Feb 26 2010

Puketeraki Beach

Puketeraki Beach.
Erosion has removed much of the evidence of former habitations along the beach. These were probably unfortified settlements that could rely on the defended ground at the pa if need be and would keep such a place on standby. One such place is Te Pa Hawea the “Yellow Bluff” about which little is known. It is attributed to the Hawea people who were connected to and gave name to Lake Hawea. This ancient connection lives on today through whanau who whakapapa back to these people.
The smaller settlements along the beach date from a relatively early period, and probably supported one or several whanau thriving off relatively local resources. It is know from later records that coastal groups of people would gather at a locality on the coast before heading inland on seasonal hunting expeditions, when large amounts of eel and weka flesh were taken and preserved. Connections were also maintained with related inland populations, thereby sharing resources.
– Taken from Karitane … Split Rock … Seacliff Coastal Walk. Notes by Brian Allingham, Archaeologist, January 2010.

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