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Bethunes Gully, Mt Cargill, Buttars Peak, Organ Pipes,Old Main North Road, Brown House corner, Norwood Street, Bethunes Gully.

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Click Mount Cargill history for background information.

No. 11 on old hardcopy list of 113 club tramps. “Bethunes Gully to T.V. Mast Organ Pipes. Wiggins. Year Round.”

No. 100 on old hardcopy list of 113 club tramps. “Bethunes Gully – Brown House – Signal Hill – Chingford Park Year Round”

22 km from carpark

Cars meet at Bethunes Gully. A broad gravelled track from picnic ground. NB. Opposite Brown House corner is an RSA Memorial to First World War servicemen the old Junction School.

21 km from car park.

24. 15/7/2020. Hikers. Bethunes Gully, Mount Cargill. Leaders : Mike and Jim 

With scenes reminiscent of recent National Party musical chairs, the leadership of the outing changed a few times prior to the hike due to unforeseen circumstances. A cabinet meeting in the Bethune’s Gully car park settled on the hike being led by Mike Webb with Jim Finnie acting as Tail End Charlie.
It was a mild drizzly day when nine of us headed out of the car park to start walking the track up to Mt Cargill. We soon found a large tree to shelter under while we had morning tea. This was after passing Andy Cunningham and his famous dog Meg coming towards us. Many will remember Meg as the dog who was missing in the bush near Purakaunui for weeks last year. She still has health problems from her ordeal but has a loving owner to help her along.

Photo and Caption Adi – “Morning tea stop, 5 minutes from the carpark, protected from the light drizzle.”

After a short break we started the long slow steady climb with a few stops along the way to catch our breaths and regroup. The views from the lookout points on the track were not as scenic as usual due to the low cloud and drizzle.

Photo and Caption Adi – “A pause giving a photo opportunity.”


Photo and Caption Mike – “Happy Hikers.”

After a couple of kilometres on the track three members of the team decided to call it a day and head back. That left six of us to carry on for a bit longer before a decision was made for the hike to be cut short and for us to return to the car park.
Even though we didn’t make it to the top, it was a pleasant outing with good conversation. The main group hiked a distance of 6kms.
It was a cool day, which was fortunate given the up-hill nature of this track. A small number turned back after 1.5 hours, and the remaining intrepid folk turned back about 1.5 km from the top. All met up at the Gardens cafe for an enjoyable coffee (actually  it was better than enjoyable, it was down right delicious), the early birds having eaten their lunch before arriving at the cafe, and the later folk waited until they got home. Thanks to the planners and those who finally lead the party.

23. 25/9/2019. Trampers. Bethunes Gully, Mount Cargill. Jill D.

With a very threatening weather forecast 16 intrepid trampers parked at Bethunes Gully ,before traversing the track towards the television tower at the summit of Mt Cargill 600 meters above .We were greeted with birdsong along the way .The vegetation changed as we followed the track through pine plantation then opening to more scrubby vegetation but it did provide shelter from a southerly wind.

G.3rd -- A welcome morn. Teac

A welcome morn. Tea. (Gordon pic and caption.)

Along the way we had views over to the peninsula and harbour areas and also to the famous Brown House location -this providing some interesting reflections of party times of our younger days !!
There were clear views of the summit ,tower and nearby Buttars Peak .We knew we were getting closer to the top with the noise of the wind whistling through the tower .

G.7th -- The cell Towerc

The cell Tower. (Gordon pic and caption.)

The views from the top were amazing almost 360 degrees north up the coast east and west and to the south over Dunedin however we didn’t stay long up there.

G.8th -- Heading downc

Heading down. (Gordon pic and caption.)

Lunch was at the the junction to the Organ Pipes and Buttars Peak

G.9th -- Lunch at intersection of Buttars Peak @ Organ Pipesc

Lunch at intersection of Buttars Peak @ Organ Pipes. (Gordon pic and caption.)

where a smaller group checked the peak  out

G.11th --Checking the photosc

Checking the photos. (Gordon pic and caption.)

D.Caught!! Gordon putting his camera away!c

Caught!! Gordon putting his camera away!. (Dave M. pic and caption.)

G.10th -- View of Dunedin from Buttars Peakc

View of Dunedin from Buttars Peak. (Gordon pic and caption.)

before rejoining the rest of the group on the descent.
This was a shorter walk over a well formed gravel track even the steps on the final ascent to the top appear to be newer and easier to negotiate

G.5th -- Some of the steps to the summitc

Some of the steps to the summit. (Gordon pic and caption.)

