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Boulder Beach

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Boulder Beach closed  during yellow eyed penguin nesting, moulting, December-February months.

Distance from car-park: 24 km to Macandrew Bay, 27 to Highcliff Road.

16. 14/8/2019. Trampers. Highcliff, Boulder Beach. M. Leaders: Helen and Phil.

17 brave souls left the car park  and travelled over to Tautaku parking in a car park nearby.

J.1.Tautuku Fishing Club, Smaill's Beachc

Tautuku Fishing Club, Smaill’s Beach. (Jenni pic and caption.)

Cool day with a cold wind was blowing.  Walked up the Karatei Track having morning tea in the shelter of the trees and pampas grass at the top of the track.

G.2nd -- Sheltered morn, tea spotc

Sheltered morn, tea spot. (Gordon pic and caption.)

The decision was made to go all the way up to the top of the Karatei Road and keep the wind on our backs. Going on to Highcliff road there were great views up the harbour.

J.4a.Overlooking Macandrew Baycc

Overlooking Macandrew Bay. (Jenni pic and caption.)

Turned in at Penzance kennels and set off down the Buskin track. Wet and muddy in places. We stopped for our lunch ending up in two  groups. One in the shelter of the trees and the other getting views while sheltering in the bushes.

G.6th -- Part of team at lunchc

Part of team at lunch. (Gordon pic and caption.)

A cyclist passed by carrying his bike which he had to do for most of the track.  We then kept going down the hill and turned onto the Highcliff track and up.

P.1.Celebrating – and we are not even at the top!c

Celebrating – and we are not even at the top!. (Phil K. pic and caption.)

Jenni has a slip in the cowpat.  Views were over to Sandfly bay and beautiful views of Boulder beach.

P.2. Wow

Wow. (Phil K. pic and caption.)

Further up we went past beautiful stone walls and past old buildings and the house. Onto Mcmeeking road and back out to the Karatei road …

H.1.Walking down Karatei Roadc

Walking down Karatei Road. (Helen pic and caption.)

… and then the track. By this time the weather front was coming through and it was cold with rain. Lovely views over Smales beach with a wild sea

J.2a.Great views from Karetai Trackcc

Great views from Karetai Track. (Jennie pic and caption.)

and back to the start.  Coffee and refreshments were taken in the warmth of the Tuppence cafe in Waverley.

H.3.Coffee at Tuppencec

Coffee at Tuppence. (Helen pic and caption.)

On the whole a great tramp in the cold but some awesome views.  Helen and Phil M.

15. 20/6/2018. Trampers. Macandrew Bay – Boulder Beach. M. Leader: Dave.

11 Trampers were keen to get on the move after some cold dull misty days. We started out on Greenacre road at Macandrew bay.  This road leads on to Greenacres  track through a patch of old macrocarpas up to Highcliff Rd. We then walked along Highcliff road for about 1 km to Paradise track. Along this part of the road Larnach built a hotel so that he didn’t have to go far (3km) to go  for his drinks. The walk down Paradise track …

Ruins at start of Paradise Track. (Gordon pic and caption.)

… was interesting with some native bush either side of the track to start. As we wandered down, there were outstanding views of the coastline.

There were a number of clumps of Macrocarpas where original 1860 houses used to stand. Some remains still existing along with sturdy well, built stone walls. Early family names included  Sanderson and Beattie.   At the bottom of the track we visited the named Beattie cottage, …

Old ruins just before Boulder Beach. (Gordon pic and caption.)

… well surrounded in macrocarpas with a few remaining garden plants.  Beattie was known for introducing the first rabbits to the peninsula.

We then headed through the protected area to the beach – aptly named with many boulders …

Tiptoeing thru the rocks. (Phil K. pic and caption.)

 …  and a sandy beach to one side.  Lunch was had there.

The return trip was via Braidwood and Seal Point roads up to Highcliff road.  The mist had cleared and the coastal views were amazing.  Spirits were all lifted after a visit to the church at Pukehiki!!

Coffee was calling so we headed back down the greenacre track, …

Heading back for coffee. (Gordon pic and caption)

… to the coffee bar at Macandrew bay, a convivial ending to an enjoyable walk. Trip approx. 14km in 4hrs – Dave.

14. 27/7/2016. Trampers. Macandrew Bay – Boulder Beach. M. Leader: Neil M.

Nine trampers left the car park at 9:30am and headed off to Macandrew Bay following the harbour coastline of still, unruffled blue waters to our meet-up parking place. A coffee van set up in the same place was denied patronage as coffee at the start of a tramp was simply ‘not on’!

