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Booth Road, Ben Rudd

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No. 43 on old hardcopy list of 113 club tramps. “Booth Rd – Ben Rudd, R Hakkaart. Year Round”

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5/8/2020. Combined. Davies Track, Ben Rudd’s Shelter, Pineapple Track.

Tramper’s Report. Leaders Wyn and Ross

The Trampers and Hikers congregated at Peter Johnstone car park where Wyn and Ross got to model the new high-viz vests for tramping leaders. Arthur reminded everyone that leaders are now responsible after the day’s walk for handing over to the vests and the emergency locator beacon to the leaders for the following week. It’s also the responsibility of the following leaders to make sure they get the vests and beacon, and to familiarise themselves with the beacon instructions. We all met up at the bottom of the Pineapple Track in Wakari and started with a combined walk along McGouns Road. Just past the bridge we turned left into the bike track maze in the Redwoods. We safely navigated the maze to the skid clearing at the far end of McGouns Road and here we had our combined morning tea. 


Photo and Caption Gordon – “We’re off!”

Just past the bridge we turned left into the bike track maze in the Redwoods. We safely navigated the maze to the skid clearing at the far end of McGouns Road and here we had our combined morning tea. 


Photo and Caption Pam – “A happy group having morning tea.”

We separated then, and the 27 trampers immediately started off to join the Davies Track and head up the slopes of Flagstaff. The lower part of the track was a little slippery and damp, but good for this time of year.


Photo and Caption Gordon – “Heading up Davies track.”


Photo and Caption Pam – “The bush kept changing but was very pleasant.”

The track was mostly clear and easy to follow. As we gained height we began to be rewarded with views out over the city. The day was overcast and almost misty higher up. We eventually emerged above the forest. The track above this point is easier to follow, especially towards the top through the area which was devastated in the fire. It is worrying to see that the gorse might be a big winner from the burning process. 


Photo and Caption Gordon – “Some of the aftermath of the September 2019 fire.”


Photo and Caption Helen – “Which will win – the gorse or the natives?”

We reached the Flagstaff-Pineapple Track and headed south and then west to the Firebreak Track on the other side of Flagstaff and then south and down to Ben Rudd’s Shelter.


Photo and Caption Gordon – “A welcome, relaxed lunch.”

This was a good place for lunch and a rest and a group photo.


Photo and Caption Gordon – “The happy 28 trampers.”

Then we retraced our steps back up to the Firebreak Track and north along this to the Swampy Ridge Track. Here we turned right towards the city to meet up with the Pineapple Track and the steep descent back to where we started about 4 hours before at the bottom of Booth Road.


Photo and Caption Gordon – “Heading down to pineapple track.”


Photo and Caption Gordon – “Not far to cars”.

Total distance was about 10.5 kms. It was a pleasant day for a nice walk; not too hot and not too cold, and hardly any wind and of course the company was great. 

We regrouped at Coffee Culture Café in the old Roslyn Fire Station for afternoon tea/coffee/cold drinks and they did a good catering for us all (with advance notice).

Written by Ross and Wyn

Hiker’s Report. Leaders Ady Whitson and Noi McCunn

We started off from the start of Pineapple Track but deviated up the lower McGouns track walking through lovely tall timber where I promptly tripped up as I was looking at the trees.  All fine and carried on up the Skid Track to where we had morning tea.

Photo and Caption John – “Combined morning tea”

The trampers then departed up the Davies Track.  We departed with 17 Hikers down to the start of McGouns track proper.  The weather was ideal for a hill climb and off we went.  Passed the cairn that was placed to commemorate 100 years of DCC Forestry in 2006.  It’s a lovely walk through that part towards the Pineapple Track with tree ferns and lovely native trees.

Photo and Caption Michael – “The hiking ladies found this trunk amusing!”

As well as keeping an eye on where I walked.
20200805_105456 (1)

Photo and Caption Ady – “I made everyone stop and appreciate the view.”

At the start of the Pineapple Track I told everyone this part is quite steep and thanks to Ross’s advice from our reconnaissance (had to look up dictionary to spell that)  last week we took small steps and slowly up we went.  We did have a few stops but everyone was fine with this. Stopped for lunch about 11.45 as it was getting a bit steep.  We did walk on a bit further than intended but turned back for lunch. We started back down the track which is in really good order.

Photo and Caption Ady – “View of Dunedin from Pineapple Track.”

A couple of places there is new gravel which you had to be careful walking over.  Arrived back at the cars at about 1.20 and off to Village Green for afternoon tea.  Thank you Noi for being tail end Charlie and I think a few laughs was had by all.  We travelled approx. 6.5 km, 115 Floors and 14000 steps.  Ross those small steps made a big difference and Doug came all the way.

24/1/2007. Hikers. Pineapple Track, Ben Rudd. Easy. Leaders: Les and Margaret.
17/1/1999. Booth Road, – Ben Rudd. Leaders: Ria H, Catherine, Eleanor.
8/9/1993. Booth Creek, Ben Rudd, Bivvie Rock. Medium. Leaders: R Lippers, Ria H, Jean A. Easier alternative: Leaders: Joan A, Judith D,
31/7/1991 B Bryce, Dicksons, P Maxwell, Maslin
6/6/1990 Marie F, Mary McG, Peter McG, Helen W

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