– all in all 10.4 kms and clean boots !
The coffee stop was at the Crocodile cafe at the Gardens ,where we rearranged the seating and general chit chat creating a relaxed end to the day .We were very lucky the weather held out till back in Mosgiel. – Jill D.

22. 28/8/2019. Hikers. Bethunes Gully. M. Leaders: Jay and Jan B.

On Wednesday 28th August 2019 24 Hikers/Ramblers met at Bethunes Gully to walk up to Mt Cargill.   The day was suitably warm and made for pleasant walking conditions.

C.1) muster of hikers and ramblers at Bethune's gullyc

Muster of hikers and ramblers at Bethune’s gully. (Clive pic and caption.)

7 Ramblers organised themselves to walk up as far as they wanted and they were joined by another member who decided to go back  with the Ramblers  and the remaining 17 took off at a steady pace up the gradual climb to near the top where there were 127 steep steps to negotiate to bring us to the communications tower at the top of Mt Cargill.

C.2) a view of the topc

A view of the top. (Clive pic and caption.)

There we sat in the sunshine having lunch and admiring the 360 degree view of Dunedin and up the coastline to Karitane.  After a good rest we started our downward hike.

C.3) on the way downc

On the way down. (Clive pic and caption.)

We all took our time getting down the steps as most people find going down is harder than going up.  On the way back one of our long standing members [It was our 90-year-old Doug! – Ed.] was having trouble with his legs as they had lost strength and were feeling jellylike. But hardy fellows in the group stood on each side of him and helped him back to the carpark.  Well done men!!
Clive and Lindsay took  him to A & E where he spent the night. All was well.

Coffee was at the Gardens Crocodile Cafe. Leaders for the day were Jan and Jay.

Ramblers: Out talking and watching the birds on the Bethunes Gully track.


Route map, courtesy Ian. We went “about as fur as they (we) can (could or wanted to) go.” (From everything’s up to date in Kansas City).

A record crowd of 8 of us climbed the track out of the Gully as far as we felt like it. Lunched at an early 11.30 a.m. beside the track, and sauntered back down to enjoy a leisurely sit in the sun back in the domain, to wait out the delayed return of the Hikers.

Ramblers enjoying the sunc

Ramblers enjoying the sun. (Raewyn pic and caption.)

Ramblers - kids at heartc

Ramblers – kids at heart. (Raewyn pic and caption.)

Birds, their song and tiny fresh spring fuchsia leaves containing bellbird-nectar-sipped  flowers where highlights.

P.S. Doug at home the next afternoon, was ruefully nursing his shattered pride, as he came to terms with what had happened the day before. – Ian.

21. 13/9/2017. Trampers. Bethunes Gully. M. Leader: Eleanore.
A record number (9 female and 8 male) trampers drove to car park at Bethunes Gully and started the steady climb up, up and up some more on a well maintained track.

Firstly, alongside Lindsay Creek.  The track climbs steadily up the flank of Mt. Cargill, first through pine forest and then regenerating native forest.  We found a cosy spot and enjoyed a smoko break.  Once again we climbed steadily to the top of the ridge between Mt. Cargill and Buttars  Peak.  The intersection to the Organ Pipes Track was reached, by now we knew the mast was getting closer.  Only to find we had to climb steps to reach the top!

(Margreet pic and caption.)

The weather was calm and the views fantastic.

On top of Mt Cargill looking towards Taiaroa Heads. (Phil pic and caption.)

For quite a few members it was a first time visit to this track.  Also, the company of the intrepid adventurer Judy Knox was enjoyed.  We continued onto the A.H. Reed track where lunch was had.

Lunch view. (Helen pic and caption.)

The beauty of this track is the downhill—all the way to the car park!
We chose the little coffee shop near Baldwin Street for coffee, cake and a chat.

Coffee. (Helen pic and caption.)

We travelled 10.9km and climbed 676 metres to the mast on top of Mt. Cargill
Another great outing had by all. – Eleanore Ryan.

20. 28/9/2016. Hikers. Bethunes Gully. H. Leaders: Adrienne and Judy K.
Route map

Route map of trek only to the top. (Sorry, jammed up the app.)

21 hikers with an age range of 12 to 89 (is that a record?) gathered at the car park at the start of the Bethunes Gully track. It was fine (well, not raining anyway) when we left Mosgiel, and dry at the start of the track, but a nasty creepy little drizzle hung round us the higher we went. Loud bird calls accompanied us for the steady climb up the gully on a well-formed track, slightly muddy in places, across several bridges where the creeks were running a bit higher than usual, to a welcome morning tea break on the side of the track.

