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10 km from car park.

11. 27/2/2020 Hikers/Ramblers E Leaders Raewyn and Judy

It was a nice calm morning when 22 hikers set out along Brighton Road to the morning tea stop in Friendship Drive. 3 Ramblers set off at the same time to have their own adventure. Another 3 hikers decided not to do the Blackhead part of the circuit & ventured off along the Speedway road. The main group turned into an unknown track to many, one on which the ‘little yellow digger’ had already played a part in widening, but those weekend horses had stirred everything up!


Photo and Caption Clive – “Through the sand dunes.”

Branching off to follow a narrow pathway through the sand dunes, we were soon out on the beach and walking towards the Blackhead carpark (after taking a few photos of the young seal basking in the sun).


Photo and Caption Clive – “Narrow track to the beach.””


Then it was up the road to another secret entrance and downhill to where the ‘little yellow digger’ had completed his construction.


Photo and Caption Clive – “Not a lot left of blackhead”

The ‘Blackhead Loop’ was completed at Friendship Drive and a short walk around the streets took us to the Island Park Golf Course for lunch & toilet stop.


Photo and Caption Clive – “Lunch at Waldronville.”

There we found our 3 other hikers waiting as arranged (plus an extra!). A lovely view over the golf course for lunch, and after watching four golfers ‘tee off’ (and making sure we weren’t in the firing line for stray balls), we set off and circumnavigated the golf course.


Photo and Caption Clive – “Island Park Golf Course.”

By then the sun was out and the heat of the day was beginning to take affect. At this point, some opted to leave the walk, but 14 continued on. With a little bit of a detour in the shade, we were soon out on the beach again and walked around the Estuary back to the cars. 11km was achieved (a bit of variation between apps), so refreshments at the Village Green were most welcome. A beautiful day weather wise, with good company.

IMG_1083 (2)res

Map Raewyn

Raewyn & Judy

10. 21/8/2019.  Ramblers. Waldronville. Beach. E. Leaders: All.

Wslftoville walk

Walk route, courtesy Ian.

Four Ramblers met at the Kaikorai Estuary and walked part of the beach before stopping for a cuppa. Did a bit more, then turned back and took a route through the sandhills and stopped for an early lunch by a road frequented by surprisingly many lunchtime dog walkers of all shapes and sizes, (the walkers not so much). We eventually followed their route and came out through the paved streets and houses of Waldronville to reach Brighton Road and complete a circuit back to our cars. Close to 6 km in all. A good day and good company topped off with coffee at Sunnyside. – Ian.

9. 26/4/2017. Hikers. Waldronville. Beach. Easy. Leaders: Dot, Chris.

8. 22/6/2016. Hikers. Waldronville. Beach. Easy. Leaders: Dot, Chris.
Waldronville Beach route map.

Waldronville Beach route map of the day’s walk.

The sandbar across the mouth of the Kaikorai Lagoon was innocent of the usual streamlet across it, giving us the opportunity to  walk south dry-shod to ‘morning-tea’ at the 2 km mark on the map.

Consequent  to that, a steady 3.5 km walk back north brought us to a lunching-spot under Blackhead quarry. This 3/4 hour easy walk along the flat wide low-tide beach saw our 23-strong group strung out in little clusters of twos and threes, all happily engaged in social intercourse – yes, social, – a perfect illustration of the oft-repeated aspect of the Club’s “Recreational” side.
Back south again and at the 7 km mark we turned off the beach to find ourselves in the Island Park Recreation Reserve at the rear of the Beachlands Speedway. At this point the leaders took us south behind the sandhills on a route they had only recently discovered on their recce.  Unfortunately it was blocked by a red flag at the back-gate entrance to the Dunedin Clay Target Club through which our walk had been intended to go. There had been no public notice given on their website that this was to be a shooting afternoon.
What to do? A frustrated recconoitre of alternative routes of interest in the surrounding area left the leaders with no option but to find a way back out onto the beach instead, and complete the remaining 2 km back to the cars that way. Which we did. And all ended well.

A good 10 km day out (as measured by this  reporter’s nike app), but inflated (!) to either 11, – or 12 km, by other measuring devices present). Take your pick. (Huff!). – Ian.

7. 16/9/2015. Hikers. Waldronville. Easy. Leaders: Dot, Chris.
Route map

Route map of the day’s walk.

The leaders reversed the usual route this time, starting from the Beachlands Speedway entrance. So for the 28 of us, it was back along Friendship Drive, across Brighton Road and down Wavy Knowles Drive to reach the Kaikorai Stream backwater at its end. Then downstream alongside the water, into the Island Park Golf Course and across it to a morning tea stop well-sheltered by pines from the cold wind.
Morning Tea (John pic)

Morning Tea (John pic)

The leaders had gained permission to cross the course, and cooperated crossing the course before play started.
After morning tea, we were relieved to find the wind had abated, and continued  on along the edge of the course, out onto Brighton Road, along to the Lagoon, along it and down to the beach. Once on the beach the extent of the sand dunes’ erosion due to recent high tides was impressive.
We walked. Nearer Blackhead we stopped for lunch…
Lunch panorama. (John pic)

