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Lamb Hill: 3 O’Clock, Fiddlers, Orbells

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8. 4/12/2019. Trampers. Lamb Hill Airstrip to Three O’clock Stream. Leaders Arthur and John
“The wind is like the golden breath of the World; when it blows, we feel that the world is alive, and so are we!”
(Mehmet Murat ildan)
Under the threat of rain (a few drops on car windscreens), 17 trampers set out on the Lamb Hill 3 O’clock Stream tramp.
With only one of the four vehicles having 4WD, the journey up Hindon Rd, then a farm track, was testing, but all made it to a paddock near the top of the hill.

Photo and Caption Gordon – “On our way”

We walked downhill, following a fence line, being treated to magnificent panoramic views, but battered by ‘oh’ so strong winds.


Photo and Caption John – “We sit with views to our backs like this”


Photo and Caption John – “Some company for morning tea”

These winds were so strong , on our right side, they made conversation difficult, tore at our clothing, and right ears!
P1000712 (1res)

Photo and Caption Gordon – “Where we have to go”

At this stage Bob Dylan’s words seemed entirely appropriate:-
“Idiot wind, blowing every time you open your mouth.”

Photo and Caption John – “The steep decent to 3 O’clock Stream”

Eventually, after a steep, rough, final decent we reached 3 O’clock Stream.
Thoughts of that wind again dominated:-
“You find out the strength of a wind by trying to walk against it, not lying down.”
(C.S. Lewis)
After a comparatively straight forward river crossing we had lunch by a very well equipped musterers’ hut, complete with a gas Bar-B-Que!

Photo and Caption Gordon – “Crossing stream to a well deserved lunch spot”



Photo and Caption John – “Idyllic!, lunch by 3 O’clock Stream”

In these sheltered, idyllic, surroundings, thoughts of the wind changed:-
“Loud wind, strong wind, sweeping O’er mountains,
Fresh wind, free wind, blowing from the sea.
Pour forth thy vials like streams from airy mountains.
Draughts of life to me.”
(Dinah Maria Murlock Craik)
Following a slightly deeper river crossing we headed uphill again, now with the wind battering us from our left side of course.
The return journey to the cars, punctuated by a short rest amongst some sheltering rocks, was pretty uneventful.

Photo and Caption Gordon – “20 more minutes to cars. Everyone happy with another great day”

This in spite of some literally being blown off their feet, but others always nearby to help:-
“The winds of grace blow all the time,
all we have to do is set our sails.”
In all we walked 11.9km (That is if it had been in a straighter line, without the zig zag wind effect!)
Afternoon tea was enjoyed at Outram’s Wobbly Goat Cafe.
A time to enjoy good company and reflect with a feeling of accomplishment all that the tramp had offered us:-
“A little sun, a little rain.
A soft wind blowing from the west,
And woods and fields are sweet again,
And warmth within the mountain’s breast.
A little love, a little trust,
A soft impulse, a sudden dream,
And life as dry, as desert dust,
Is fresher than a mountain stream.”
(Stopford Brooke 1832-1916)
John Gardiner

7. 30/1/2013 Trampers. Lamb Hill to three o’clock creek. Old Stone Hut. Orbells Cave. Medium+.

Lunch at the old hut.

Lunch at the old hut.

Orbells Cave from the track.

Orbells Cave from the track.

Running repairs before we start the real climb back out

Running repairs before we start the real climb back out

6. 19/1/2011. Trampers. Lamb Hill to three o’clock creek. Old Stone Hut. Orbells Cave. Medium+.

Small scale GPS of route, courtesy Ken.

If you look closly at the small scale pic, you can see the shed at the Nth. end of the airstrip, right at the bottom of the pic where the track starts. As you can see from the spacing of the GPS squares, we were still driving for a while till the squares become very close together. this is where we started to walk from. You can also see the track going off to the left of the airstrip at it’s south end, going down to the ford where the track peters out, & then starts again on the other side. That is where the 2003 tramp went (see below).

Large scale GPS map of route, courtesy Ken.

The large scale pic shows the decent via the wrong ridge, we should’ve been one over to the right. Anyway, we ended up just a short distance from Orbells creek, so walked into that valley, & up to Orbells caves which is the track on the RH side of the pic.

Cute cave we found on the way down to Three O’clock Stream. (Ken pic)

Orbells Caves. (Ken pic)

Dermot in the obviously lived-in cave. (Ken pic)

We then retraced our steps back to Three O’clock Stream, and went downstream to a crossing, where Dermot and I went to the old hut to have lunch (which is the track on the left side of the stream in the GPS pic).

Hut on the other side of Three O’clock Stream. (Ken pic)

Relaxation area of the hut. (Ken pic)

Then after walking across the river flats, we struggled up the very steep hills back to the cars.
The weather was fine, but VERY windy, and I nearly lost my footing a couple of times coming back up the steepest parts. BTW, the hut is not on Lambhill Station, it’s on the neighbours property.
Everybody did very well, including George, who didn’t go to the caves, along with Hazel. They just went over to the hut to have lunch there.

Hazel packing prior to leaving. (Ken pic)

George got a dose of cramp on the way back up the hills, but managed to overcome it ok, and carry on. – Ken.
5. 21/5/2006 Lamb Hill to three o’clock creek. Old Stone Hut. Orbells Cave. Medium+.Leaders: George, Keith, Glenice, Hazel
4. 21/5/2003. Both. Lamb Hill to Three O.clock Creek. Medium.Leaders: Wendy B, Bob H, Nancy & Molly

View when we first arrived.

View when we first arrived.

Morning tea break.

Morning tea break.

Descent to creek

Three O'clock Creek

Three O’clock Creek

At creek ford.

Lunch at top of climb.

Lunch at top of climb. Pat, Lex, Doug J, Evelyn, Doug M, Bob, Arthur.

3. 17/5/2000 Lamb Hill, Three O’Clock Creek. Leaders: Wendy, Colleen, George
2. 15/4/1998. 3 O’Clock Creek, Lamb Hill. Leaders: Nancy, Wendy B
1. 8/11/1989 Lamb Hill to Three O’Clock Creek and old stone hut.

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