Jun 27 2018

Taieri Ramble

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27/6/2018 Outram Ramble E. Leaders: Peter and Wendy

Route Map, courtesy Ian. Allanton Rd, Granton Rd, Loan Metal Rd, Beehive Rd, Hickeys Rd, Nichols Rd, Beehive Rd, Janefield Homestead, Nichols Rd, Allanton Rd.

27/5/2015. Momona Environs. E. Leaders: Peter and Wendy.

GPS of Momona route

GPS of Momona route

23  of  us started from Momona Hall

Start. (John pic)

Start. (John pic)

at the intersection of Centre Road and Nichols/Bruce Roads. Some distance south (approx) along Centre Road we turned aside into what Peter told us was the original route of the road to emerge back a little further on. Towards the corner we cut through a lane to emerge on Millers Road (kms 1 & 2) which we followed down past some fattening turkeys

Turkeys. (John pic)

Turkeys for the table? (John pic)

to turn into Bremners Road (kms 3 & 4).

We stopped in a gateway for morning tea,  partly sheltered by a belt of trees. The small cold wind forced us into wind-breakers at this point.

Morning tea panorama (John pic)

Morning tea panorama (John pic)

From Bremners, we  turned down Lee Creek Road (km 5) and then along Granton Road. Next turn was into Beehive Road, (kms 8 & 9) our first road to take a more winding route, and this led us eventually to a turn into a paddock whose fence line led us across to the Janefield homestead, (km 10) where we lunched. This was just as well, for Lesley’s legs had started to go ‘rubbery’.

Panorama lunch (John pic)

Lunch panorama. (John pic)

This was Ian Bathgate’s property. Peter had been telling us about his Bathgate relatives’ history on the Taieri Plain.

The feature of Janefield was the huge barn loft where dances had been held in times past. Now it was just used for storage.

Barn loft (John pic)

A wing leading off from the large Barn loft (John pic)

As we turned the corner we were confronted by a large stock truck loading loin chops in their original form.

Lamb cutlets? (John pic)

Loin chops to be? (John pic)

The road out from Janefield came out on Nichols Road (kms 11 & 12) which by various twists and turns led us diagonally across the plain eventually back to our cars.

Thanks, Peter and Wendy. A good winter’s (well, weather-wise anyway) road walk – an alternative to what would have been a soggy farm walk to Weka Falls. And an original choice too. A new ‘first’ for the club through a bit of Bathgate family history! – Ian.




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