Morning Tea. (Adrienne pic.)

Morning Tea stop. (Adrienne pic and caption.)

Slow and steady was the order of the day, with plenty of stops to get breath back. Up – and up – and up. Several fell by the wayside – first two, then two more. When at last the junction for the Organ Pipes and the Mt Cargill summit was reached, 10 more subsided and declared “Lunch!”
An intrepid 7 continued another half hour to the summit (a first for some), up the steps in annoying drizzle. No views available from the top.

Cloud Mountain. (Adrienne pic.)

The misty summit. (Adrienne pic and caption.)

so it was down to the junction again for lunch.

Lunch in cloud. Where had the others gone? (Ian pic and caption.)

Lunch in the cloud, back down from the summit and at the junction. Where had the others gone? (Ian pic and caption.)

By which time the other 10 had departed, it being a bit cold and damp to hang around.
Down – and down – and down – collecting strays as we went. Fred wasn’t present but his chocolates were, and much appreciated, thanks Fred. It was warm and sunny back …

Our welcoming crowd at the end. (Adrienne pic and caption.)

Our welcoming crowd at the end. (Adrienne pic and caption.)

… at the cars so parkas were discarded for the ride to the Botanic gardens and a well-earned (we think) coffee stop.  – Adrienne and Judy K.

19. 30/9/2015 Trampers. Bethunes Gully, Mt Cargill, Organ Pipes return.
Bethunes Gully track was the destination for the day, & 9 keen trampers arrived at the car park in Bethunes Gully, ready to tackle the continuous climb up to the transmitter mast at Mt. Cargill.
We arrived at the picnic spot about 3/4 of an hour up the track, but the leaders misread the sign, & decided that it wasn’t the correct place, but they were called back, & we all had a relaxing morning tea break in the sun. Then it was up the track some more, with a few rest breaks till we reached the junction with the Organ Pipes track, where we had another short break before heading off up the terrible track with the very large steps to arrive at the transmitter mast on top. This section is getting worse as time goes on, or is it just the mind thinking that way ??
After a good look around…
Top photo One (Ken pic)

Top photo One (Ken pic)

Top photo Two (Ken pic)

Top photo Two (Ken pic)

… & a chat with a guy from the university language department who had a group of very well dressed [all in black suits] Chinese visitors to the city, we made our way back to the Organ Pipes track. After a regroup here, we walked down to the Organ Pipes …

Eric (Ken pic)

Eric (Ken pic)

 … where I could see how my handiwork on the boardwalks was standing up from nearly 20 years beforehand. We had lunch at the Organ Pipes, then retraced our steps back down to the cars at Bethunes Gully. It was a very nice day for a tramp, with only the slightest breeze at the top, & some weak sunshine all day. I think everybody enjoyed the day, despite the grumbles about the steep climb, & those terrible steps !! We stopped off at the new cafe in the shop at the bottom of Baldwin Street for a coffee, just to keep up the tradition of the Trampers Coffee Club. This cafe is owned by the former owner of the ‘Flax’ cafe in Caversham.
Walked 10.9km
2h 53m moving
climbed 679m
max height 672m – Ken.
18. 21/9/2011. Bethunes Gully, Mt Cargill, Buttars Peak, Organ Pipes, Old Main North Road, Brown House corner, Norwood Street, Bethunes Gully.

GPS of tramp, clockwise, courtesy, Ken

Nine of us did this tramp, the most we have had out for a while, and one that the club had not done since 2006!
We were surprised with the new (?) bike barriers, although we still met a biker further on up the track.

Cycle barrier

Doug (nice knees?) and this reporter (the eldest two in the group) elected to remain at the track junction, letting the others (one or two who had never done it before) go on up to the top.

Relaxing in sheltered comfort

Their only reward was to reach the summit. Mt Cargill was entirely cloud-capped. Too bad! Doug and I rested in complete shelter from the cold Norwester. Even down where we were, we could see the mist still briskly blowing across the saddle below us. See Moving Mist
It was a surprise later on, on the former main road and nearing the old Brown House site to see the lovely-but-misleading external sight of the cloud cover we had bracingly experienced from the inside.

Cloud over Mt Cargill. Mast just peeking above cloud, barely discernible to the left of the cloud’s apex..

