Mar 07 2018

Clarksbrae, Clarks Junction

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35 km

2. 7 Mar 2918. Both. Clarksbrae, Clarks Junction. Leaders: Jay and Jan.

Route Map, courtesy Ian. Station House to Deep Stream.

On Wednesday 7th March 40 trampers and hikers completed a walk on “Clarksbrae” farm, Clarks Junction.  After a 30 minute car ride we arrived on a lovely summer’s day at “Clarksbrae” Farm and parked close to the woolshed. I must say the tidiest and cleanest woolshed I have ever seen.

From there we had to take 6 cars to the end of the walk to shuttle people on completion of the walk.

It was 10.30 when we started

Some cars were hidden in a valley about 10k from Clarksbrae and we set out to find them. We set out across well tended farmland … (Clive pic and caption.)

and the walk was on  a designated stock laneway. It was a steady but gentle climb through beautiful farmland

… and live stock. (Clive pic and caption.)

and wonderful views of the Maungatua, The Lammermoor Range, the Rock and Pillar Range through to Middlemarch. At the end of the laneway we turned left and walked up to the trig station where we had our lunch at 12.30.

With a late start we missed morning tea but made the most of lunch at the trig point. (Clive pic and caption.)

After lunch we followed a track that in place​s was marked out with painted arrows and warratahs with plastic bags on ​put in place by the farmer so as we knew which direction to take to get back to the cars. This part of the walk was generally down hill.

Downhill to search for the cars. (Clive pic and caption.)

Hurray, we found them. (Clive pic and caption.)

Many of our walkers filled plastic bags with beautiful fresh mushrooms.

The distance travelled was 11.5ks. Coffee was at the ” Wobbly Goat” in Outram. – Jay and Jan B

30 August, 2017. Hikers. Clarksbrae, Clarks Junction. Leaders: Jay and Jan.

Tramp Report from the hikers group.  Our walk today comprising of 21 enthusiastic  folk started at “Clarksbrae” Farm, Clarks Junction. Farm owner, Richard Nichol gave permission to us to walk along the stock lane way which was very comfortable under foot.   The walk was a gentle climb with three steep short gullies to get the heart rate up a bit. Very doable for all concerned.  The scenery encompassed The Maungatua, the Lammermoors, the Rock and Pillar Range and the Kakanui Range.  We had lunch at the trig station which gave us 360 degrees views. The walk back was all down hill. All up we walked 10.3ks.  – Jay and Jan.

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