Feb 17 2010

Suddaby Farm.

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17/2/2010. Suddaby Farm, from Wallace Ford Road. (At the end of Mount Gowrie Road). Leaders: Ria, Hazel.

Well, although the tramp was called ‘Deep Stream Pipeline from George King Memorial Drive’, we never went near the George King Drive at all, except to pass by both ends of it on the way to our destination.

We [all 5 of us] parked the car on Wallace Ford Rd. outside Carters farmhouse, & made our way across some very dry & parched land to Withers farm, after having morning tea in a large farm shed.

Morning tea. Angela, Doug, Hazel, Ria. (Ken pic).

As the day was still young, we decided to carry on a bit further, & this is what caused some confusion later on. We crossed the road leading to Withers homestead, & did a sort of loop around a large gorse infected gully, & a turnip paddock, ending up back on the road leading to Withers homestead. We had lunch in another large shed, & were visited by the farmer. As we were discussing where we had been, he pointed out directions that we thought were entirely wrong, & only Hazel knew that he was correct!

However, we agreed to follow Hazel, & it was soon apparent that she was on the right track!

[All this country looks the same, & all tree lines look alike also.]

We then made our way across to the pipe line, & followed that back to Wallace Ford Rd. a few hundred meters away from the car.

Doug & I went into Carters to thank them, & Doug ended up getting a big hug from the lady of the house. He did know her from the past, so I guess that’s ok!! – Ken

28/3/2001. Suddaby Farm, from Wallace Ford Road. (At the end of Mount Gowrie Road.) Leaders: George, Hazel, Elaine.
27/9/2000. Suddaby arm. From Wallace Ford Road at the end of Mount Gowrie Road. Leaders: Ria, Dot and Nelson.
1/5/1994 Deep Stream, (right side) Suddaby Farm. Round trip. Leaders: Catherine, Ria L, Denise, Jean Y
20/10/1993. Deep Stream. (Suddaby Farm). Round trip to pipe line. Medium. Leaders: Catherine, Nancy, Ria L, Dot T

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