Another good tramp. Bethunes Gully track is still no less steep at the beginning before easing off further up. – Ian
17. 27/10/2010. Hikers. Bethunes Gully, track junction with summit/Organ Pipes. Medium. Leaders: Lesley G, Joyce.
16. 5/5/2010. Both. Bethunes Gully, Bike Tracks. M-. Leaders: Bob and Evelyn.

We parked cars at by the toilets at the end of Cluny Street (that’s  what the Map said. Didn’t know that before.) in Bethunes Gully. Bob and Evelyn were  to turn on a delightful surprise for us all. They led us back down the road to the gate to discover for us on the left a bike track leading up through the trees. We admired the loving attention lavished on the system of tracks by bike devotees as we climbed up through the un-pruned Oregon plantation. After a morning tea stop we ascended yet further to reach the plantation’s NE corner. Then it was down to our left back into the gully.

Looking up at the tops

The tops of the tall Oregons.

Looking up at the tops.

Looking up at the tall Oregons. Wendy, Sabina, Peter, George, Lex, Ken.

We emerged at the head of the grassed part of the gully at the bridge across the Lindsay Stream.

Sturdy bridge
From here it was up the Mount Cargill walking track, stopping for frequent rests, one of which was by a small track on our left promising to lead eventually to Campbells Road in Pine Hill. (Bob and Evelyn had recced it, but it ends in dense gorse.) Eventually we reached the Lookout down on the right of the track where we stopped for an early lunch.
Bush view from the lookout.

Bush view from the lookout.

After the leaders had ascertained all seventeen of us were back up onto the walkway from the Lookout, (with Ken obtaining dispensation to carry on on his own to Mount Cargill, as he had come in his own car), they took us part way back down the walkway before striking off on the right up a rutted vehicle track through the bush,

Rock on rock

How did they lift the smaller on top of the larger? Leader Bob strikes a pose on the vehicle track

… from which eventually a track led off to the left and down to parallel the walkway back down the bridge and then it was just a short walk to the cars.

Thanks to Evelyn and Bob for finding us a new set of tracks in a Bethunes Gully we had thought we knew all about already. – Ian
15. 24/5/2006 Bethunes Gully, Mt Cargill, Buttars Peak, Organ Pipes,Old Main North Road, Brown House corner, Norwood Street, Bethunes Gully. Leaders: Judy, Tash
14. 15/6/2005. Trampers. Bethunes Gully, Mount Cargill. Leaders: Hazel, Ria.23/5/2007. Hikers. Bethunes Gully, Mount Cargill. Medium. Leaders: Betty, Dot T.
13. 5/11/2003. Trampers. Bethunes Gully, Buttars Peak, round trip. Medium. Leaders: D Jenkins, B McCabe
12. 10/9/2003. Trampers. Bethunes Gully, Buttars Peak, Round Trip. Medium. Leaders: Doug J, Barbara McC.
11. 28/8/2002 Bethunes Gully to Mount Cargill, Organ Pipes return. Leaders: Ray & Diana, Val
10. 16/5/2001. Bethunes Gully. Leaders: Nancy, Dot and Nelson.
9. 19/4/2000. Bethunes Gully, Mount Cargill. Leaders: Judy C, Mary M, Bev McI.
8. 27/5/1998. Bethunes Gully, Organ Pipes, North Road. Leaders: Hugh and Judith.
7. 25/3/1998. Bethunes Gully, Organ Pipes return. Leaders: Betty, Denise.
6. 25/3/1998 Bethunes Gully to Mount Cargill, Organ Pipes return. Leaders: B Bryce, D Pearce
5. 30/7/1997. Bethunes Gully, Mount Cargill. Leaders: Diana and Ray, Catherine.
4. 9/7/1997. Norwood Street, Bethunes Gully, Opoho. Leaders: Shirley McN, Pat, Wendy.
3. 27/9/1995. Pine Hill, Mount Cargill Track, Waitati Road, Bethunes Gully, North East Valley. Medium+. Leaders: Ria L, Catherine, Ria H, Shirley R
2. 12/5/1993 Pine Hill Road, Cowans Road, Mt Cargill, Old Mt Cargill Main North Road, Return Bethunes Gully, North East Valley.  Back to Pine Hill Road. Leaders: Ria L, Catherine T, Penny & Peter
1. 11/4/1990 Bethunes Gully, Mt Cargill, Buttars Peak, Organ Pipes,Old Main North Road, Brown House corner, Norwood Street, Bethunes Gully. Leaders: Margaret S, Hartmann, Bev H, Peter R

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