Apr 03 2019

Bus Trip: Daisy Bank to Hyde. Rail Trail

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No. 106 on old hardcopy list of 113 club tramps. “Bus Trip to Old Central Railway”

3. 3/4/2019. All. Daisy Bank -Hyde. Rail Trail. leader: Bob.

After a delayed start owing to members being given differing start times the bus finally left the car park at 9am.
The morning was crisp and clear with the roadside verges having frost on them.
We arrived at Daisy Bank in time for morning tea on a calm sunny morning.

H.Morning tea at Daisybankc

Morning tea at Daisybank. (Helen pic and caption.)

48 members set off towards Hyde on the rail trail that was excellent to walk on.

G.1st photo-- On the wayc

On the way. (Gordon pic and caption.)

We stopped for lunch by the Taieri River 6km into the 11km walk.

H.Viaduct and lunch stopc

Viaduct and lunch stop. (Helen pic and caption.)

At the tunnel…

G.5th photo-- Prices creek tunnel entrancec

Prices creek tunnel entrance. (Gordon pic and caption.)

G.7th. Prices Creek TunnelJPG

Prices creek tunnel.(Gordon pic and caption.)

…some of the more energetic members went down to the river to see the 50 mtr diversion of the river through rock so they could mine for gold on the then dry river bed.

P.3.Surveying the diversion channelc

Surveying the diversion channel. (Phil pic and caption.)

We arrived at the Hyde Cafe at 2.30pm for an ice cream or a drink or both.

G.8th-- Finish and icecreamsc

Finish and ice creams. (Gordon pic and caption.)

We left there at 3pm arriving back in Mosgiel just after four oclock.
Thanks to Richard Tranior of Good Time Tours for his excellent service.
– Bob & Peter.

2. 29/3/2011. All. Daisy Bank – Hyde. Rail Trail.

GPS of Railtrail route, courtesy Ken.

Bob’s bus was big and comfortable. Thanks to one or two club members rounding up extra passengers, numbers travelling managed (just) to reach the 30 needed to pay for it. We arrived at Daisy Bank at ten past ten so decided to start the walk with morning tea.

Morning Tea, under what shade was available. (John pic)

With Bev willing to play the role of back-marker, we were able to set off at our own times, at our own paces and with whomsoever we cared to link up.
A warm nor-wester tail-wind comfortably tempered what might otherwise have been too hot a day. But so vigorous was its assistance at times, it was difficult to maintain a dignified walking-pace.
The viaducts were great. This one, awesome.

Prices Creek Viaduct. (Ken pic)

To the left of the tunnel entrance was the following interesting notice.

Tunnel sign (John pic)

Ken, who in a previous life had worked with DoC, and had hammered some of the nails into the previous viaduct, on two – yes, two – occasions was willing to escort companions close-by at the time, down to the Taieri River diversion channel referred to in the above notice.

Diversion inlet. Can just see the outlet. (Ken pic)

Diversion outlet. (Ken pic)

Tunnel Entrance. (Ken pic).

Yours truly was willing to cast all photogenic illusions aside to grace a tunnel alcove with human interest.

Tunnel alcove. (Ken pic)

The cafe at the end did a roaring trade accommodating a big club spend-up. The day was still relatively young, and we were in no hurry to get back on the bus, so we didn’t, for a restful long while.

Hyde Hotel Cafe.

At long last, we were back on the bus and headed back to Dunedin through a surprising band of rain at one point. A good day out, well-enjoyed by all. – Ian
20/5/2009. Hikers. Daisy Bank to Hyde. Rail Trail. (Cancelled. Weather wet, windy. Middlemarch road closed. Snow.) Leaders: Neil, Evelyn C.
1. 6/3/2002. Daisy Bank – Hyde. Rail Trail.
20/11/1997 ( Data missing)

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  1.   Johnon 04 Mar 2011 at 5:00 pm

    Hi Ian,
    Pleased you could use a few of my pics.
    I wish now I had taken the time to see the diversion race.
    Also loved the niche picture, I was looking out for that, but missed it, also the camera was playing up in the total darkness, I should have set it before entering the tunnel.
    Thanks for a great day out.

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