Apr 17 2019

Upcoming Trips

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Autumn Start Time: 8.45 a.m. for 9.00 a.m.
24 April.
Trampers: Chalkies circuit. M-H. $3.00.
Hikers: Kuri Bush to Taieri Mouth ret. E $6.00. Dot and Chris. Low Tide: about 1.15 p.m. 0.3m

1 May.
Both: Larnach Castle and Macandrew Bay Area. $6.00. Jill and Noi.

8 May. (Low Tide about 12 noon. 0.3m.
Trampers: Track clearing, Swine Spur area. $3.00. Neil and Arthur.
Hikers: Tomahawk, St Clair area. $5.00. Bruce and Marjorie.

15 May.
Trampers: Track clearing, Possum Busters area. $3.00. Neil and Arthur.
Hikers: Chingford Park, Botanic Garden loop. $9.00. John G and Dave R.

22 May.
Trampers: Phil’s choice. Phil.
Hikers: Forestry walk, Kuri Bush. $6.00. Liz and Alex.

29 May.
Trampers: North Taieri Forestry, Silverstream Road. $3.00. Janine and Claire.
Hikers: Mornington street walk. $4.00. Lester and Adrienne.

Winter Start Time: 9.15 a.m. for 9.30 a.m.

5 June.
Both. Aramoana area. Judy K and Linda. E. $9.00.

12 June.
Trampers: Horsehoof – Maungatuas* M. $6.00. Arthur.
Hikers: North East Valley, Pine Hill. E. $5.00. Jan B & Jenny.

19 June.
Trampers: Deep Stream Pipeline. M. $8.00. Neil and Carol.
Hikers: West Harbour Walkway, St Leonards. E. $5.00. Jenni and Raewyn.

26 June.
Trampers: Bullring, Swampy Summit. M. $4.00. Jill R & Jill D.
Hikers: Silverstream. Gordon Road to mouth. E. Shona and June.

3 July.
Both: Dunedin Art Street walk. Mid-winter dinner. E. $4.00. Clive and Heather.

10 July.
Trampers: Maori Peak, Split Rock. M. $10.00.. Neil and Margreet.
Hikers: Aquarium Road, Portobello. E. $7.00. Bob and Kevin.

17 July.
Trampers: McNally’s Track. M. $10.00. Eleanore.
Hikers: Sinclair Wetlands. E. $7.00. Lesley and Ian.

24 July.
Both: Doug’s 90th Birthday. Alan and Kerry Scurr’s Place. Riverbank walk. E. $3.00. Alan.

31 July.
Trampers: Mount Watkins. M. $14.00. Dave.
Hikers: Leith River walk. E. $5.00. Pam and Jay.

7 August.
Both: Scorgies Farm. Extension for Trampes. M. $6.00. Jan Y, Peter, Jill.

14 August.
Trampers: Highcliff Road, Boulder Beach. M $6.00. Helen and Phil M.
Hikers: St Clair and surrounds golf course. E. $4.00. Judy D and Barbara.

21 August.
Trampers: Millennium Track forestry loop (Henley). M $6.00. Keith.
Hikers: Victory Beach. E. $8.00. Low Tide about 1.00 p.m. 1.8m. Diane and Jill D.

22 August. AGM. 1.30 p.m. Mosgiel Presbyterian Church Buildings.

28 August.
Trampers: Hope Hill.l M. $40.00. Gordon.
Hikers: Bethunes Gully, Mount Cargill. E. $5.00. Jan B and Jay.

Spring Start Time 8.45 a.m. for 9.00 a.m.

4 September.
Both: Hightop, Semple Road. Green Hut track loop. E. $11.00. Arthur and Clive.

11 September.
Trampers: Sea to Saddle Hill. M. $4.00. Alan.
Hikers: Town Belt – walk, bus trip. (Bring Gold Card and Go Card) E. $4.00. Pam and Jenny.

18 September.
Trampers: Kuri Bush, Brighton. E. $6.00. Helen and Phil M.
Hikers: Akatore area. E. $11.00. Bob and Kathryn.

25 September.
Trampers: Bethunes Gully, Mount Cargill. M. $50.00. Jill D.
Hikers: Evansdale Glen area. E. $8.00. Jim and Betty.

2 October.
Both: Bus Trip. Beaumont. Millennium Track. Trampers: Millers Flat. Hikers: shorter walk. Eleanor and Bob.

9 October.
Trampers: Black Gully Dam, Careys Creek. M+. $9.00. Ross and Wynn.
Hikers: Racemans Track. E. $3.00. Jan D and Peter.

16 October.
Trampers: Government Track. M. $7.00. Gordon and Sue.
Hikers: Long Beach. E. $9.00. Low Tide about 12 noon. 0.3m. John and Dave.

23 October.
Trampers: Leith Saddle, Swampy, Rustlers Track. M $50.00. Dave.
Hikers: Flagstaff, Swampy. E. $40.00. Judy K.

30 October.
Trampers: Waipori Forest, Megget Burn. M. $7.00. Alan and Kerry.
Hikers: Waitati area. E. $7.00. Jim and Betty.

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