Apr 29 2009

Rain Gauge Spur via Picnic area, Nth Coal, Racemans

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No. 69 on old hardcopy list of 113 club tramps. “Raingauge Spur Circuit (J Roy) Summer”
Location: 15 km.
29/4/2009 Rollinson Road. Picnic Area. Trig Q. North Coal Creek Track. Racemans. Weir. Rain Gauge Spur. Rollinson Track. Elbow. Rollinson Road. Leaders: Ian, Glenice.
Only five of us ventured. Dry for a start before the mist descended.
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Pupit Rock hidden in mist. Ken's watch.

Pupit Rock hidden in mist (to the right). Ken’s wrist watch.

Lip of lookout.Cuppa time.

Overlooking lip of lookout on North Coal Creek track. Cuppa time.

Light rain as we got lower down. Heavier on Racemans. Odd break on Rain Gauge Spur until heavy soaking mist towards top.
Doug (rather wet) nearing top.

Doug (rather wet) nearing top. (You can see his hair poking through hole worn in crown of his hat.)

George sans parka. Looking drier than he really was.

George sans parka. Looking drier than he really was.

We ended up fairly wet and glad to get back back down Rollinson road to car.


17/9/2008. Access Road, Picnic area, North Coal, Raingauge Spur. Hard. Leaders: George, Ken.


27/7/2005 Rollinson Road. Elbow. Rollinson Track. Turn off down to Rain Gauge Spur. Leaders: George, Dorothy S
View from Raingauge Spur

View from Raingauge Spur


1/5/1991 Elbow – Swampy – Raceman. Steep parts. Harder. Alternate route for some. Leaders: Mary McG, Daphne, Bob, Barbara McC
1/11/1999 Silverstream Weir, Raingauge, Elbow, Raceman’s Track. Leaders: Margaret D


17/8/1994. Silverstream Weir, Raceman’s Elbow. Medium. Leaders: Bob H, Peg C, Frances, Jack R


28/4/1993. Silverstream Weir, Elbow, Raceman’s Track. Two groups. Medium or Easy. Leaders: Bob H, Les W, Diana, Joan A.


11/1988 Leader: Peg C

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