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4. 2018-08-01. All. Bus trip. Moeraki. Leaders: Adrienne and Bev.

Report Combined Bus Trip – Moeraki 1/8/18

45 outdoor seekers got on the bus at Mosgiel to head to Moeraki for the club’s annual combined bus trip.

We started at the lookout at Moeraki …

Debussing at Moeraki. (Clive pic and caption.)

Where we are going… (Clive pic and caption.)

… and wandered down the Millennium track with great views of the sea and Moeraki Bay.  The first seal sighting included a baby seal which was eagerly photographed.  A Crested shag was also seen. It was a short wander down to the surrounds of the famous Fleur’s Restaurant.  Here morning tea was partaken …

Morning tea at Fleur’s Restaurant. (Clive pic and caption.)








… with lovely views of the fishing boats (known for catching blue cod) in the bay. It was a cool start but gradually the cloud cleared and the sun warmed us up.

The track followed the shoreline through trees and shrubs. On one part of the track the big slump in Moeraki was very evident which has affected some roads and properties.

We then walked down onto the beach, the tide being low, and some walkers seeing what seemed like a leopard seal. It was a pleasant walk 2km up the beach to the Moeraki Boulders.  According to Maori legend the boulders represent eel baskets and food that was spilled from the loss of Arai-te-uru, one of the large canoes that came from distant Hawaiki. The Boulders are concretions consisting of mud , fine silt and clay , cemented by calcite. 

After a number of photographs …

Dave I’ll just move this boulder, (Clive pic and caption.)

Oops…… (Clive pic and caption.)

… some of the group headed up to Hampden beach. Erosion by the sea was very evident along the low cliffs.

Lunch was had along the beach some near the boulders …

Adi pic.

…and others at the picnic tables at Hampden Beach.

The trampers lunch at Hampden. (Clive pic and caption.)

The lure of big double icecreams at the store was too much for some.

Well deserved treat!!! (Dave pic and caption.)

They were sampled with smiles as we walked back.

We all met up at the Boulders’ carpark around 2pm and then headed down to Shag point.  The drive in was past icon kiwi cribs, some originally belonging to coal miners of the past, to the boat ramp.  We had a wander around the area seeing more lazing seals. There was an old coal mine that used to operate in the cliffs. This was where, years ago, Mollie went to the local school at the age of 5. At that time when the mine was operating the school had a roll of 80.  10 years later when she left the school, it only had 18 students.  The mine closed in the early 70’s and had shafts running underground beneath the sea as well as inland.

It was then back on the bus, with a group of great people for the trip home. Some feeling very relaxed after some good sea air!!

Thanks to President Jill for her superb organisation.

Dave M

3. 15/12/1997. Tenth Anniversary Dinner, Moeraki. People pics.

(Click to enlarge)


Sylvia Williams, Win Gibson, Audrey Heenan, Les Smith, Nancy Strang, Margaret Deuchrass, Margaret Smith, Who? Mary Maxwell, Les Wiffin, Peg Chisholm, Les Winefield, Mavis Winefield, Bev McIntosh, Barbara McCCabe, Don McCabe?


Eric Bennett, Bev Harvey, Joan Hobbs, Elizabeth Haggie, Dot Bennett, George Haggie





Murray and Eleanor Watt, Ngaire and Doug Moir


Sylvia William, Nancy Strang, Margaret Deuchrass, Peg Chisholm, Frank Weedon, Win Gibson, Shirley, Ngaire Moir

Margaret and the two Bevs

Margaret Smith, Bev McIntosh, Bev Harvey


Les and Margaret Smith, Wendy Bathgate

Eleanor Watt, Les and Margaret Smith, Bev Harvey


George Haggie, Mavis Winefield, Les Winefield, Eric Bennett.


Dot Bennett, Joan Hobbs, Colleen Gamble


Barbara McCabe, Cath and Lex Donaldson


Nelson and Dot Taiaroa


Murray and Eleanor Watt


Les Wiffin, Mary Maxwell


Bob and Audrey Heenan


Bev and Ray Harvey

Bev and Ivan

Bev and Ivan McIntosh




Peter Bathgate


2. Friday 22/9/1992 – Sunday 23/9/1992. Moeraki Motor Camp. 23 attended. Leaders: Bob & Audrey

1. 22-23/9/1989. Moeraki Motor Camp. Leaders:  Bob & Audrey. 24 attended this weekend camp. Everyone had a great time and Audrey and Bob were thanked for a job well done.









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