Mar 15 2017

Hindon, McPhee Block, LHS Lamb Hill

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3. 15/3/2017  Trampers. Hindon, McPhee Block, LHS Lamb Hill. Leader: Arthur.

Eleven of us travelled up to Hindon in fog/cloud which obscured all views. However it was clear down in the Taieri Gorge where we parked beside the combined road/rail bridge.

Neils number from right, 1, 2, and 3 so we don’t get them mixed up. (Helen pic and caption.)

We began our tramp by walking across the bridge and onto Lamb Hill Station and then following the Taieri River upstream.

A morning tea stop was taken at 10.15 on the river bank,

Morning tea by river and train line. (Helen pic and caption.)

and just as we prepared to move on, the Taieri Gorge Train went past, going up the other side.

Taieri Gorge train. Some waved to us. (Helen pic and caption.)

After crossing Three O’Clock Stream it was uphill for some time, the clouds obligingly shading us from the sun to give very pleasant conditions as we expended energy.

When the farm road reached the top, a weak spot in the fence under the long row of pine trees allowed us onto a high knob …

Knob at top of tramp. (Margreet pic and caption.)

… with a great view down into the Taieri Gorge at the mouth of Deep Stream.

We came to the farm sheds (on the McFee Block) at 12.15, where we met the manager for a good catch up.

The cloud quickly dispersed now and we ate our lunch in brilliant sunshine beside a shed. It was the place to be as we could look across at the main block of Lamb Hill and much further.

An unhurried lunch …

Lunch at top by farm sheds. (Helen pic and caption.)

… was taken (why would anyone want to hurry from such a great spot?) before turning for home. A slightly different route was followed until it was onto the farm road for the downhill bit, the same we had ascended on earlier.

Down and down in the sunshine, along the riverbank, across the bridge and we were back at the cars.

Distance for the day was the tiniest tad under 13 km, but it should be noted here that the leader and one un-named person actually did 15 km in retrieving a forgotten camera from our lunch stop!

It had been a most enjoyable ramp, and one to be done again. A good turnout of 11 trampers also added to the enjoyment of the day.

Thanks to all. – Art.

2. 1/10/1998 Hindon railway left side Lamb Hill Station. Wenita Permit. George

1. 20/3/1996 Hindon railway – left side Lamb Hill Station Leaders:┬áDoug & Myrie, Mary Y, Denise

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