Sep 13 2017

Street Walk – Willowbank-Opoho area.

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13/9/2017. Street Walk – Willowbank-Opoho. E. Leaders: Lester and Peter B.
After some difficulty in finding car parks in Duke St, 18 Hikers began their walk with a look at the Wilson’s Distillery at Willowbank.We then made our way via George, Duke & Queen streets

View half-way along Queen Street North (just off Duke Street). Nelson Mandela? Martin Luther King? Opinions divided. House directly in front, plus two to the left (one out of sight) originally all one. Two to the left were disconnected and moved to the street front. (Ian pic and caption.)

to our morning tea stop at Woodhaugh Gardens.

With everyone refreshed,we continued on our journey to North Rd where we split into 2 groups, the first group going up Glendining Ave, while the second (and much fitter} group went up Chambers St. When we met up again at Arden St, Lester asked the Finnies what they had seen on their climb, and they both said THE FOOTPATH.

Our next stop was a visit to Knox College,where ‘Deputy Master’ Caroline gave us a woderful guided tour of Knox for the next hour. This was particularly interesting for Ian, as his parents had both worked at the college about the time he was born.

Carolyn was happy to take a group photo of us on the front steps. (Ian pic and caption.)

Looking down the stair well from the 3rd floor. There was still two more flights up the tower to go. (Ian pic and caption.)

Ah! On the top. Santa Sabina Convent (now commercial apartments, which we didn’t explore due to time constraints)  straight ahead. (Ian pic and caption.)

Onwards and upwards, we headed to the Gardens for lunch. Margaret and Molly joined us here. After lunch, it was a short walk up to the new Propagating Unit, where Alice took us into the various rooms, each with >a different temperature and all the latest watering equipment.

It was all down hill from there, with the coffee drinkers calling into the Kiosk to conclude the day’s activities. A big thanks to Lester,as he had obviously done a lot of preparation in making this such an enjoyable day. -Peter B.
18 Hikers walked the Willowbank-Opoho area. Many places of interest were explained. Morning tea was enjoyed in the Woodhaugh Gardens.
Down North Road where half our group went up Glendenning Avenue and the other half up Chambers Street to report in Arden Street at the top on the merits of each.
Down to Knox College for a great conducted tour, …… with Ian adding his family connections back in the early 1930s period.
Then up to Hatfield Street to look at the spiral chimney and gate posts of a property. Lunch in the upper Gardens where we added 2 more Hikers.
After a tour of the Propagation Unit, we headed down to the lower Gardens for coffee.
Great weather, company and walk, with many interesting places. A really enjoyable day. – Lester. [Report supplied by one who never reads them and wishes he had never taken up with emails and the internet! We were all impressed by the many property features Lester pointed out to us. Thank you, Lester. – Ed.]


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