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Wallaces Farm on Hope Hill

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Distance from car-park: 17 km.
13. 28/8/2019. Trampers. Hope Hill. M. Leader: Gordon.

The Hope Hill farm tramp started off at 9.50am, after parking cars in a paddock south of Allanton with 19 enthused trampers.

We followed a farm track straight up a ridge for nearly an hour

P.1. 470. The farmer asks Are you fit and experienced trampers?c

470. The farmer asks Are you fit and experienced trampers? (Phil K. pic and caption.)

which was pretty steep at times, arriving at the top for Smoko amongst some tussocks sheltering  us from a coolish breeze.

J.Welcome morning tea stop at the top of Hope Hillc

Welcome morning tea stop at the top of Hope Hill. (Jenni pic and caption.)

The sun was shining brightly and some great views were had from the south end of the Taieri down to Mosgiel. We then set off toward the coast which provided views of Blackhead, Saddle Hill, & Scroggs Hill until we came to the ridge which would lead us down to McLaren Gully road.

G.4. Heading down to McLaren Gully roadc

Heading down to McLaren Gully road. (Gordon pic and caption.)

It was easy going for a start but got quite steep on the last half,

G.5th -- Pretty steep @ rocky in placesc

Pretty steep @ rocky in places. (Gordon pic and caption.)

but thankfully no twisted or broken ankles or knees were reported after reaching the flats at the bottom from where we carried on to the road. After  walking on the road for a while we turned off to start heading back up toward the cell towers where a very welcome sunny spot was found for a much needed lunch break.

G.7th -- Perfect sunny lunch spotc

Perfect sunny lunch spot. (Gordon pic and caption.)

After lunch we started back up a gentle gradient track back to our morning smoko spot and down the track a bit further to where we turned off to go down a different ridge to the cars

P.3. 478 Homeward Boundc

478 Homeward Bound. (Phil K. pic and caption.)

so that we were walking on grass which most, felt easier on the feet than the gravel track.

We arrived  about 2.30pm, then on to Wals for a great social hour.


Wals. (Helen pic and caption.)

A great tramp, great workout, great views, great company. Distance 14kms. – Gordon.

12. 18/1/2017. Hope Hill. M. Leader: Arthur.
Today our team was comprised of 7 regulars plus guest Kathleen from Canada and Dave coming across from the Hikers – 9 in all.
The tramp was on “Hope Hill” farm, just below Allanton and we parked in the paddock off State Highway 1. To begin, we had a 3/4 hour uphill walk on the farm road, and in doing so gained about 200 metres of altitude.

Morning tea was taken beside an old farm trailer,

Morning tea stop at top of hill. (Helen pic and caption.)

giving us a rest after the uphill bit. The weather was overcast, and just touching the top of Maungatua at the time. There were very good views from up on top.

Moving on, after paralleling  the main road south for a short time, we changed direction towards the sea. We were able to view Scroggs Hill, Saddle Hill, Blackhead, and down to Taieri Mouth and beyond at times. The Peninsula was only vaguely visible in the misty conditions though.
Newly-weaned lambs were in the paddocks that we were walking through. Eventually we came to the boundary with the forestry, when the leader realised we had come too far. A little scouting found the top of the track we were to descend, requiring us to backtrack about 300 metres.
We followed a very steep track down through the bush, to emerge into a large paddock of ewes, who baa-ed a greeting to us, wondering where their lambs had got to.

Across the paddocks to McLaren Gully Road. A road walk for a while

Old farm house in the trees. (Helen pic and caption.)

before venturing back into the paddocks to climb up to our lunch spot in the shelter of a hut beside the 2 cell phone towers. It was a stiffish climb up to there,

Up the hill to lunch spot. (helen pic and caption.)

and lunch was eagerly anticipated. The breeze was cool and we sought the shelter. The weather was deteriorating now, the cloud lowering considerably. We were overlooking the airport, but the far side of the plain and far hills disappeared.

View from lunch stop. (Helen pic and caption.)

It seemed wise to make our lunch stop brief, but we had only started off again when fine drizzle arrived with the cool breeze we were facing into. We were still climbing for a while, but it was a gentle slope. Not too unpleasant.
Return to the cars was planned to take a different route, but we changed our minds due to the conditions, and descended the farm road that we had begun on – not so nice going down on it though.
It started to rain just as we got to the cars, so the timing was good. Keith’s distanceometer indicated that we had walked 14.2 km. A good tramp, giving us all a good workout on the hills – and it had been quite enjoyable, too.
Arriving back in Mosgiel, the cars detoured into “Wals” for a little while. – Art.
11. 20/4/2016. Hikers. Hope Hill from McLaren Gully Road. M. Leaders: Lester and George.
Logs being hauled down to be cut. (Jan pic)

Logs being hauled down to be cut. (Jan B. pic)

Lof cutting & trucking processor. (Jan pic.)

Log cutting & trucking on the spot. (Jan B. pic.)

The steep pinch up to the masts. (Jan pic.)

The steep pinch up to the masts. (Jan B. pic.)

