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Careys Creek from Evansdale.

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Location: 37 km.
No. 29 on old hardcopy list of 113 club tramps. “Careys Creek (Evansdale). M Vaughan. Year round.”
Click http://trtc.blogtown.co.nz/1980/12/14/seacliff-dam-historical-track/ for information on the Creek and pipeline.

12. 15/2/2017. Hikers. Evansdale Glen.

Route map, courtesy Ian.

 The 22 Hikers were assured at the car park by the leaders that they were going to get wet feet.  No one could complain or be disappointed that this promise was not fulfilled.

On arrival at the Glen we were confronted by a new barrier fence that had just been erected to restrict boy racers’ activities from this mown picnic spot.

After a short and steep bush walk morning tea was consumed in the small elevated clearing

Morning tea break. Love George’s cute headgear. (Ian pic and caption.)

that has the surge tank that was used by the old water supply system for the Sea cliff Hospital.

The weather was extremely good for walking and after six crossings

First crossing. (Clive pic and caption.)

Junction point. We continued up Careys Creek to the left. (Clive pic.)

of Careys Creek it was time for lunch.

Lunch stop place in sun and shade spot.(Clive pic.)

Crossing the creek presented difficulties with slippery rocks with one hiker falling prey to the conditions.

The coffee stop was at the Blueskin Nursery which put a return back to Mosgiel after 3:00. – Betty and Jim.

11. 18/11/2015. Hikers. Evansdale Glen. Careys Creek. E. Leaders: Jim and Betty.
Careys Creek Route map

Careys Creek Route map

26 Hikers had a good day up Careys Creek under the competent leadership of Jim and Betty. First we did the short bush track …

Bush track (John pic)

The Bush track prelude to morning tea (John pic)

… linking the ends of the far edges of the picnic ground, finished off with morning tea.

Morning Tea at high end of the bush track. (John pic)

Morning Tea at end of the bush track at high picnic ground edge . (John pic)

We then walked up the stream track to the junction signs and then on …

Second (?) stream crossing beyond tracks juction

Second (?) stream crossing beyond the tracks’ junction signs (John pic)

… to lunch at the 4th stream crossing further up,

Lunch at 4th crossing beyond tracks junction

Lunch at 4th crossing beyond tracks’ junction signs (John pic)

– a first beyond the signs for many hikers. Back down …

Tracks junction signs

Returning back down past the tracks’ junction signs (John pic)

… to the cars, but eight of us weren’t finished yet. We accepted the Leaders’ invitation to accompany them up the small waterfall track leading off from the side of the foot bridge. It was longer than expected, much of it crossing and recrossing the small stream, dried up to an imperceptible trickle until eventually the track deteriorated to just a route up the stream bed. Surprise, when rounding a last corner, behold a steep smooth rock face, but with only a damp seepage coming down it.

Dry Falls

“Seepage” Falls. Wonder what the name of the Falls and creek is.

An achievement nevertheless with the realization that a true waterfall day would have costed us the price of wet feet stream crossings.
So thank you to the leaders for a full day with extensions beyond a normal Hikers trek, eased by smaller stream flows on the day. Afternoon “tea” (read: coffee) was at Blueskin Nurseries. A great day out. – Ian.

10. 1/10/2014 Hikers. Evansdale Glen, Careys Creek. E. Leaders: Judy and Ian.






9. 17/4/2012. Trampers. Evansdale Glen, Careys Creek. M.
We walked about 10km; 2hr 16mins moving time; total ascent 244m.
We decided to forgo our planned tramp to Mt John Hut & beyond, as the weather was not looking good with very low cloud. We opted to go to Evansdale Glen & then to Whaitiripaka Falls, however, when we got to where the track to the falls was supposed  to be, there was no sign of it. After a lot of searching for the track, we decided to just keep walking up the Careys Creek track until lunchtime, then return.
Lunch Stop

Lunch Stop (Ken pic and caption)

The day was quite good with some weak sunshine in the morning, & mild conditions. The sky did cloud over about lunchtime, but we had no rain all day, so it was a good walk enjoyed by all except one [who shall remain nameless] who slipped twice, once on her butt, & the second time face forward into a creek crossing, which necessitated a change of shirt, & putting up with the rest of the her wet clothing. – Ken.

8. 11/4/2007. Hikers. Evansdale Glen, Careys Creek. Easy. Leaders: Peter, Bob H.
7. 25/10/2006. Hikers. Evansdale Glen, Careys Creek. Easy. Leaders: Peter, Nelson
6. 4/2/2004. Both. Leaders: Frank, Lesley.
Lesley leads Frank and Arthur up Careys Creek track.

Lesley leads Frank and Arthur up Careys Creek track.

A pool in Carey's creek.

A pool in Carey’s creek.

Lesley returning back down the track.

Lesley returning back down the track.

5. 16/12/1998. Careys Creek. Leaders: Molly, Bev H, Ian.
4. 15/4/1998. Careys Creek from Evansdale. Leaders: Mary L, Molly.
3. 9/10/1996. Evansdale Glen – Careys Creek. Average+. Leaders: Lesley S, Molly, Betty H.
2. 26/2/1992. Careys Creek from Evansdale. Several creek crossings – be prepared! Average. Leaders: M H, Mary M, Molly, Evelyn M
1. 15/3/1989 Carey’s Creek. Creek crossings, blackberry time. Leaders: Ria L, Ria d, Daphne, Hugh

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