Jul 01 2020


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8. July.

Trampers.  Track Clearing Whare Flat  (under review) Leader Neil $3.00.

Hikers.  Drs Point, Mapoutahi Beach and Cemetery.  Leaders Betty and Jim. E. $7.00.

15 July.

Trampers. Outram Glen. Leaders: Joy N. and Kathryn. E. $3.00.

Hikers. Mt Cargill Leaders: Clive and Kevin. E. $4.00.

22 July.

Trampers. Chrystalls Beach. Leaders: John and Dave. E. $11.00.

Hikers. Brighton Area. Leaders: Liz and Alex. E. $3.00.

29 July.

Trampers. Evansdale: Rongamai/Honeycomb. Leaders: Arthur and Gwenda. M+. $7.00

Hikers. Warrington Beach. Blueskin Bay. Leaders: Jenny and Faye. E. $8.00.

5 August.

Combined. Pineapple Track/Booth Road. Leaders: Ross and Wyn, Noi. M. $3.00.

12 August.

Trampers. Grahams Bush/Mt Cargill. Leaders: Peter G. and Sarah. M+. $5.00.

Hikers. Sandymount. Leaders. Dave and John. E. $6.00.

19 August.

Trampers. Heyward Point*.   Leaders: Keith, and Phil & Helen. M+. $8.00.

2 September

Combined Bus Trip  Millennium  Track (one way). Leaders : Eleanore Ryan, Heather Kirk, Jay Devlin, Barbara Shackell. M. Cost to be announced.

9 September

Trampers.   Orokonui-ecosanctuary Leaders : Gordon Grant, Judy Dennison. E+. Admission $15 Travel $7.00.

Hikers.    Karitane. Leaders : Ady Whitson, Linda Partridge. E. $9.00.

16 September

Trampers. Powder Ridge.   Leaders Arthur Heenan, Theresa White. M-H. $3.00.

Hikers. Leaders : Macandrew Bay. Leaders : Dave Roberts, John Gardiner. E. $5.00.

23 September

Trampers. Puraukunui Inlet/Canoe Beach. Leaders : Jenni and Bruce Wright. E. $8.00.

Hikers. Chain Hills. Leaders Clive Crossman, Shona Munro. E. $3.00.

30 September

Trampers. Woodside Glen/Maungatua Phil Keene, Gordon Grant. H. $3.00.

Hikers. Frasers Gully. Leaders : Jay Devlin, Jan Butcher. E. $3.00.

7 Oct

Combined Bus Trip. Catlins area.  Leaders Karen and Gary McInnes, Jan Yardley, Heather Kirk. M. Cost to be announced

14 October

Trampers. Sandy Mount/Sandfly Bay. Leaders: Jill Dodd, Jill Reid. M. $6.00.

Hikers.      Orokonui-ecosanctuary  Leaders Ady Whitson, Joy Horrell. E. $7.00.

21 Oct

Trampers. Chalkies Circuit.  Leaders : Phil Keene, Rob Labes. M+. $3.00.

Hikers.  Taieri-mouth ‎ Leaders Bob Mitchell, Noi McCunn. E. $6.00.

28th October

Trampers.  New Track Upstream South Waikouaiti River( car shuttle/bus) Leaders : Neil and Carol Morrison. M-H. $6.00.

Hikers.   http://Government-track‎ Leaders : Alex Griffen, Clive Crossman. E. $6-00.




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  1.   Michelle Brownon 11 Feb 2020 at 8:46 pm

    . I am looking for information and a contact for the Wednesday rambling club?

  2.   Daveon 16 Feb 2020 at 12:13 pm

    Hi Michelle – thank you for your enquiry. Our ramblers group are part of our hikers group but sometimes will do a shorter walk on the day. The hikers generally walk up to 10km, but do go to interesting locations. You are welcome to join us on a Wednesday.Please get in touch if you require further clarification.
    Kind regards
    David Mellish.

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