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Macandrew Bay, Greenacre Street

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No. 6 on old hardcopy list of 113 club tramps. “Macandrew Bay. (Greenacres St). J Allen. Year Round.”
No. 74 on old hardcopy list of 113 club tramps. “Peninsula Traverse. Year Round”
Distance from car-park: 24 km.
8. 8/3/2017. Hikers. Greenacre St, Camp Track, McTaggart St. M. Leaders: Alex and Liz.

Route Map, courtesy Ian.

Perfect day for this walk which was about 11km. Up Greenacres St then morning tea and up to the start of the track which would take us to High Cliff road. The track was steep but many stops helped, I hope.

Track top stop just below Highcliff Road. (Clive pic.)

We cautiously walked along the road until we arrived at Larnach Castle and down the road beside it called Camp Road were we stopped for lunch half way down only to see one of the best views around and in brilliant sunshine which I think was enjoyed by all.

Lunch with a view. (Ian pic and caption.)

On to the Camp Track …

Descending Camp Track. (Clive pic.)

… which led us to the start of a track through private property but well marked.

Crossing from Camp Track to McTaggart Street. (Clive pic.)

This took us out at McTaggart Street and onto Portobello Road at Company Bay. From here we walked along the well formed footpath and waters edge back to Macandrew Bay for a well earned coffee. – Alex and Liz.

7. 17/4/2013. Hikers. Macandrew Bay, McTaggart St and Macandrew Bay back streeets and lanes. Leaders: Bruce and Marjorie.

Route Map, courtesy Ian.

The weather was drier down the Peninsula than it had been back at Mosgiel. We found the planned route beyond McTaggart Street blocked by a recently erected track closure notice, forcing us to retrace our steps to an earlier than planned lunch back at Macandrew Bay. We sought shelter in the lee of a Pohutukawa planting.


Lunch opposite the shops

We made the most of the time afterwards by exploring a couple of no exit streets nearby, the second of which at its end gave entrance via a set of descending steps to the Macandrew Bay Bowling Club green, of which Club the husband of one of our group was a member. We then explored a lane beyond to exit on another road back to the cars, and then home. – Ian

6. 24/9/2008. Hikers. Macandrew Bay, Greenacre Street Medium. Lex, Graham
5. 1/8/2007. Both. Macandrew Bay, Greenacre Street. Moderate. Leaders: Chris, Lesley G, Bob & Evelyn
4. 8/6/2005. Hikers. Macandrew Bay, Greenacre Street. Leaders: Val and Brian, Molly.
3. 25/2/2004. Hikers. Greenacre Street, Macandrew Bay. Easy+. Leaders: Ray, Peter
2. 2/6/1999. Macandrew Bay, Greenacre Street. Leaders: Chris, Pat, Mary L.
1. 13/9/1989. Macandrew Bay and up Greenacre Street. Average to Hard. Leaders: Merle, Jean, Ria and Kees.

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