Jun 13 2018

Upcoming Trips

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Winter Start Time: 9.30 a.m.

20 June.
Trampers: Greenacre Street/Boulder Beach. M-H. $5.00. Dave.
Hikers: Wingatui Viaduct/Taioma.* M. $3.00. Jenny and Shona.

27 June.
Trampers: Machine Creek* M-H. $7.00. Sue.Bullring loop. M-H. $3.00. Helen.
Hikers: Clarendon area/whale fossil* M. $8.00. Outram Ramble. $3.00. About 10 km. No hills. Boots best for farm bits. Peter and Wendy.

4 July:
Combined: . Mosgiel subdivision street walk. E. Peter D and Jan Y.

*****Mid-Winter Dinner.*****

Weavers Retreat 12.00 p.m. for 12.30 p.m.

11 July.
Trampers: Raceman’s top weir. M-H. $3.00. Arthur.
Hikers: Silverstream flood bank/airport crossover. E-M. Jan B and Jay.

18 July.
Trampers: Sandymount circuit. M. $6.00. Phil.
Hikers: Allan’s Beach. Low tide 1.20 p.m. M. $6.00. Bruce and Marjorie.

25 July.
Trampers: Bullring loop. M-H. $3.00. Helen.Machine Creek* M-H. $7.00. Sue
Hikers: Townbelt ramble/bus ride. E-M. $4.00. Dawn.

1 August.
Both: Bus Trip. Moeraki. E-M. Adrienne and Bev.

8 August.
Trampers: Purakaunui/Canoe Beach. M. $8.00. Jill and Judy D.
Hikers: Mount Cargill from old road. M. $6.00. Bob and Raewyn.

15 August.
Trampers: Reid’s farm. M-H. $7.00 Jill R.
Hikers: Gardens/Leith Street. E. $4.00. Dawn.

22 August.
Trampers: Signal Hill area. M. $5.00. Neil and Margreet.
Hikers: Ross Creek trails. E-M. $4.00. Clive.

23 August: All. AGM. Mosgiel Presbyterian Church Hall. Church Street.

29 August.
Trampers: Michelle Farm. M. $3.00. Keith.
Hikers: Mopaui. M-H. $7.00. Dave G.

Spring Start Time: 9.00 a.m.

5 September.
Both: Brighton area. E. $40. Alex and Liz. George’s 90th. Potluck. Bowling Club.

12 September.
Trampers: Mount Cargill. M-H. $6.00. Phil.
Hikers: Pineapple Track area. M. $4.00. Ian.

19 September.
Trampers: Saddle Hill Road circuit. M. $3.00. Eleanor.
Hikers: Port Chalmers walkabout. M. $6.00. Judy K.

26 September.
Trampers: Wingatui/Taioma viaduct. M. $3.00. Keith.
Hikers: Donald Hill Road area. Jan B and Bob. M. $?

3 October.
Both: Woodside Glen area. M. $3.00. Peter D & Jan Y.

10 October.
Trampers: Greengage circuit. M-L. $3.00. Arthur.
Hikers: Chain Hill Road/Flower Street. M. $3.00. Shona.

17 October.
Trampers: Craiglowan Falls/Steve Amies track. M-H. $3.00. Dave.
Hikers: Sullivan’s Dam. M. $5.00. Pam and Dawn.

24 October.
Trampers: Mount Watkins. M-H. $11.00. Jill R.
Hikers: Harbour Cone M-H. $7.00. Jim and Betty.

31 October.
Trampers: Hermit’s Cave. M-H. $8.00. Dave.
Hikers: Outram Glen M. $3.00. Clive.

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