Aug 29 2018

McKessar Track

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37 km from car park to Mopanui Road end, and 40 km to
foot of McKessar Road.

3. 29/8/2018. Hikers. McKessar Track from Foot. E. Leaders: Jim and Betty.

The sun was not shining when we left the car park and as we approached Port Chalmers it looked like it would be a day destined for coffee only.  As we continued our journey, there was a marked improvement in the weather as we reached the Purakaunui Railway Park.  From the car park the walk was down hill to Sea level then back up the road to the cars for the morning tea break.  All the Twenty Two then walked up to our lunch stop at Mopanui Road where we sat with our heads in the cloud.  The up hill climb included a breather to marvel at in the relics of the McKessar Homestead.  We descended back down the track & into the cars for our refreshment stop at the Plazza Café.  Conditions could be described as a little moist. – Betty & Jim Finnie

2. 15/11/2017. Hikers. Purakaunui Station. McKessar Track, Mopanui Road. E. Leaders: Jim and Betty.

Route map, courtesy Ian.

Starting off from the site of the old Purakanui railway station, a party of twenty hikers made the short road walk down hill to the Purakaunui inlet for an then returned, for the morning tea stop at the cars.

(Clive pic.) [Cars at the station a first for the Club. – Ed.]

This was followed by the hike up the McKessar Track in very pleasant conditions to our lunch stop at the end of Mopanui Road.  We had a breather on the uphill climb where Ian showed us the relics of the old McKessar homestead.

(Clive pic.)

An after-lunch

(Clive pic.)

stroll beyond the road end, took us to a point which gave us an excellent view to the north.  Little time was required for the pleasant stroll down hill back to the cars, which took us to our refreshment stop at the stadium Plaza cafe. –  Betty and Jim

1. 9/3/2016. Hikers. Mopanui Road, McKessar Track, Albert Road. E. Leaders: Bev, Lesley.

GPS of McKessar trek

GPS of McKessar trek

Horse Drinking Trough on Mount Cargill Road.

Horse Drinking Trough on Mount Cargill Road.

Orokonui Village

Orokonui Village

Hikers' cuppa at top of McKessar Track

Hikers’ cuppa at top of McKessar Track

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  1.   Stuart McKessaron 19 Mar 2019 at 1:15 am


    As a first generation Aussie (Kiwi father) I am traveling to the South Island next month with my family. We have traced our McKessar history as landing in Dunedin from Scotland. Could you please email me some information about the McKessar track and old homestead including possible access for a 5 year old?

    Thanking you in advance?
    Kind regards,

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