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Aug 28 2019

Wallaces Farm on Hope Hill

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Distance from car-park: 17 km. 13. 28/8/2019. Trampers. Hope Hill. M. Leader: Gordon. The Hope Hill farm tramp started off at 9.50am, after parking cars in a paddock south of Allanton with 19 enthused trampers. We followed a farm track straight up a ridge for nearly an hour which was pretty steep at times, arriving […]

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Aug 21 2019

Taieri Ferry and Finlayson Roads, Bells farm, Kennedys, Millennium.

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Read “Taieri River Geology” for some background information. “Legends of the Lower Taieri” includes a section about John Bull if you persist in reading down far enough. Wardells’ White House 25 km from car park. 14. 21/8/2019. Trampers: Millenium Track/ Kennedys/Wenita Forest. M. Leader: Phil K.14.   16 trampers departed the car park and linked up […]

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Aug 21 2019

Pyramids, Victory Beach

No. 48 on old hardcopy list of 113 club tramps. “Pyramids & Beach Area. (Victory Beach) Beach Walk only. Year Round” Location: 38 km from car park. 26. 21/8/2019. Hikers. The Pyramids and Victory Beach Hike. E. Leadesr: Diane P and Jill D. Twenty one hikers enjoyed a sunny but at times blustery day in […]

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Aug 14 2019

Boulder Beach

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Boulder Beach closed  during yellow eyed penguin nesting, moulting, December-February months. Distance from car-park: 24 km to Macandrew Bay, 27 to Highcliff Road. 16. 14/8/2019. Trampers. Highcliff, Boulder Beach. M. Leaders: Helen and Phil. 17 brave souls left the car park  and travelled over to Tautaku parking in a car park nearby. Cool day with a […]

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Aug 14 2019

St Clair Beach Walks

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17 km from car park 15. 14/8/2019. Hikers. Corstorphine and St Clair Park. Leaders: Judy D. and Barbara. With a forecast of Southerly winds and showers, 21 intrepid hikers met at Corstorphine Park area. We turned into Hillhead  from Isadore Road, and settled for the shelter of the Pavilion at the park , for our […]

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Aug 08 2019

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Aug 07 2019

Lee Stream Road Ramble, Scorgies Farm

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24 km from car park. 6. 7/8/2019. Both. Scorgies Farm. Leaders: Jan Y, Peter D, Jill R. Hikers  – Scorgies Farm After morning tea with the trampers, a group of 21 hikers carried on down the valley and on to Scorgies Farm.  The first part over the farm land was a bit wet, but Ok […]

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