Jun 15 2016

Sinclair Wetlands.

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2. 15/6/2016. Sinclair Wetlands. E. Leaders: Jim and Betty.

Wetlands route map

Wetlands route map. Small island indicated by the 2 km mark. The loop marks the walk round Ram Island.

Today a group of 24 hikers were privileged to have a visit to an old stone house which is over 160 years old which is being lovingly restored by Margret & Alex Gillanders the current owners of this property at Maryhill.  Morning tea was consumed in the sun on the front steps of their newer residence.

Morning tea panorama.

Morning tea panorama.

Yes it was another sunny day and from Maryhill we travelled a further 5 kilometres to a visit to the Sinclair Wetlands.  At the Wetlands we were given a very inspirational introduction to the history, structure and objects of the Sinclair Wetlands by Glen Riley.

Attentive listening to an excellent address.

Attentive listening to an excellent address.

For the next 2.5 hours we had a very easy walk around the property

First viewing spot.

Panorama shot at first viewing spot, (at edge of farm, about 1.5 km point.)

2nd view spot

Panorama shot at 2nd viewing spot on the small island.

with a lunch stop at the far end of Ram Island.

Panorama view taken at end of Ram Island overlooking the site of the failed pumping station now replaced by a drain pipe.

Panorama view taken at end of Ram Island showing the failed pumping station remains now replaced by a drain pipe.

On our return from Ram Island we inspected the plant storage and propagation facility.  It was 2 o’clock when we departed the Wetlands for a coffee stop at the Black Swan Waihola.  Special thanks to  Margret & Alex Gillanders for having  the invasion at their place and Sarah who was resident in the old house …

Stone house.

Stone house.

… when we first made contact who made a real effort to show the group through this historic house. Also thanks to Glen Riley for the introduction to the Sinclair Wetlands.
We were very lucky with the weather. – Betty & Jim Finnie

1. 5/9/1990. Berwick Forest and Sinclair Wetlands. Leaders: Nancy, Dot B.

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