Mar 14 2018

30th Anniversary people pics

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Group Photo

Ray and Diana (formerly Blair) Wiggins

Les & Margaret Smith, Bev McIntosh, Bill Hunt, and Ted Chirnside.

Elizabeth (formerly Gamperle) & George Haggie

Audrey & Bob Heenan

Judy Knox & Doug Moir

Nancy Strang, Joyce Shaw and Ted Chirnside

Clive Crossman, Jay Devlin, Marjorie & Bruce Spittle, Ian Fleming, Mary Lawlor, Jan Butcher, Who?

Pat Randall, Bev Harvey, Lesley Gowans, Shirley Fleming.

Elaine Day and Peter Davie.

Alex & Liz Griffin

Jim & Betty Finnie

Lance & Lois Woodfield

Denise Pearce, Chris Hughes and Dot Bennett

Keith & Shona Munro.

Ann and Kevin Burke

Dawn Pool & Pam Clough

Margreet & Neil Simpson with President Jill Dodd at rear

Judy Dennison & Helen Morris

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