Morning Tea view. (Liz pic and caption)

Morning Tea view. (Liz pic and caption)

Lunch view. (Liz pic and caption)

Lunch view. (Liz pic and caption)

Weed. (Liz pic and caption)

Weed. (Liz pic and caption)

10. 16/2/2011. Hikers. Hope Hill from McLaren Road. Moderate. Leaders: Peter and Wendy.
9. 21/1/2009 Trampers. Wallaces’ Farm on Hope Hill and Forest tracks. Medium. Leaders: Keith, Glenice, George
Nine of us walked from foot of McLaren Gully Road through a paddock with a stand of larches, cut across the corner of a paddock newly laid down in grass but at present largely growing fat-hen, to climb a track up through scrub,
Track up through scrub. Glenice, Wendy

Track up through scrub. Glenice, Wendy

then manuka,
Emerging from manuka shortcup. Angel, Doug, Bob

Emerging from manuka shortcut. Angela, Doug, Bob

then gorse
Gorse section of climb. Ian

Gorse section of climb. Ian (Bob pic)

to arrive at the transmission mast by the macrocarpas, for morning tea. Here we enjoyed that panorama of the Taieri plain.
Panorama of Maungatua, Taieri Plain and airport.

Panorama of Maungatua, Taieri Plain and airport. (Bob pic)

Along the farm ridge we inspected the historic site of the Harvard plane crash
Harvard crash site

Harvard crash site (Bob pic)


The wreckage of the Harvard of the No. 4 (Otago) Squadron Territorial Air Force which crashed on Hope Hill.

The Harvard crashed during a flight from Taieri on 16 Sep 1954. Both occupants of the plane, married airmen, were killed instantly when their night trainer hit the hill at an altitude of 2000ft. The men were Flying Officer Roanald Arthur Slade (30), of Dunedin, a territorial officer and Leading-aircraftman R. H Lester (30), a radio mechanic of the Taieri Air Force Station. The aircraft was one of three which left Taieri at 10.15 pm. on a training exercise. (ODT Sat 6 Sep 2009 “Within Living Memory” section).

and an antique trailer loaded with farm miscellanea.
Antique trailer. George, Doug

Antique trailer. George, Doug

Further along Bob took advantage of an empty drinking trough to take a bath.
Bob bathing

Bob bathing

and down a ridge to the right, stopping to photo Saddle Hill from the south
Panorama of Saddle Hill and Brighton

Panorama of Saddle Hill and Brighton coast (Bob pic)

into the forestry, with a surprisingly clear floor.
Down through open forestry. Keith.

Down through open forestry. Keith, foreground.

Down, down, down, to cross a small stream then up, up up back out into the farm and further steeply up a ridge to a trig
Climb struggle over.

Climb struggle over. (Bob pic)

and to complete a clockwise loop (has usually been down anticlockwise on previous occasions) and back along and down the way we came. A good day, little wind, cloud but still quite hot apart from a passing shower. – Ian.
8. 28/5/2008. Trampers. Hope Hill from McLaren Road. Easy+. Wallaces’ Farm on Hope Hill Leaders: Ian, Pat
Tea Break. Peter, Ken, George.

Tea Break. Peter, Ken, George.

A chilly start in the carpark for a healthy turnout of hikers, trampers and walkers. We celebrated an 80th birthday for Anne Rose, who looked about 50, with several comments along the lines of “Hope I look like that when I’m 60 never mind 80″… A very good advert for the benefits of hiking!
We parked our cars on McLaren Gully Road and started the steep climb up Hope Hill, with someone saying no wonder it was called Hope Hill because you just hoped you would make it to the top. Morning tea was overlooking the Taieri Plains with the Taieri River and the airport down below and a panoramic vista in all directions. George gathered us together on one of the high points to tell us about a tragedy that happened here in the 1950s. A Harvard training aeroplane with 2 people on board crashed into the top of the hill, nose diving into the ground. It was found at the inquest that carbon monoxide had leaked into the plane from a pipe that ran through the cabin overcoming the pilots, probably before the plane crashed. Several people remembered the accident. We continued through Wallace’s farm, in places quite wet and muddy. At a trig we were able to see all along the coast as far as the peninsula, trying to name the headlands we could see. Then we wended our way down to a sheltered spot among some trees for lunch. We were a bit wary of the tall trees, as at a previous spot a large branch had crashed down making us all jump.
After lunch it was down, down, down a steep paddock and then a very steep track
Steep! Joyce, Lex, Ria, Tash, Peter, George, Evelyn?, Emma

Steep! Joyce, Lex, Ria, Tash, Peter, George, Evelyn?, Emma

Steep! Emma, Joyce, Hazel, George, Lex, Peter,

Steep! Emma, Joyce, Hazel, George, Lex, Peter,

through bush until, along turnip paddocks and wet, wet, wet, we hit McLaren Gully Road again and made our way back down to the cars. Thank you to Pat and Ian for doing the recce on Saturday and Monday and making it a good circular walk. – Tash
7. 14/6/2006. Trampers. Hope Hill. Easy+. Leaders: George, Bruce.
6. 17/11/2004. Both. Hope Hill from McLaren Road. Leaders: Hazel, George, Lesley G, Lesley S.
5. 10/4/2002. Hope Hill. Medium. Leaders: George, Ria L, Elaine.
4. 13/6/2001. Hope Hill. Medium. Leaders: Myrie and Doug, Audrey K
3. 11/4/2001. Hope Hill. Leaders: Les and Margaret, Bev H.
2. 27/3/1996. Hope Hill. Medium. Leaders: Margaret and Les, Bill H, Lesley S.
1. 7/7/1993. Hope Hill. Easy+. Leaders: Les and Margaret, Ivan and Bev.

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