About 10 am we started the walk up Greenacres Track which was very pleasant although a tad slippery in places.  Upon arriving at the pines and drier ground it was time for a break. It was here we were joined by a walking rider and very placid horse which apparently had a distaste for riding downhill routes and had to be led on foot.

Morning tea. Tempted by alternate form of transport.(Margreet pic and caption.)

Morning tea. Tempted by alternate form of transport.(Margreet pic and caption.)

Snacks for trampers and piece of apple for horse and  with renewed energy we went our separate ways.  At the top of the track, just before High Cliff road, a long-roped swing created a diversion for one who enjoyed a childhood revival …
Swing (Margreet pic and caption.)

Neil enjoying a swing on the way. (Margreet pic and caption.)

… and where others removed a layer of clothing.

Along  High Cliff Road the view across the harbour and city and over to the background of snow sprinkled Maungatua and further behind to the white Lammermoors was beautiful.
Monumentt to old cheese factory site. (Margreet pic and caption.)

Monumentt to old cheese factory site. (Margreet pic and caption.)

  On to Paradise Track which leads down to Boulder bay arriving at Boulder bay at midday for lunch on the sand in the sun— no wind and very pleasant.
Lunch at Boulder Beach. (Margreet pic and caption.)

Lunch at Boulder Beach. (Margreet pic and caption.)

The return route took the eastern side of  Boulder Bay, a fairly constant uphill,  4-wheel track leading on to Seal Point road which in turn joined up with HIgh Cliff Road again and along to Greenacres Track completing the loop.  We enjoyed the day even though it was clouding over and cooling down at this stage. Down Greenacres track and back to the cars  and of course finished the tramp with a coffee at  Bay Cafe.
Walked 12.8 Km; Travelling time 3 3/4 hours;  Climbed 580 metres. – Carole
13. 23/9/2009. Macandrew Bay, Greenacre Street, Highcliff Road, Paradise Road, Boulder Beach, return. Medium. Leaders: Glenice and Keith.
At top of Greenacre Track.

At top of Greenacre Track. Susan, Ken. Sabina, Glenice, Keith, Hazel in background.

Look carefully. Lamb of mixed backgrounds!

Look carefully. Lamb of uncertain parentage!

Bruce and Majorie's Crib

Bruce and Majorie’s Crib

New sign on Beattie Cottage

New sign on Beattie Cottage

Track signs at corner of Beattie property

Track signs at corner of Beattie property

Conservation area sign

Conservation area sign

On beach at last

Arrival at Boulder Beach. Keith, Sabina, George, Susan, Hazel.

View from top of Paradise Road

View from top of Paradise Road

Paradise Track signs

Paradise Track signs

12. 30/1/2008. Trampers. Macandrew Bay, Boulder Beach. Medium. Leaders: Bruce and Marjorie.
11. 9/8/2006 Trampers. Macandrew Bay, Boulder Beach. Leaders: Bruce, Glenis
10. 8/6/2005. Trampers. Macandrew Bay – Boulder Beach, return. Leaders: Kerri, Helen S.

Up from Macandrew Bay. Doug, Arthur, Tom, Dorothy, Bob


Down Paradise. Doug, Tom, Bob


World Wide Fund for Nature Conservation Area


Returning from Boulder Beach

9. 28/8/2002. Macandrew Bay – Greenacre Street – Boulder Beach. Medium+. Leaders: Ian, Irene, Elaine.
8. 15/8/2001 Macandrew Bay Greenacre Street Paradise Track, Boulder Beach. Medium. Leaders Doug M, Mary L, Evelyn C
7. 19/7/2000 Macandrew Bay Greenacre Street Paradise Track, Boulder Beach. Leaders Jean A, Chris, Joan H
6. 1/12/1999. Macandrew Bay, Larnach Castle, Boulder Beach. Leaders: Molly, Bill H, Pat.
5. 6/5/1998. Macandrew Bay, Greenacres, Boulder Beach, Paradise Road. Leaders: Doug J, Betty, Ted.
4. 21/5/1997. Macandrew Bay Greenacres Street, Boulder Beach return. Leaders: Chris H, Ria H, Jean
3. 6/3/1996. Macandrew Bay – Greenacres Street – Boulder Beach. Medium. Leaders: Dot and Eric, Chris, Joan H.
2. 4/11/1992 Tomahawk Lagoon, Boulder Beach, Paradise Track. Round Trip. Average. Leaders: Ria H, Bev H, Jean A, Noel.
1. 2/10/1991. Macandrew Bay, up Greenacre Street and over to Boulder Beach. Return by Paradise Road. Windy Ridge!! Lovely views. Leaders: Ria and Kees, Jean A, Ria H, Peg C.

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