Jun 26 2019

Skyline from Bull Ring

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Location: 15 km from car park.
Flagstaff name
Bullring, Firebreak and Flagstaff
5. 26/6/2019. Trampers. Bullring to Swampy Summit. Jill R.A perfect calm winter morning and 13 trampers greatly enjoyed walking the well maintained tracks from the Bullring to Swampy Summit.  Views over the city and hinterland are unparalleled in this area.

G.2nd-- A view of Mosgielc

A view of Mosgiel. (Gordon pic and caption.)

G.3rd-- morn.tea out of the cold breezec

Morn.tea out of the cold breeze. (Gordon pic and caption.)

G.7th-- Tussock not as big as thoughtc

Tussock not as big as thought. (Gordon pic and caption.)

G.4th -- One of the last steep pinches before the summitc

Neil M led us on a slight detour to the Aviation Navigation Station – over a Track he had helped to clear!

H.Group of 13 at the topc

Group of 13 at the top. (Helen pic and caption.)

G.8th-- Who pulled out the signc

Who pulled out the sign? (Gordon pic and caption.)

We returned to the Bullring via the Firebreak Track, which was quite sticky as the morning’s frozen ground thawed. A lovely 16 km outing! – Jill R.

4. 27/6/2018. Trampers. Skyline from Bull Ring. Leader: Helen.

A group of 10 keen trampers left the carpark driving to the Bull Ring.

Moving out. (Gordon pic and caption.)

Walking up to the Flagstaff lookout on what was an early bullock and stock route.As was the case prior year 1850, mist covered the lookout making it easy to get lost. Donations then, were called for and allowing flagstaffs to be erected hence the current name.

Such was the case in chilly conditions today. The normally spectacular views were poor. Morning tea was under the north side of the lookout.

Out of the wind for smoko. (Gordon pic and caption.)

We continued past  the Pineapple Flagstaff  intersection and in muddy conditions towards Swampy Summit, passing 4 runners and a mountain biker. Lunch was just after noon and behind the Aircraft Navigation Building.

Lunch at Swampy Summit. (Gordon pic and caption.)

As conditions were cool we had a shortish lunch and returned the same way. We spoke with a man and 2 dogs on the lookout for a wallaby seen in the area yesterday.

The cloud had lifted enough to get most of the 360 degree views passing the lookout.

Barr Stadium. (Gordon pic and caption.)

It was a cool but enjoyable tramp covering 13 to 14 kms overall.

Afternoon tea was taken at Blackstone Cafe. Phil M

3. 29/3/2017. Trampers. M. Leaders: Jill and Jan R.

We had brilliant sunshine and little breeze all day. From the Bull Ring, we went up the “Pineapple Track” to have our morning tea on “Flagstaff” summit. Superb views from here …

Morning Tea with view. (Arthur pic and caption.)

… but  by far the most interesting was the massive bank of sea fog which extended as far as the eye could see – north and south along the coast, and out to sea. The fog was moving up the Otago Harbour, almost to the city and entirely covering the Peninsula. The bank of fog was of interest all day to us, as it ebbed and flowed.

Fog on Peninsula. (Arthur pic and caption.)

Continuing along the “Pineapple Track” for a while it was rather concerning to see gorse and broom encroaching somewhat  over the track for some distance.

Turning off to the left we reached the “Swampy Ridge Track”, to follow it out and back for the rest of the day.

We met a lady with 2 dogs who had just come up “McQuilkans Track”, and it was gratifying to hear of our club members’ track clearing efforts being appreciated. We don’t know how many people use the tracks we clear, though.

After a time, and a couple of good uphill pulls we cam to the top end of “Porkies Track”. It was here that our newest member elected to stop, to be collected on our return journey.

The rest of the group continued on to Swampy Summit, to have our lunch on the roadside …

Lunch. (Arthur pic and caption.)

… beside the Aviation VOR beacon (a.k.a. “The Flying Saucer”.)

Judy’s dance troup. (Arthur pic and caption.)

We had superb views inland in the clear air into the Silver Peaks, Rock and Pillar, Lammermoors and Wind Farm, Maungatua and the Taieri Plain. A piece of wedding cake to have with our lunch was a special treat.

Lunch over, the homeward trip began – retracing our steps, and collecting new member at “Porkies” (he must have had a good nap in the sun).

The breeze died away, and the heat rose as the sun beat down on us. Some rest stops were needed, but eventually we were back at the “Bull Ring” with empty (or near empty) water bottles.

On returning to Mosgiel we visited the Blackstone for a little while. 9 Trampers were out today to enjoy or 15 km walk. – Art.

2. 2/3/2016. Both. Bull Ring to Leith Saddle via Transmitter Tower. Leaders: Jill, Janice.
GPS of route

GPS of route. Ignore straight line. Forgot to turn off in time. Distance measured by others up to 9.5km.

21 of us set off from the bullring across the Pineapple Track, up to Swampy Summit, then down the Leith Saddle track. The day was perfect, sunny but not too hot, with no wind to speak of. The views were superb, …


Pearl of the Plain.

… firstly overlooking Dunedin, …


Dunedin’s beautiful setting.

Morning Tea. Guess where?

Morning Tea. Guess where!

… then from Swampy down the Leith Saddle Track great views to the north west of the Silverpeaks and Blueskin Bay areas.

Blueskin Bay from Swampy (Helen Pic.)

Blueskin Bay from Swampy (Helen Pic.)

The track up to Swampy was a bit steep in places, and some of us found it a bit of a struggle, but there was a sense of accomplishment when we reached the top. Had lunch at the summit by the transmitter tower, then made our way down to the Northern Motorway where we were picked up by a couple of shuttle buses and taken back to the cars. Part of the descent track from Swampy is quite scoured out and care was needed getting down the wooden steps, but generally the tracks are in very good condition We allowed 5 hours for this traverse, and everyone comfortably completed it well within this time. – Janice.

1. 14/9/2005. Skyline from Bull Ring. Leaders: Molly, Lesley S

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