May 14 2014

Long Beach

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40 km from car park.
14/5/2014. Hikers. Long  Beach. Easy. Leaders: Judy, Jennifer.
Long Beach Route

Long Beach Route

After a few days of rain 32 happy hikers shook off their cabin fever with a pleasant day at Long Beach.  At the domain we examined the information boards …

Notice board

Notice board

… before proceeding to the beach …

and morning tea in the sun on the sand at the first rock-climbing site.


Morning tea at the foot of Climbing Crag or Driver’s Rock, a one-time climbing wall of Judy’s. (John Panoramic pic)

At the far end of the beach the huge ball room cave was explored (nobody wanted to dance) …

Taken from cave's furtherest depths

Not dancing.

… and the numerous anchor points for intrepid climbers marvelled over.



2nd wall

2nd wall

Back along the beach to the east end we marched, with efforts to keep feet dry crossing the creek fruitless for some.

Fruitless for some. (John pic)

Fruitless for some. (John pic)

A leisurely lunch was had in the tussock above the beach, where there were obvious signs of sea lions, but none in residence. Fred had to scramble somewhat to deliver his usual chocolate treat to us all – thank you Fred, it’s always a highlight!
And a short stroll back and up through the pines to the village, where Fred told a few tales of some of the earlier residents of the area.
An extended social hour …

Social hour

Social hour

… at the Orokonui Sanctuary ended a very happy day. – Judy

3/2/2010. Both. Long Beach. Easy. Leaders: Bruce and Marjorie.
We have become accustomed to Bruce and Marjorie’s careful planning on any tramps they lead. First stop then, an information panel stop.

Bruce in full flight. (Bob pic and caption)

Then a walk to the large cave at the north end of the beach for morning tea.

The sea dragon contemplates its meal ?!? (Bob pic and caption)

Returning south a little way to smaller cave, Bruce told us the firm volcanic rocks here and and further south provided 166 different climbs. He encouraged us to detect various bolt points to assist climbers. Fred, who had had a crib here, pointed out the remains of a rusted ladder people once climbed as part of a short cut across to Purakaunui. Through a macrocarpa forest en route back to the cars we discovered unexploded paint balls left over from fights carried out here. Back near the cars Bruce further explained our next destination would be our lunch spot.

A natural park bench ? (Ian pic. Bob caption)

Bruce about to launch. (Bob pic and caption).

We followed off the road a winding path through recently planted natives to a pine plantation where we lunched. We came out another way back to the road past a memorial gate.

Gate sign. Bill, Fred, Bruce, Peter

Further south again to the end of the beach and more volcanic rock, clearly showing its hexangonal basaltic formation.

Joyce, the sea tulip!! (Bob pic and caption)

Back to the road and round behind some houses with Fred pointing out his former house and those of several others.

Margaret recalling the house she used to live in when it was at Henley(!) (Bob pic and caption) New roofing iron clearly revealed it had been cut in half for transportation and reassembled on site.

Thanks Bruce and Marjorie for not disappointing us. A most informative and enjoyable day out. – Ian
18/7/2007. Hikers. Long Beach. Easy+. Leaders: Barbara and Arthur.
1/12/2004. Hikers. Long Beach. Leaders: Bev H, Bev M

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