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May 30 2018

Orbells Crossing, Northern Lawsons Farm

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68 km from car-park. 9. 30/5/2018. Orbells Crossing – Mountain Road.(Lawsons Farm.) ¬†M-H. Arthur. Frost to begin with, but a sunny day followed for 11 Trampers to enjoy their exercise in. We drove up Mountain Road from the north end and parked up. The air was cold, but a brisk downhill walk in the sunshine […]

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May 30 2018

Waikouaiti: Matanaka, Beach Walk

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Distance from car-park: 57.5 km. 10. 30/5/2018. Hikers.¬†Hawkesbury Lagoon area. Leaders: Judy K and Elaine After a frosty start in Mosgiel, 25 hikers parked at the end of Beach St, Waikouaiti and walked along to the river mouth, enjoying the views and watching the horses training on the beach. The track up through the pines […]

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