had with our hikers’ day. The leaders Chris and George where the upmost of leaders.
The day started from the rugby club’s rooms at the Brighton Domain. Up and on through muddy fields.  And, I will say, a field with a very huge bull with his lot of cows. One of our group,  whom I will not name due to privacy laws, was very stressed about the bull. So we formed a group around her and we moved through. So far, so good.
Then we were approached by a group of horses  (sorry, are they called a group?). They demanded  food. Lucky for us George had a container of carrots!
Whew – we got through all that!
Then George found a wool stand to have lunch under cover. Well done, George.
What a day!  I think we must have done about  10 km.  Lots of laughs.
P.S.We girls did agree the uniforms of all the guys at the games are wonderful. – Elaine.
2. 14/12/2011. All. Brighton Recreational Reserve. End of Year Tramp. Easy.
George first took 22 of us along a short beach walk and up to his property for morning tea. A light drizzle had set in, but not too discouraging. Thank you George for providing so many chairs.

Part of group on George’s front lawn having morning tea. (Ken pic and caption)

Chris then took over and led us around a number of Brighton’s back streets overlooking the Otokia Creek. (I like ‘Stream’ better, but Creek it is.) Non-Brightonians were surprised by the extent of the township’s suburb.

Blooming wild flowers

Overlooking the Otokia Creek from Brighton back streets

 However the light rain wasn’t letting up, so at 11.00 a.m. we adjourned prematurely to the Brighton Rugby Football Club Hall (sic) on the Brighton Recreational Reserve (sic) (you can see I have googled all the correct local nomenclature).
With an hour’s wait till lunch time, Bruce, however, had happily brought along his guitar and songbooks, led us in some merry singing. In seemingly no time at all, we arrived at meal-time. President Bev presented an excellent official welcome and we enjoyed a pleasant sociable hour or so over a generous and varied selection of food. Thus came to its close another successful year. – Ian.
1. 13/12/2006. All. Brighton Domain. End of Year Tramp – Xmas finger food lunch. Easy. Leaders: George, Chris.

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