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Midwinter Dinner Occasions

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6. 1/7/2020 Mid-winter Luncheon. RSA. Leaders : Eleanore and Jill.

Due to  the abysmal weather yesterday afternoon, we cancelled the planned walk along the Silver stream, thank goodness we did because the rain kept going last night and today.
Instead, It was lovely to be greeted at the Mosgiel R.S.A. restaurant by 60 Happy faces, particularly our Senior Members, who always enjoy our shared occasions.  We were all  ready for a good catch up after the Coronavirus lockdown.
Past President Jill welcomed everyone along.  Also, on behalf of the Club Jill passed condolences onto Margaret Smith, due to  the recent Passing of her  beloved  Husband Les.


Photo and Caption Helen – ” Vice President Jill welcoming everyone.”

At our 30th Anniversary, Jill as President, had the honour to present both  Les and  Margaret with Life Membership.  Margaret  joined in 1988 and Les in 1990.   Both dedicating many years of service to the club.
President Arthur thanked both myself and Jill for organising the venue and meal.  Also, he mentioned about the trampers’ track clearing trip set down for 8 July.
Grace was delivered by Ian Fleming, another Life Member of the Club.


Photo and Caption Helen – ” Enjoying the lovely food.”

It was now time to enjoy tasty, well presented Dinners.   Choices being—Hot Ham, Fish, Braised Steak or Wiener Schnitzel.  Followed by beautifully presented Fruit Crumble or Ice Cream Sundae.  Tea, Coffee and Chocolate to finish off with.


Photo and Caption Helen – “Enjoying seeing everyone.”

Full credit must go to the chef, manager and staff for their effort they put into the meal, and service given.
I hope you all enjoyed the outing as much as Jill and I did.
Eleanore Ryan and Jill Dodd

5. 2018-07-04. Midwinter dinner. Weavers. Sub-division street walk. Leaders: Jan Y and Peter.

Morning tea. (Helen pic and caption.)

On the walk.(Helen pic and csption.)

Lunch.(Helen pic and caption.)

4. 2/7/2014. Midwinter Dinner. Southern Sports Bar and Grill. Leaders: Elaine and Eric.


GPS of route, omitting section from the tavern to the Southern Cemetery, where I remembered to switch it on. In all, about 3.5 km walked, fastest 4.6 km/hr; slowest 4.2 km/hr.

A dozen of us parked in the Southern Tavern’s car park. Dunedin’s coastal breeze was an unwelcome replacement of Mosgiel’s calm. It was a woollen gloves and hat day with windbreakers essential. We walked along the oval to the cemetery. The task then was to hunt for the grave of Eric’s GGGrandfather, which Eric had identified online from the DCC cemetery plots location maps. Fortunately the grass paths were firm. We walked much the length of the cemetery north to south, but at last located it.


Eric standing by his GGGrandfather’s grave’s fallen headstone in Southern Cemetery.

We stopped for a sort of tea break nearby. Well, it was only sort of. In fact Elaine had thermos flasks of mulled wine and was soon filling plastic beakers she handed out. She followed this with a quiz on facts related to the cemetery, rewarding answers nearest to the correct one with fluorescent beanies and other gifts, donated by sponsors she had hunted out. Bravo, Elaine.

The route map traces the ensuing walk around the old Carisbrook. At The Glen, we stopped to admire the architecture of the South Road underpass at the Glen. An excellent finish.

On, under the highway, and surprise, and at the top of Burns Street, we met up with the Blind Walkers, who also were off to their Midwinter Dinner. Down Burns St, along Neville St and then Wilkie Rd onto Andersons Bay Rd and back to the Southern Tavern, where eventually about 50 of us sat down to an excellent meal. A well planned walk and event. Thanks to Elaine and Eric for the surprise sponsored gifts too. – Ian.

3. 3/7/2013. Midwinter Dinner. Portobello Hotel. Leaders: Elaine and Eric.

Per ODT only edition

Per ODT 10/7/2013 online edition

Per ODT 10/7/2013 online edition

Per ODT 10/7/2013 online edition

Per ODT 10/7/2013 online edition

Per ODT 10/7/2013 online edition

Per ODT 10/7/2013 online edition

Per ODT 10/7/2013 online edition

Per ODT 10/7/2013 online edition

Per ODT 10/7/2013 online edition

2. 20/6/2012. Midwinter Occasion. Waihola walk and meal at Waihola Cafe and Bar. Leader: Fred

Pause on the road. (Bob pic)

Cemetery (Bob pic)

Chris’ grandiose sundae (Bob pic and caption)

Central tables. (Bob pic)

Couple of side tables (Bob pic)

22/6/2011 Duufa’s on Factory Road, Mosgiel. Leader: Joyce
Joyce led 10 of the club on a 10 km street walk from the car park incorporating new houses at the top of Kinmont Park in the east and Wingatui Road to the north, getting us to the restaurant just a little after noon. It was a cold woollen-hat start and a warm sun-hat finish. Thanks, Joyce.


Regarding the meal: Only 34 out of 40 starters turned up. Fortunately Duufa’s were flexible. The food was delicious and beautifully presented and the price very reasonable, but the wait for it was interminable. We we there from lunch time to afternoon tea time! – Ian
1. 23/6/2010. Tunnel Beach and Mid-winter dinner at Green Island Royal Tavern. Leaders: Bill and Pat.
A dozen walked the walk. Two score talked the talk at the mid-winter dinner.
Thanks to our President and his Lady for excellent organisation. – Ian

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