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Michelles Farm, North Side Taieri River, Outram

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No. 87 on old hardcopy list of 113 club tramps. “Michelle’s Farm Outram Farm”

11 km from car park.


Park under Outram Bridge. Contacts: Seek 3 permissions
Proceed east side of Taieri River along gravel road to gravel pit.  Bear right uphill to power lines. Follow generally along grass farm tracks to top of hill.
Landmarks: Trig marker on right; also obvious paper road between two fence lines; Long barn on right (good for lunch stop); large wool shed on top of hill straight ahead (this is still on Hyslop’s property.
Straight on access is to Taioma Road but we don’t usually go that far!
Plenty of mushrooms in April – take a bag!
17/6/2020. Trampers. Nichols Farm. M. Leader: Gordon
From the carpark under the Outram Bridge 24 members started the walk beside the Taieri River in nice weather but with forecast for rain at 1.00pm. At the end of this track we turned off and headed up hill. Parts of this were quite steep but finally reached a nice flat spot for morning tea.

Photo and Caption Gordon – “Still slogging up hill”.


Photo and Caption Gordon – “Morning tea stop”


Photo and Caption Gordon – “Hurrah finally levelling out.”

Heading uphill again after smoko we soon came out on to  grass paddocks and continued  on a gentle gradient to the cattle-yards at the top.  from there walked a short distance before heading downhill on a steep ridge to the start of a small pine forest at the bottom, about ½ km from main road.

Photo and Caption Wendy – “Haven’t seen those people for a while!”

From there we walked a short distance before heading downhill on a steep ridge to the start of a small pine forest at the bottom, about ½ km from main road.
IMG_8705 res

Photo and caption – “Wandering thru the trees”.

A pleasant walk through the trees to a farm track which we followed uphill to a stile where we crossed into Walmsley’s property. Followed cattle track down to gully then along foothills to lovely lunch spot with terrific views.

Photo and Caption John – “Comfortable lunch spot”.


Photo and Caption Gordon – “What a view”.

After lunch carried on along foothills before returning into forestry for assent to top after climbing through neighbours.

Photo and Caption John – “Panorama from the top”


Photo and Caption Helen – “Who’s watching who?”

After a “Pow Wow” at top, decision was made to head back on shorter route to cars which also allowed time for refreshments and catch up at Wobbly Goat. A good day to start off the tramping calendar after all the lock downs I really enjoyed it.   Gordon.

`11. 7/4/2019. Trampers. Nicols Farm. M. Leader: Gordon.
It was a cool start at the car park as we foregathered, but a typical beautiful autumnal day with lots of sunshine followed. Perfect for 15 Trampers to go and enjoy the outdoors./6/202
Parking under the Outram Bridge wa a surprise for some, although a spot well known to our Outram members – from their younger days apparently.
Walking upstream beside the Taieri River through the willows we were welcomed by a great chorus of Bellbirds – wonderful. They were enjoying the day too.
It was an easy grade as we climbed various bulldozed tracks through the Manuka.
G.2nd-- Long slog to topc

Long slog to top. (Gordon pic and caption.)

Morning tea was taken before we emerged onto a turnip paddock.
Still climbing gently on paddock and road we reached Trig I (360 metres). From this vantage point we had a superb view out over the Taieri Plain to enjoy.
G.4th -- Pointing out points of interestc

Pointing out points of interest. (Gordon pic and caption.)

A short back track and then it was downhill on a farm road in the direction of S.H.87. Nearing the bottom we turned aside, and climbing a barbwire fence (the leader having thoughtfully fitted a pipe safety guard) …


G.5th -- The first fence obstaclec

The first fence obstacle. (Gordon pic and caption.)


G.6th -- Heading down into Walmsley’s farm gullyc

Heading down into Walmsley’s farm gully. (Gordon pic and caption.)

… found ourselves in a rough gorsey block.

Emerging once more onto open farmland it was time for a leisurely lunch in the sun, and still with a view to enjoy.

Afterwards we negotiated a paddock or two before entering an exotic forest to climb back up somewhat. In time we retained the turnip field to eventually finish the last leg back on our outward track.

Back to the cars at 2pm after walking over 13 km was good going.

To Outram where some visited the ice cream shop, others to the Hairy Goat – where all eventually congregated. And no one was in a hurry to go home. A day that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

This report comes to you on behalf of Gordon (leader). – Art.

10. 18/11/2009. Trampers. Outram Bridge. Michelles Farm. Leaders: George, Hazel.
Traversing gut between gravel and bank. Marie from Toronto, Lex, Bill, Ria, Hazel

Traversing gut between gravel and bank. Marie from Toronto, Lex, Bill, Ria, Hazel

Morning tea in shelter.

Morning tea in shelter of gorse. Ria, George, Glenis, Keith, Ken


Power pylon study


Paddock patterns


Stile for quad bike?


Taieri river scene

9. 16/11/2005. Hikers. Outram Bridge, Michelles Farm. Leaders: Margaret D, Peter B
8. 27/3/2002 Alt. Michelles Farm. Easy. Leaders: Jack & Rosemary, Peg C
7. 22/11/2000. Michelles Farm. Leaders: Ray and Diana, Les W.
6. 22/3/2000. Michelles Farm, Outram. Leaders: Ray and Diana, Les W.
5. 28/4/1999. Michelles Farm. North side Taieri River – Outram. Leaders: Diana and Ray, Les W.
4. 30/4/1997. Outram East Side of RIver. Park under bridge. Leaders; Diana and Ray, Les W.
3. 14/8/1996. Taieri River Walk – North Side. Park east side under bridge. Average. Leaders: Colleen, Evelyn M, Peg C.
2. 17/7/1996. Taieri River Gorge. Park east side under bridge. Average. (Alternative to Horseshoe Ridge.) Leaders: Molly, Diana and Ray.
1. 28/4/1989 Ray, Les W

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