Panorama pic of lunch by large fallen rocks. (John pic)

…and then returned to one of only two exits…

Struggling up the beach access track carved out of the eroded dune’s steep bank. (John pic)

…that had been carved through the high steep dune banks. Now outside the fenced perimeter of the Beachlands Speedway, our leaders took us into a new (to this reporter) interesting track that looped off Friendship Drive and led us…
Loop track (John pic)

Loop track along the back of the properties.  (John pic)

…along behind the backs of properties (that fronted Viscount  Road at their other ends), before reemerging back onto the Drive and on out to the cars.
A well-planned day, and helped by weather that turned out much better than feared. Much thanks to Dorothy and Chris. – Ian.
6. 18/6/2014. Hikers. Waldronville. Easy. Leaders: Dot, Chris.
GPS of Waldronville route

GPS of Waldronville route. Moving time: 1hr 57.39mins; fastest 4.19 km/hr; slowest 3.86 km/hr.

The route start was the carpark by the Kaikorai Estuary road bridge. A newly built path along the Brighton Road conducted us safely to the foot of the Island Park Golf Course. Fortunately for us, if not for the club, the greens were deserted in honour of the funeral of one of the club’s members. We skirted the edge between the greens and the stream. Of interest to this reporter, partway up was a small embankment on our left dividing two stretches of water. Which, or where, was the stream?

Two Kaikorai streams?

Kaikorai stream backwater

From the above pic, it appears that both were, creating an ‘island’ really. The nearer channel was crossed with three embankments linking the ‘island’ to our side. We were at the lower one. The middle embankment formed the end of Wavy Knowes Drive, where we were to stop for morning tea, and there was a top one as well, as you can see from the above map.

Enjoying the morning tea stop, in the sun, at the end of Wavy Knowles Drive.

Enjoying the morning tea stop, in the sun, at the end of Wavy Knowes Drive.

While at the stop, a goat entertained itself and us by perching precariously on the wires of the supermarket trolley.

Goat on supermarket trolley

Goat on supermarket trolley (John, pic)

The leaders took us out to the other end of John Knowles Drive, along the Brighton Road a little bit and down Friendship Drive, past the entrance to Beachlands Speedway …


Beachlands Speedways Sign above the entrance to the Reserve beyond. (John, pic)

into the Island Park Reserve.

Island Park Reserve Notice

Island Park Reserve Notice (John, pic)

The track took us along the back fence of the Speedway and through the dunes to the beach. The tide was only halfway out, waves blocking the beach below rocks beyond, so the leaders resolved on an 11.30 a.m. lunch stop, a bit short of the beach end at Blackhead.

Lunch on beach

Lunch on beach (John, pic)

After lunch, we enjoyed returning the length of the beach back to the estuary mouth, up through some dunes and back to the cars.


An ‘Estuaries’ notice explaining the significance of the environs. (John, pic)

Thank you to the leaders for another enjoyable outing together in this familiar area, but still new to recently-joined members. We numbered 29, now becoming a regular total for the hikers. The coffee hounds resorted to Blend Espresso for a further get together. – Ian.

5. 16/1/2013. Hikers. Waldronville. Easy. Leaders: Lex, Elaine.
We parked by the estuary, walked the beach to Blackhead, stopping for a cuppa on the way, returned along Blackhead Road to Waldronville and back to the cars via the golf-course. Distance: abt 8 km. – Ian.
Preparing for lunch at corner of Blackhead Road.

Preparing for lunch at corner of Blackhead Road.

4. 6/7/2011. Both. Waldronville, Beach walk. Easy. Leaders: Chris, Dot.
We were ably led by Chris and Dot from the Brighton Road bridge over the Kaikorai Lagoon, where we parked our cars.  We started down the edge of the Kaikorai Lagoon to the beach.
The lagoon is the habitat of black swans and spoonbills, and apparently, according to Wikipedia is home to to two species of small shrimps (mysids).
Then it was north along the beach, to a tea-break stop by a beach access track. From there, it was up the track, alongside the Brighton Road for a short distance and across to skirt the Island Park golf course, having to negotiate a couple of troublesome fences by the estuary on the way. We exited on the Wavy Knowles Drive, enjoying the variety of large houses to be seen. Left onto Brighton Road again, across and right, took us along Friendship Drive and into the Island Park Recreation Reserve and out onto the beach. We lunched just by Blackhead. An early afternoon low tide gave us a wide beach to ourselves. Woollen hats and gloves had given way to sun hats for a mild lunch spot. A weather forecast for rain later in the day and a few lowering clouds failed to deliver any wetness. The leaders let us return south along the beach to our cars in our own dribs and drabs time. Thank you, Chris and Dot for a very pleasant winter day’s tramp. – Ian
3. 14/7/2010. Hikers. Waldronville, Kaikorai Estuary. Easy. Leaders: Peter and Wendy.
2. 29/3/2006. Hikers. Waldronville and golf course. Leaders: Dot B, Jim & Thelma
1. 12/3/2003. Hikers. Waldronville, The Beach, Blackhead. Easy+. Leaders: Dot T, Betty.

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